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The dictionary definition of a lockdown  is
the confining of prisoners
to their cells, as following a riot or other disturbance:
Will Americans return to living normal lives, or take the
time to umlearn the Coronavirus
imperatives and behave as the State wants them to behave – that is, by being
controlled and living by and for the State’s sake and purposes? There is some
evidence that they are discarding all the “new normal” rules. Protests have
occurred at state capitals, while citizens have assembled in parks and at
beaches.. Some
judicial findings
have declared the lockdowns and “stay at home” orders
 violated  people’s
Constitutional rights. It will
take some time to unlearn the miasma of behaving as the virus commands people
to act. To behave according to State imperatives seems to occur automatically when
people act without thinking.

Outside my residence I see groups of ten or so people — oddly not wearing masks,  the new “fasion accessory,” according to Hillary— passing
by as a herd at a “safe”  six feet
distance from each other, for no particular reason other than to conform to the
“new norm,” lest they are berated by a passerby going in the opposite ditection.
These are not people who will question anything. The “new norm” being compliant
and obedient, not standing out with an independent minds.
Many states in the U.S. have issued decrees  which too many people are willing to obey
lest they are harassed by the new
tyrants. And many countries, as well. Particularly Britain,
Germany, France, and Spain, and Australia.   One country exemplifies how it can descend
into lockdown and quarantine tyranny in the blink of an eye,
New Zealand. A contact sent  me the discouraging news of how its prime
, Jacinda Ardern,   took the defining step of enforcing a mandatory lockdown of the whole country,
oblivious to the rights and freedoms New Zealanders enjoyed before.


discusses how the major destruction of freemen’s freedom  and liberties can be reversed:


our federal system gives broad power to states and local authorities to act in
the way that best serves their communities, it is still essential that Americans be wary of violations
of the Constitution and their fundamental rights.

important point was made by U.S.
Attorney General William Barr, who directed U.S. attorneys in late April to be
on the lookout for violations of civil liberties by state and local governments.”

Rape: An act of barbarian conquest

What causes migrants from Africa and the Mideast to go on rape sprees of European, Caucasian women? Is it race or the fact that Europe is so superior to Africa and the Mideast that rape compensates for the obvious inferiority of Africa? A rape compensates for hailing from a backward, primitive culture. Or is it pure hatred? It represents a conquest of the better by the inferior.

According to Bare Naked Islam (cited above):

Elin Krantz was repeatedly raped even when she was dead from the attack, and her corpse buried under rocks in a forest. Alllah commands that white, European women be brutalized in the name of Allah. Robert Spencer wrote on Jihad Watch:

Infidel girls and their use as sex slaves is sanctioned in the Qur’an. According to Islamic law, Muslim men can take “captives of the right hand” (Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 33:50). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war” (33:50). 4:3 and 4:24 extend this privilege to Muslim men in general. The Qur’an says that a man may have sex with his wives and with these slave girls: “The believers must (eventually) win through, those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess, for (in their case) they are free from blame.” (Qur’an 23:1-6)
The rape of captive women is also sanctioned in Islamic tradition. Victims of rape have reported that their attackers often prayed to Allah while or before committing the crime. As Robert Spencer, an authority on Islam; noted above on Jihad Watch.

There is the scandal of Rotherham, of a decades old crime wave (and not just in Rotherham) The experiences of Emma Jackson (a pseudonym), a long-term victim of one “grooming” gang, are revealed in this Guardian report of the jailing and sentencing of one of many gangs, which operate with impunity because of the Crown’s fear of being called racist, even though most of the ‘groomers” are of Pakistani origin, and even though most of their victims have been white. Are the “groomers’ racist? I would say, Yes, given the ethniticity of the victims and the common ethniticity of the criminals, Pakistani.

But what of Somanis, Nigerians, Eritreans, the Congolese?  And blacks of other African nations? And especially if they are Muslims? Is there penchant in them for the rape of  Caucasian-European women based on race? Given the races of both parties, I would say, Yes. One never reads of the rape of black women anywhere, and infrequently of the rape of Hindu or Indian women and girls in Britain. 

