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Lopsided Joe Biden

No, 2,550
Biden wants to convert the country, once a free one, into a
nation of mask-wearing lepers. The
Hollywood Reporter
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he would use his power to
require Americans to wear face masks in public.

According to KDKA, Biden said:

“I would go back to
making sure that everybody had masks, that you had PPE lined up, making sure we
stockpile all the things that we need and we don’t have now. The one thing we
do know, these masks make a gigantic difference. I would insist that everybody
in public be wearing that mask. Anyone to reopen, it would have to make sure
that they walked into a business that had masks.”

The difference is imaginary and specious, as I’ve written before.
Rice of KDKA asked Biden if he could use his federal leverage to mandate it in
which Biden responded “yes”.

Biden’s many gaffs: 

Rice then pressed Biden if he would use it.

Here’s the exchange:

Rice: Would you?

Biden: Yes, I would from an executive standpoint, yes I would.

David Hanson, 
on Ruth King,
explains Biden’s state of mind better than I can:
“Joe Biden is tragically suffering a mental eclipse and
sliding away at a geometric rate. Understandably, his handlers have kept him
out of sight. He stays off the campaign trail on the pretext of the virus and
his age-related susceptibility to COVID-19 morbidity.

“I say “pretext” without apology. Quarantine should not have
otherwise stopped Biden over the past three months from doing daily interviews,
speeches, and meetings. But each occasion, however scripted, rehearsed, and
canned, would only have offered further daily proof that Biden is cognitively
unable to be president or indeed to hold any office.
 “Often Biden cannot finish a sentence. Names are vague
eddies in his mind’s river of forgetfulness. He is in a far more dire mental
state than a physically failing FDR was in his 1944 campaign for a fourth term.

“The earlier career of a healthy Biden illustrates that he was not
especially sharp even when in control of most of his faculties. We recall the
former sane/nutty Biden of Neal Kinnock plagiarism, his “put y’all in chains”
demagoguery, the studied racism of Biden’s riffs about a “clean” and
well-spoken Obama, and the sane/insane Corn Pop stories. All are the trademark
of a once fool Joe Biden, who was at least alert when compared with his current
catalepsy. If Donald Trump can be ungrammatical, Biden is agrammatical — he
simply streams together half-thoughts without syntax and then abandons the
sentence entirely.

“If Trump repeats vocabulary, Biden increasingly searches for
words, any noun, whatever its irrelevance to the point he is making. Biden
seems to suffer dyscognitive seizures, in which for moments he has no idea what
he is doing or saying or where he is — a tragic, nearly epileptic condition. In
scary episodes, the pale, scaly, and frozen visage of Biden appears almost
reptilian, like a lizard freezing and remaining stationary as it struggles to
process signals of perceived danger.

“Inserting memorized answers into rehearsed questions, as if the
entire con was spontaneous, only reveals how his once episodic dementia has
become chronic as he loses his prompt and place. It was understandable that his
handlers saw opportunity in secluding Biden during Trump’s tweeting, alongside
the contagion, the lockdown, the recession, and the rioting that in voters’
minds had equated fear of chaos with the culpability of the current commander
in chief”

Lewis County Sheriff Robert Snaza (Washington
State) told his maskless listeners about wearing a mask: 
“In case
you guys didn’t hear, Governor Inslee in his infinite wisdom has decided after
over a hundred and some odd days that we should all wear face masks — inside
and out,” Snaza said through a megaphone in the clip.“Here’s what I say — don’t
be a sheep.”

My own estimate of Biden’s state is that Elmer Fudd is in more
command of his senses than is the Presidential wannabe.

The New Slaves

No. 2,549

It is my pleasure to introduce another guest
columnist, Amil Imani  
(, an indefatigable
fighter for freedom and liberty, who published a compiled list of corporate,  company, and media entities in thrall to BLM
and Antifa. Links after each of the names provide the virtue signaling and pius
platitudes of social justice, racism, etc. without exception, as Mr.
Imani explains in his column,
The Full List – Here Are The
269 Companies Who Are Supporting BLM & Antifa Riots.
Antifa is an umbrella term to describe radical left-leaning
militant groups that typically confront neo-Nazism and white supremacists at
People associated with Antifa have been present for significant
demonstrations and counter-demonstrations over the last three years, sometimes
involving brawls and property damage.
Trump and members of his administration have singled out Antifa
as being responsible for the violence at protests triggered by the killing of
The main question remains where did Antifa and BLM get their
funds from?
Little is known about who funds Antifa activists, or how the
groups get their resources. Antifa is not a single organization, and therefore,
financial details, if any exist, are murky.
But after all many companies decided to step up and publicly
support the riots that BLM and Antifa are organizing through America.
The full list of 269 companies is out!
As Medium reported
you can use this list as a guide in what businesses you wish to support. Please
also consider using this list the next time someone makes the argument that we
are living in a white supremacist country with institutionalized racism. If
major companies consider supporting violent rioters and looters good for their
bottom line, your cause isn’t oppressed.
The full list is below and it includes at least one statement
per company:


