how to make custom popsockets

How To Make Custom Popsockets?



Picture you want and cut it down to size to fit your pop socket. Then I’m going to take some ModMorePicture you want and cut it down to size to fit your pop socket. Then I’m going to take some Mod Podge. And a foam brush and I’m just going to brush on the Mod Podge on to the top socket.

How much does it cost to make a PopSocket?

How much do custom PopSockets cost? At iPromo, we offer competitive prices for our bulk PopSockets. You can find promotional PopSockets as low as $5.23 when you order over 100, or PopSockets around $14 apiece when you order as few as 50.

How do you make custom PopSockets with Cricut?

Is it illegal to sell PopSockets?

No. PopSockets strictly prohibits the sale of PopGrips on third-party marketplaces. But you are more than welcome to advertise your Poptivism design by promoting the link with your online platform!

Why is PopSocket bad?

PopSockets have a very strong adhesive that can potentially damage your phone if not removed correctly.

Are PopSockets still popular 2021?

While there are about as many phone grip styles out there as there are case styles out there, PopSockets remain the most popular because they work well, last a long time, and with the newer Swappable PopGrips style, they’re both easier to upgrade to a new style and use with Qi wireless charging.

How do you make UV resin PopSockets?

How do you make a Mickey pop socket?

How do you seal a PopSocket?

  1. Remove the top piece (disc) of your PopSocket. …
  2. Clean and dry the disc. …
  3. Place disc on a piece of cardboard or paper. …
  4. Pour different colors of paint into your cup. …
  5. Slowly pour the cup of paint onto your PopSocket disc. …
  6. Optionally, seal the disc with a clear coat sealer.
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Does PopSocket have a patent?

PopSockets LLC has been awarded patents and trademarks by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and other countries. PopSockets LLC’s products are covered by the following intellectual property, registered in the U.S. and other countries. …

Is PopSocket a brand name?

PopSockets LLC is a privately owned consumer-electronics accessory company that produces removable grips for smartphones.

Founded 2012
Products Mobile phone accessories

Are PopSockets worth it?

Popsockets are worth the price. … The PopSocket allows you to hold the phone from behind like a book instead of gripping the width of the screen. The change in grip makes scrolling much more comfortable! Holding your phone and hitting the capture button while taking a selfie has also been made easier with the PopSocket.

Are PopSockets bad for your fingers?

PopSockets. This handy device sticks to the back of your phone and takes the stress off your fingers when using your phone. Similar to the mouse concept, short periods of time using your phone conventionally will not hurt you. It’s the extended periods of time using your phone that can lead to RSI.

Are PopSockets good for your hands?

Phone grips can double as kickstands, and they offer a little more drop protection, but really, the only reason anyone needs to use one is that they can help save your hands from often permanent and painful damage.

Do PopSockets stick to Otter boxes?

Yes, it should. I have 2 popsockets on 2 different phone cases with different material and it sticks to both of them very well.

How much weight can a PopSocket hold?

In our findings, the brand new PopSocket was able to hold three pounds of sand overnight.

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Who invented the PopSocket?

Launched in 2014 by former philosophy professor David Barnett, PopSockets makes empowering, fun and expressive products that help people phone better.

How do you hold your phone?

How do you make pop resin?

How do you make a Minnie Mouse Popsocket?

How do you make a 3d Popsocket?

How do you make Minnie Mouse?

Can you Mod Podge a PopSocket?

If you want your finished piece to have a glossy resin like finish, cover the top of the PopSocket with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. … If you want your finished project to have a glossy finish, use the paint brush to cover the PopSocket with Modge Podge Gloss Finish.

How do you decorate PopSockets?

Can I paint a PopSocket with nail polish?

Make sure to clean your PopSocket to have a clean surface for the nail polish to adhere to. I used an alcohol wipe to make sure no oils or residue was left on the PopSocket. Then, I applied 2 layers of this silver holographic polish. I use Luminosity from Fresh Paint, found at Five Below.

Why was my custom Popsocket order Cancelled?

Due to copyright and IP licensing law, we are restricted from printing certain images and have to reject using them on our customized products.

Can I sell PopSockets on Amazon?

“Like any brand, however, PopSockets is free to choose which retailers it supplies and chose to stop selling directly through Amazon,” the spokesperson said.

What year did PopSockets come out?

Barnett started by selling PopSockets out of his garage back in 2014. Now it is being sold at Amazon, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart and a number of other stores.

Are PopSockets Made in USA?

Made in the USA – PopSockets Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets.

What is PopGrip?

PopSockets PopGrip lets you take selfies, text with ease, or stand your phone up on a table. When you’re done, it collapses flat. … Improved gel on all PopSockets products, that even works on glass backed phones.

What can I do with old PopSockets?

1. Recycle PopSockets products, packaging, and any brand of phone case using the prepaid shipping label that came with your order. Place the label on the mailer your order came in covering the original shipping label. Fill it with the products you want to recycle, and send it in the mail.

Do PopSockets stick to silicone cases?

WILL IT STICK TO MY PHONE? The new gel sticks fantastically to smooth cases, hard cases, and phones with plastic, metal, or glass casings. It doesn’t stick as well to silicone or waterproof cases, cases with a lot of texture, soft cases.

What is texters thumb?

WHAT IS TEXTERS THUMB: Texter’s thumb also known as “Gamers thumb” or “Smartphone Thumb” is formally called De Quervain Tenosynovitis. It is the painful swelling of the tendons that control thumb movement. The tendons over the wrist go through individual tunnels.

What is smartphone pinky syndrome?

Dubbed “smartphone pinkie” (which is not a formal medical term) by some people on the Internet, the issues that could result from using your smallest finger as a phone stand join a growing list of hand, wrist, elbow and neck problems that experts say is probably connected to overusing handheld technology.


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