As Robert Spender has explained, the rapes are part and parcel of the Islamic imperative to conquer the West by humiliating its women. Mohammed was notorious for raping captive women. Ibn Kammuna goes into detail on the subject in Islam Watch:

Many critics accuse Muhammad of being a
rapist by citing certain sex incidents of his from the hadiths and Sira, but
Muslims reject such accusations by claiming that those incidents do not qualify
to be rape. In this article, I discuss the issue of Prophet Muhammad being a
rapist. To keep the article brief, I will cite the cases of three women whom
Muhammad had captured and used for sex.
I do invite the reader to look objectively
at the evidence before calling me a “bigot”, “Islamophobe”, or any other imagined
attributes that Muslims give to anyone who criticizes Islam or show Muhammad in
a bad light.
This work is divided into the following
1.    Definition of a
2.    Existing evidence
about Muhammad’s rapes
3.    Bani Al Mustaliq
raid and Juwairiyyah – Who was Juwairiyyah?
4.    Safiyah of
5.    Rayhana of Bani
6.    Conclusion
7.    Supplementary
1. Definition of a Rapist

Varieties of dictionary definitions of rape
make one theme obvious: A rapist is someone who forces another person to have
sexual intercourse. Rape is the crime of forcing another person to submit to
sexual intercourse. To force (another person) to submit to sex acts, especially
sexual intercourse, amounts to committing rape.

Bare Naked Islam carries the whole story above. Most of the stories of rape are too gruesome to dwell on. And because of the “cultural” differences between the West and Africa, rape is a certainty, borne by envy and hatred of the West, and a strong, overriding element of racism. You must wonder what was the fate of Western women during the Hun invasion of Europe. Rome was spared  But the West is being subjected to another Hunnic invasion, from Africa and from the Mideast, at the behest of Western governments too cowardly to defend themselves or their citizens.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan  of
Turkey wishes to unleash on Europe countless more Muslim ‘immigrants.”  He is the new Attilla. He wishes to further subdue Europe to mass rape and murder and crime. He wants it to submit to barbarism, and to cry “Uncle.” Most Western governments are only too wiling to say it. They’re only too ready to cringe at the charge of racism.

Robert Spencer wrote:

The Qur’an teaches that
Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man
to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The
Qur’an says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of
the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is
more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah
Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not
cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and
that such abuse would be justified,”

Degrade, humiliate, mutilate,  and murder the white “slags” so that you may move closer to Allah, the Koran commands, And Africans and Mideast Muslims are entirely receptive to the decree. It isn’t a “racial” matter? Rather it’s an issue of hating the good for being the good.


The Coronavirus hoax and dictatorship

A Silver Lining
Who will fight for your rights?
…we are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the
stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases,
while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage
of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.
Ayn Rand, Capitalism, The Unknown Ideal, Appendix, “The Nature
of Government,” 1967

We are no
fast approaching the stage of the
ultimate inversion
, we’ve arrived. It is the stage of which every would-be
dictator dreams, where his whims are absolute, and everything everyone else
says, does, or thinks must comport with those whims, even—impossible though it
would be—when they are contradictory.

Science is
anti-whim. Nature, as Francis Bacon observed, to be commanded must be obeyed.
Nothing illustrates the ultimate inversion of the official coronavirus response
better than its leaders’ assault on science in the name of their “science.”
Doctors have been discouraged or prohibited from administering
hydroxychloroquine, by itself or in conjunction with other medications,
vitamins, and zinc compounds, to treat Covid-19. They have observed and
documented the effectiveness of such remedies—mitigation or elimination of the
disease’s symptoms—but their observation and documentation are dismissed. Only
the validation procedure mandated by the medical bureaucracy—the expensive and
complex multistage tests required of new drugs to establish their efficacy and
safety—will suffice for official permission. It’s what their “science” demands
of a cheap and seemingly effective remedy that’s been on the market for years
as a treatment for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and malaria.

So where were the tests and control-group studies for the
pandemic models, lockdowns, social distancing, masks, flattening the curve,
closing businesses, and contact tracing that have been the official coronavirus
responses? Projections are hypotheses, but only one class of hypotheses was
officially accepted—disaster scenarios that fed panic and paved the way for
further expansion of governments’ power. The doomsday models have been
discredited; cases and deaths have been orders of magnitude less than
Countries that haven’t instituted lockdowns have fared no worse
than countries that have. Andrew Cuomo, governor of hard-hit New York, recently
expressed surprise that two-thirds of hospitalized coronavirus patients had
been sheltering in place. As if locking people down—often families under close
quarters—in apartment buildings that can’t control cockroaches would somehow
protect dwellers against a microscopic, easily spread, fast replicating, and
virtually infinite virus.