Abbey Road Studios:
The Academy (the Oscars):
Activision Blizzard:
Alaska Airlines:
American Airlines:
American Express:
American Apparel:
Astro Gaming:
Atlantic Records:
Barclays Bank:
Barnes & Noble:
Bank of America:
Bergdorf Goodman:
Ben & Jerry’s:
Boost Mobile:
Burt’s Bees:
Call of Duty:
Capitol Records:
Canada Goose:
Cartoon Network:
Colourpop Cosmetics:
Creative Commons:
Criterion Collection:
Devolver Digital:
Frosted Mini Wheats:
General Motors:
Goldman Sachs:
Gorilla Glue:
Guerilla Collective:
Habitat for Humanity:
Humble Bundle:
L’Oreal Paris:
Louis Vuitton:
Madden NFL 20:
Marvel Entertainment:
Mercedes Benz:
Metropolitan Opera:
New York Life:
Paramount Pictures:
Paramount Network:
Popeye’s Chicken:
Procter & Gamble:
Puget Systems:
Quicken Loans:
Rice Krispies:
Rockstar Games:
Sesame Street:
Society Generale US:
Supreme New York:
Sysco Corporation:
UnitedHealth Group:
Virgin Records:
Warner Records:
Well’s Fargo:
Yamaha Music USA:

Blogger’s note: It’s obvious that some of these companies published their homilies under duress lest they incur the wrath and repercussions that BLM and Antifa  could incite in the Internet and on social media. Many are unlikely supporters of the professional terrorists represented by the BLM and Antifa. Some of the companies also boast of the small fortunes they’ve donatedt to BLM and Antifa.

Uglification of America

No. 2,548

mental illness marked
by periods of great excitement or euphoria, delusions, and overactivity.
An obsession is
an unbidden, intrusive thought, image, or urge that intrudes into
consciousness; attempts to dispel it are difficult and typically lead to
anxiety. T
Face Masks: Is it a mania, or an obsession?T 
Face Masks: are they a mania,
or an obsession? It would appear to be both.
mental illness marked
by periods of great excitement or euphoria, delusions, and overactivity.
While an obsession
means,, according to the Johns Hopkins Psychiatry Guide:
….an unbidden, intrusive
thought, image, or urge that intrudes into consciousness; attempts to dispel it
are difficult and typically lead to anxiety. These thoughts, images, or urges
are recognized as part of oTherene’s own mental life. To varying degrees they
are judged by the patient to be irrational.
There is a gaggle of
articles about why face masks are useless.
This is one
of them.

Can we finally admit
how USELESS MASKS actually are?

No… Because Common Sense doesn’t exist

Now for the rebuttals:
“Yeah but what if it saves
even one life?” How would it possibly do that? By breathing in the trapped
viral particles?
handkerchief is just as good as a mask.” Really? And why does the Surgeon
General of the United States say that only a 95 -rated mask has any protection
at all? And you’re walking around with a 50-cent bandana because someone
convinced you it would actually do something.
Yeah but
I just paid $150 for a custom made mask that looks really cool!” So?
“Yeah, but what if we didn’t
wear masks? We’d breathe or cough or sneeze viral particles over everyone
else!” We have a 6 foot distancing rule. Explain how a virus particle will
jump from your face beyond six feet….Hint: it won’t.
abrupt  decree that citizens must wear
face masks at all times when in public to combat the spread of the coronavirus comes
as President Trump has announced the nation’s impending economic and social
recovery from the pandemic. Even though the effectiveness of the masks is nil,
several tin pot dictators have mandated their universal use. “Let’s make ‘em
pay for all that free time at the beach, and in restaurants and throwing social
distancing out the window. And getting too chummy for words. Make ‘em get in
lockstep. Let’s order uniformity and obedience! 
We need to get the businesses on board with us. Make ‘em refuse service
to anyone not wearing a mask. And, by God, we’ll need a whole new bunch of
storm troopers to enforce our decree.. For the “public good!” They’ve going to
know who runs things here! Got to get’wm used to it!”
I want the
country to resemble a hospital zone.

A guest column by  Linda

Masks have been a
part of societies for 9,000 years. The earliest masks were used for rituals and
ceremonies. Later, they were used in hunting, feasts, wars, performances,
theaters, fashion, sports, movies, and then as protection against medical and
occupational hazards. Masks have become symbols for their various functions.
Different masks
worn by different people have different motives. A masked bank robber is very
different from a masked Halloween trick-or-treater. Masks are coverings that
can also disguise messages. So it is with political masks.

The two most
controversial political masks in America today are the Muslim niqab and the
COVID19 face mask. What do these seemingly disparate face coverings have in
common? Both are marketed as protective face coverings with the connotation of
safety, both are worn with pride by their adherents, and both disguise a
powerful political message of submission. The mask is the message.

Muslim women
following supremacist, Islamic religious sharia law are subservient to their
fathers, husbands, and brothers no matter where they live in the world, and no
matter how protective equal rights laws for women are in the country where they
reside. Sharia law does not recognize the authority of the United States

Muslim women who
embrace sharia law wear their niqabs with pride. They value their submission
and, for them, wearing the face-covering is virtue signaling. For most
Americans, the face mask worn by Muslim women is a detestable symbol of
submission that violates American principles of equality and freedom. It is
almost incomprehensible for Americans to understand these Muslim women without
understanding that sharia law teaches the supremacy of Islam.
The 1991 Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory
 explains in precise detail the strategic goal for
the Muslim Brotherhood in North America. The plan is for settlement not
assimilation. Settlement is another word for submission. In its own words:

“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’
with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that
their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying
the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by
their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s
religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

Ayn Rand wrote about the government takeover
 of health care, that It was turning
the country into one huge hospital.

For decades the
radical leftist Culture War on America has been attempting to collapse America
from within and replace our constitutional republic with socialism. The leftist
promise is that destroying free market capitalism and replacing it with socialism
will provide social justice and income equality. The radical leftists have
common cause with the Islamists to destroy America from within.

The leftists and
the Islamists both have established educational wings to propagandize Americans
toward their respective ideologies. They both have established violent
paramilitary factions in the United States to terrorize the public and impose
their ideologies when persuasion and propaganda are not enough. The Islamists
have their jihadis and the radical leftists have ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter
(BLM); all unapologetic domestic terrorists. Hawk Newsome, the president of the
BLM of Greater New York movement, clarified his willingness to use any means
necessary in a jaw-dropping June 23, 2020 interview with Fox News Martha
MacCallum on “The Story.”

“You said ‘burn
it down, it’s time,’” MacCallum told Newsome.

“I said if this
country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and
replace it. All right?” he replied.

The radical 2020
Democrat party platform kneels to both radical leftism and Islamism. Blue state
governors, mayors, and local Democrat authorities are exploiting the
coronavirus with COVID19 mask mandates to prolong the economic shutdown,
prevent an economic recovery, and collapse the U.S. economy in hopes of
defeating Trump in November.

Rahm Emanuel,
Barack Obama’s chief of staff, famously said, “You never let a serious crisis
go to waste. And what I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you
think you could not do before.” The coronavirus outbreak was a bonanza for the
radical left, an economic bioweapon unleashed by the communist Chinese designed
to collapse Trump’s roaring economy. Political medicine from the World Health
Organization (WHO) and the globalist-infested Center for Disease Control (CDC)
has been deliberately exaggerating the threat of COVID19 to create panic and
social chaos to destabilize the country in advance of the 2020 election.

The stunning June
19, 2020 article by Patrick Wood in Technocracy News“The
Miserable Pseudo-Science Behind Face Masks, Social Distancing And Contact
Tracing,” exposes the entire hoax. Wood begins, “Once upon a time there
was something called science. It included the discovery of truth about nature .
. . Then certain other scientists and engineers rose up and made a discovery of
their own. If true science was ever-so-slightly skewed and engineering
principles were applied to society at large, then they could indeed use their
‘knowledge’ to dominate and control other people, groups, entire societies or even,
heaven forbid, the entire planet. The first group pursued science. The second
group pursued pseudo-science.”