No science at all supports social
; six-feet is an arbitrary construct (i.e., whim) of some
medical would-be dictator. Masks force the rebreathing of your own respiratory
weakening your immune system for the
dubious benefit of that all-powerful totem: public health. The health you’re
supposedly protecting is certainly not your own. It’s like eating your own
feces or drinking your own urine for a purported public benefit.

Flattening the curve to ensure adequate
hospital space for the wave of coronavirus patients that hasn’t happened has
flattened the hospitals, leading to empty rooms and wards and layoffs for
medical workers. Bankruptcies will follow.
Lost jobs and shuttered businesses are just collateral damage
for our would-be emperors, who have waged senseless wars and inflicted grievous
collateral damage on other countries for decades. Now the devastation and
misery they’ve left in their wake have come home. Americans who’ve never asked
themselves how it felt to be a victim of their government’s senseless wars are
now victims of their government’s senseless war on a germ. After an
unsustainable debt-propelled respite, the Greater Depression has resumed (it
started in 2008) and will last for years. Its poverty and devastation will
sicken and kill multiples of the people who will ultimately be afflicted by the
All this supposedly guided by “science,” yet its proponents
commit the most unscientific offense—they corrupt their own data. By their own
admission the tests they use give both false negatives and false positives. By
their own admission they’re corrupting the death count. Doctors have been
instructed to list Covid-19 as a cause of death if the deceased had any of the
symptoms associated with Covid-19, even though those symptoms characterize a
number of other diseases that singly or in combination kill people, especially
people with compromised immune systems. Hospitals have a financial incentive to
perpetuate this fraud. They receive $13,000 from Medicare for each Covid-19
patient and $39,000 for each patient put on a ventilator (Links 
here and here).

The coronavirus tyranny has nothing to do with science,
medicine, or health, and everything to do with establishing that ultimate
the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only
permission. These past few weeks we’ve seen how our rulers
attempted to discard the last fig leaf—democracy—covering their creeping, now
galloping, totalitarianism and complete lack of legitimacy.
A camarilla within the nation’s intelligence services, the
Department of Justice, and members of the previous administration, including
Barack Obama, attempted to depose the democratically elected president of the
United States. Such coups are the province of two-bit plotters in banana
republics that make no pretense of observing or protecting rights, where might
alone makes right. The United States has gone full banana—
the stage of rule by brute force.

Democracy is tyranny of the majority, a system that inevitably
destroys individual rights. For the history-challenged, individual rights were
the still revolutionary concept on which the idea—although not always the
reality—of the United States was established. The logical consequence of the
full protection of individual rights is the freedom to live your life as you
see fit, as long as you don’t abridge the rights of others. Society or any
other group of people has no rights apart from the rights of the individuals
that comprise it. Governments have no rights, only the 
duty to protect the rights of individuals to live peaceably and
freely. Government must be the servant, not the master, of its citizens. (See
the Ayn Rand Appendix cited above, “The Nature of Government,” for a more
detailed exposition of the proper role of government.)

We’re light years from that ideal. Individuals must receive
permission to, among other things, leave their homes, hold a job, assemble with
other individuals, attend houses of worship, visit parks and beaches, or
patronize businesses. The governor of my state, Michelle Lujan Grisham, just
decreed that masks must be worn by everyone outside of their own dwellings (I
wrote STOP MLG’S TYRANNY on mine). Breathing fresh air is now at the sufferance
of our overlords. Civilly disobedient soul that I am, I have yet to don my
mask. Don’t think sheep don’t get angry—I get murderous looks from

With every decree issued since this repression began, those who
advocate for their individual rights or actually exercise them by violating the
decree are denounced, shamed, censored, and in some cases arrested. Anyone who
disagrees by word or deed is “selfish,” unwilling to sacrifice for the common
What do they mean by selfish? Is it selfish to fight for your
rights? Is it selfish to want to work and produce? Is it selfish to be more
concerned with your own welfare and the welfare of your family and friends than
with the welfare of strangers, the public, or the government that supposedly
represents that public? Is your desire for freedom selfish?

There are those who will tie themselves in intellectual knots
answering those questions in the negative, but nevertheless asserting that
individual rights and their exercise—free expression, free inquiry, free
production, and free exchange—can all be justified as conferring the greatest
public good. They then wonder why they never win arguments with those pushing
collectivized notions of the public good. When might makes right, the public
good is whatever the collective’s masters say it is—argument over.

Fighting for one’s freedom and all that flows from it is
selfish, profoundly so. If you don’t fight for that which is yours—the
individual rights that are the essential condition of your existence—who’s
going to do it for you? Anthony Fauci? Bill Gates? Nancy Pelosi? President
Trump? Joe Biden? George Soros? Jerome Powell? Adam Schiff? Mark Zuckerberg?
Eric Schmidt? Santa Claus? The Tooth Fairy? When was the last time you even
heard the term “individual rights” in polite, mainstream discourse? When
individual rights are mentioned at all, they’re treated as a quaint
And what do they mean by sacrifice? They mean that instead of
selfishly fighting for your rights and freedom, you are to unselfishly place
them on the sacrificial altar known as the public good. You’re selfish for
resisting the sacrifice of that which is rightfully yours, but those collecting
what is not rightfully theirs are selfless saints. If you voluntarily board
that cattle car, you’ll secure your spot in the Unselfish Hall of Fame, along
with millions of others who have lost their property, happiness, freedom, and
lives without selfish protest or resistance. You might even be designated a
Hero of the Public Good, posthumously of course.

If you find the world’s descent into evil unfathomable, it’s
time to rethink the premises that the selfless is the good and the selfish is
evil. Collectivist butchers, including the ones pushing the coronavirus hoax,
always demand fealty to some cause greater than one’s self. Fall for that one
and you’ve already lost two important parts of yourself—your self-respect and
your ability to reason.
The precautionary principle—that no risks can be assumed if
someone or something somewhere 
might be harmed—is
anti-mind and anti-life, absurdly evil on its face. That philosophical
abomination now excuses wholesale violation of individual rights and deadly
economic devastation based on projections, bureaucratic whim, and political
expediency. The precautionary principle would, if consistency applied, bring
human progress to a halt, eventually rendering the human race extinct. Nothing
is as unsafe as an insistence on absolute safety.
Risk is what makes life worth living—it’s the driver of human
knowledge and progress. Imagine the choices that confronted early humans as
they made their first choices. If we build a fire, will it warm us and cook our
meat…or consume us? If we eat oysters, will they nourish or kill us? Will the
canoe we’ve built float or sink? The forward steps of both our individual and
humanity’s journeys have always involved unanswered questions, hypotheses,
risk, experimentation, trial and error, tragedy, and triumph. It takes no
imagination at all to envision potential risks. Make fear and safety paramount
and none of those steps could have or will be taken.
To believe that risks can be eliminated by arbitrary edicts is
delusional; to enforce those edicts tyrannical; to comply with them suicidal.
Wars are always fought and tyrannies always established in the name of
somebody’s safety. The betrayal of individual conscience and surrender of
individual rights to a collective for safety’s sake never produces safety, only
misery, destruction, despair, terror and death. That’s a lesson we’re set to
relearn as we proceed through one of those 
darkest periods of human history.

There is a silver lining in all this: the curtain has been lifted, we now know exactly what we confront. Present
governments and their many bootlickers and minions do not recognize—much less
protect or hold themselves subordinate to the protection of—individual rights.
Nor should we expect that they will do so within our lifetimes. Absent their
replacement via revolution or abandonment via secession, we will continue to
live in a political order where they are free to do as they please while we may
act only by permission.
If we want our rights, our freedom, and our lives, we’re going
to have to fight for them with word and deed. It has ever been so; it will ever
be so. Those who choose to fight will have one important ally: 
rule by brute force is the agent of its own
collapse. It has always failed, it always will. Whether we have the virtue and
wisdom to replace it with it’s antitheses—freedom and individual rights
protected rather than destroyed by government—remains to be seen.
Stay sane.

(Robert Gore is a fabric engineer:

Posted by Edward Cline at 7:47 PM 

Anti-social “Social Didstancing”

Coronavirus Fetish, or anti-social “Social Distancing.”
Christine McNulty’ via UKOA (Watford Observer)
PM (2 hours ago)
to UKOA published in May:

“There’s no reason for
increased penalties for reducing the 2  meter (6 feet) rule in the
open air because viruses disperse in the open air; the rule isn’t applied when
people are shopping in a supermarket and in many other indoor spaces where it
can’t be policed.

“I think the govnmt is trying to avoid the formation of crowds and the
potential for civil unrest.”  (4.02 PM 5/10)

Prolific writer,
Christine McNultty, is often published in the Watford Obsever, in the UK. 
But rationality rarely
enters the minds of power-lusters, with only the chance to use brute force
whetting their appetite. Reason and force are antipods 

Some good news is that a Dallas Texas 
salon owner was released from jail after
defying a judge’s decision to imprison her for violating the and
“social distance” orders. The governor of the state ordered her
awful, outrageous news it that an 
Australian woman in Sydney who was demonstrating
peacefully against the lockdown was brutally arrested and her young screaming
son wrested from her grip by the police. She was roughly put into the police
van, still resisting her arrest. 
current imposition of lockdowns, “stay-at- home” orders, and “social
distancing’ – at 6 feet, between people – reflect an uncanny echo of how people
lived in George Orwell’s  
“Nineteen Eighty-Four,” and how people are behaving
today to “fight” the coronavirus, behaving in compliance with government
mandated and encouraged actions. (Masks, “ etc.) “Lockdowns” in Oceania were
the rule of daily life, while “social distancing” was de regur. You
couldn’t approach a stranger to make friends or ask for a date without risking
the attention of the Party and the Thought Police and endangering oneself and
the person you want to know.. Lockdowns meant that one stayed at home and did
not venture out to do something, such as search for needed things like razor
blades. If you were an Upper or Lower Party member it was forbidden to
“socialize” with the Proles or proletarians, and you could be punished, and
even executed for doing so – if caught.
today, in our perishing “democracies, if you’re a scheming politician
hungry for more power and control over the citizens you can “socialize” all you
wish with impunity and with no fear of retaliation.
narrative about the life of Winston Smith contains a plethora of gritty detail
of the everyday existence, the narrative to be admired because it conveys the
miserable existential realities of life under tyranny in Ocenia.. But those
realities are beginning to manifest themselves in Western nations today.
with the face masks, as noted in my column, “Stealth Fascism,”
enforcing “social distancing” has become a compulsive fetish and a constant
excuse to persecute or harass citizens by the authorities and by citizens, to
assert power. Some face-masked citizens will stare at you as though you should
be marched behind a dumpster and shot. Park rangers, cops, and bureaucrats
often jump at the chance to exert their power to punish citizens for not
conforming to the arbitrary rules, or to intimidate people into compliance.
mother at home was persistently badgered by Wisconsin
officers on weather or not she knew the meanings of  “stay-at-home” and lockdown, practically
inviting her to emerge from her home so she could be arrested.
A Seattle cop spoke eloquenty  on
Instagram against arbitrary powers. He has been suspended because he refuses to
remove his video.
As Heather MacDonald noted in an article about Trump not
wearing  a mask at a VE celebration:
first thing to be said about the VE Day episode is that the criticism of Trump
for not donning a mask outside is based on no science at all. Outdoor
transmission of viruses in a wide-open space is virtually unknown. Infection
occurs overwhelmingly 
indoors, and requires close and
prolonged contact. People are less likely to get infected by the
coronavirus outside than they are to die inside from falling, poisoning
themselves, or choking, as Vanity Fair writer T.A. Frank has
pointed out.”
To dramatize
the “new norm” in civil society:
You are
invited to a friend’s wedding reception about two miles away. You don your tux
and go. You have a turn to dance with the bride. Later, you fall in love with
one of the bridesmaids. You find her smile charming, and want to get to know
her better, and she seems receptive to your attentions. She’s not wearing a
mask (no one is wearing a mask). Just as the musicians begin to play a sultry
number and you start to dance with the girl, about a dozen armed, masked police
raid the hall and arrest everyone. Citing our violation of the lockdown, stay-
at-home and social distancing rules decreed by the governor. Everyone is
cuffed, put into a paddy wagon and taken to jail to be identified and booked, even
the bride and groom. Those not put into  cells are fined $75 each for “breaking the
law,” and ordered home. It is a celebration 
to “remember.”
When you think
of it, the enforcement of lockdowns and social distincing isn’t really about
“fighting the coronavirus”; it’s about wielding political power
against citizens who have been disarmed. The enforcement isn’t without an ardor
that would make the Gestapo or the KGB envious. 

Stealth Fascism II: The dissolution of civil society

I wrote the following in April just to illustrate a term I invented to capture the character of what is
happening today, in 2020, because of the coronovirus and about the changing
character of America:

Stealth Fascism
Stealth Fascism
Taking my cue from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead , what would Howard Roark do or not do? Imagine he is faced with the
likes of the Coronovirus in the 1920s and 1930s. He would laugh.

He would touch his face, while
scratching his head over a designing problem.
He would not regularly disinfect his
architectural drawings to show to prospective clients or employers.
He would take occasional trips to
He would not constantly wash his
hands, using a disinfectant; or a hand sanitizer.
He would go out, not stay at home,
and wonder what the hell ws “discretionary” or “essential” travel.
He would go to work.
He would not use his elbow to sneeze
He would not wear a mask.
He was already in conflict with the
collectivism of his time.
He would eat and drink in a
speakeasy, when he had the money.
He would not maintain a social
distance from Dominique Francon.
 He would perform other actions or
non-actions we should take for granted, as sane behavior, as normal in his
I’m really surprised and disappointed
by how readily Americans are to submit to stealth fascism. It’s not a
world I want to live in. It’s becoming less and less tolerable for me.
I have a good mind to order a Lone
Ranger mask from Amazon.
The most visible anomaly I observe today is the ubiquity of face
masks; almost everywhere I go now I encounter a  clot of people wearing  them , in restaurants and even in gas stations.
People have been told to wear masks to help arrest the spread of the virus.  And to treat it as one’s “patriotic duty.”
Overall, I regard face masks as a subliminal order to “shut up,”  and to obey.  Nobody I know of is willing to question or
doubt the practice and effectiveness of wearing the masks, which I regard as an
absence of intellectual acuity. People wear them because “authorities” insist
on it and say they must if they do not want to catch or transmit a virus germ.  They wear them to flaunt an imagined civic
virtue. I heard one person during a radio call-in show say that he did not wear
a mask, but when he went into a convenience store, the manager yelled
“evacuate!” and most of his customers, who were wearing masks, ran screaming
out of the store. This was an instance of “herd” mentality. I take Roark’s silent
attitude about the conformity without even a grain of salt: I greet such
behavior with an aloofness or indifference  which not quite verges on contempt.

The next ludicrous anomaly I’ve
witnessed is the “social distancing” rule, which at the moment is six feet..As
with face masks, the necessity of maintaining one’s “social distance” seeps
into the public mind through official decrees, media propaganda, and constant
reminders and badgering  that  citizens must do their bit.  I’ve shopped in some major stores, such as
WalMart and Publix,  that have marked out  aisles with chalked 6-foot signs on the floor
that wend through various product sections all the way to check-out, where the
cashiers wear gloves and “sanitize” bags and purchased items with spray, and
even the shopping carts. God help you if you infringe on someone’s “space.” In
one store a masked shopper yelled at me, “Get away from me!” I was tempted to
reply, “I wouldn’t ask you out to dinner, either.”  That has happened in more than one instance.
In smaller stores the proprietors conscionsstiously mark where people must
stand to get their purchases rung up.  You can even be castigated in a parking lot.
I’ve been upbraided just getting out of my car if it’was too close to another.
Another curios development is the rush on toilet paper as reported in various
news items. You’d swear that TP had acquired the economic value of silver
coinage. And has become an item difficult to keep stocked and shelved.
Park rangers, local cops, municipal
officials and others emboldened by lockdown authority have become petty tyrants,
closing or fining businesses, raiding gatherings in homes, public parks,  beaches, and even funerals, to break up
groups of people assembled “Illegaly.” . Doubtless hovering drones report them
to the authorities and vests them with omniscience. Across the country
protestors are demonstrating
against the lockdowns.
lone Individual citizens
are giving the “authorities” backtalk they do not
like. Most lockdowns and “stay at home” orders are mostly state government
decrees. The states demand full, obedient, immediate, and thoughtless
compliance by the electorate.
Our culture today does not resemble the free culture of yesteryear. Tom
McCaffrey, in an article on Canada Fee Press,noted:
hard to believe that there was a time in America when parents would set out
into the wilderness in covered wagons with their children, risking injury or
death every mile of the way, exposing themselves—and their children—to disease,
blizzards, droughts, wild animals, outlaws, and hostile Indians. Today, such
parents would be prosecuted for child abuse. …. But no one was in control back
then.” Freedom to move and assemble was taken for granted
. Today, that freedom is vanishing at the whim of the Gavin Newsoms and Gretchen Whitmers of the world.
would Howard Roark do? For one thing, he would vanish, as well. You would not
hear him laugh. But he would remain as a vision of all that ought to be.

What is “Stealth Fascism”?  It is an aggressive government program to
ingratiate state policies and priorities into the everyday, banal concerns of
private citizens, to ensure that they heed and obey those policies and
priorities. And also that they look to the state for guidance and for “moral”
clarity. It is insipid and evil. Patrick Henry would have nothing to do with
it; nor would Howard Roark.

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