Patrick Wood
explains that pseudo-science is the principal domain of technocrats. The
fraudulent predictive models that the WHO and the CDC relied on to terrify the
public were developed using politically driven data. The acronym GIGO means
garbage in garbage out – it describes with precision British scientist Neil
Ferguson’s doomsday pandemic model. Ferguson’s Imperial College report predicted
that 2.2 million Americans would die from the virus, that hospital beds would
be overflowing, and that there would be a critical shortage of ventilators. The
report was used by CDC globalists Fauci and Birx to persuade President Trump to
shut down the U.S. economy. Ferguson’s model was also used by the radical
leftist Democrat site COVID Act Now that
posted the disinformation used by local and state officials in the U.S. to
issue shelter-in-place mandates.

retracted his wildly inaccurate model but the economic damage was done and the
political hysteria continues. The equally fraudulent Institute for Health Metrics
and Evaluation (IHME) report from University of Washington written by institute
director Christopher Murray was used by Fauci and Birx to
support more political medicine mandating lockdowns to close businesses,
schools, and keep people from their right to assembly. The mitigation measures
were not intended to flatten the curve, they were designed to flatten America.
IHME is committed to globalism and the United Nations 17 sustainable goals.

Medical science
does not warrant any of the wildly exaggerated projections or draconian
measures, the pseudo-science of political medicine does.

 Technocracy is the science of
social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to
produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population. What this
means is that the pseudo-science of leftist “settled science” is being
used to achieve the radical leftist political agenda of fundamentally
transforming America. Islamists want to make America Muslim. Leftists want to
make America socialist.

The Culture War
on America is part of the overriding globalist war on American national
sovereignty. The leftist, Islamist, globalist, Chinese communist axis
participating in the war on America now has its own symbol disguised as public
health – the COVID19 face mask. The mandated face mask represents political
medicine disguised as medical science. Leftists wear their face masks with
pride because, for them, it is virtue signaling.

For those
Americans who value their freedom and individual rights the COVID19 face mask
is the symbol of submission to radical leftism. It is almost incomprehensible
for Americans to understand the radical leftist commitment to collapsing
America without understanding that cultural Marxism teaches the supremacy of
radical leftist socialism. A Washington Times article
8.22.2019 written by James Veltmeyer defines the issue.

“Cultural Marxism is the father of the Democratic Party’s
identity politics and political correctness. It is the father of transgender
insanity and racial polarization. It is the father of open borders and rights
for illegal immigrants. And, yes, it is even the father of the anarchy and
nihilism that gives rise to mass shooters and to Hollywood movies that portray
hunting human beings for sport as ‘entertainment.’”

The enemies of
America are exploiting public fear of death and dying for political gain. It is
a colossal humanitarian hoax. Mandated masks, mandated social distancing,
mandated prolonged business and school closures are sinister efforts to
establish a new normal of submission in America. This is how the radical left
intends to settle America!

COVID19 face
masks are now the symbol of submission in the United States. Leftist Democrat
governors, mayors, and local authorities mandating masks are presenting their
mandates as altruistic. Joe Biden just
announced that he would use his federal powers to force Americans to wear face
masks if elected. The COVID19 face masks are radical leftist Democrat
pseudo-science and virtue signaling designed for submission.
Say NO to
settlement by Islamists. Say NO to settlement by radical leftists. Say NO to
settlement by globalists. Say NO to settlement by Chinese communists. Say YES
to freedom in our constitutional republic, the United States of America!
Take off your
masks America and refuse to submit!
Long ago, Ayn Rand wrote about the government takeover
 of health care, that it was turning
the country and American society into one huge hospital. Face masks are the new
hijab. Marks of not Islamic submission, but of Democratic-collectivist.

White Supremacy

No. 2,548

What exactly
is “white supremacy
”?  Has it anything to do with race? Has the BLM any grounds for making the accusation
that whites have suppressed blacks 
because of their “innate” racisim?

Like every form of determinism, racism
invalidates the specific attribute which distinguishes man from all other
living species: his rational faculty. Racism negates two aspects of man’s life:
reason and choice, or mind and morality, replacing them with chemical

is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of
ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage —
the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are produced
and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. Which means, in practice, that
a man is to be judged, not by his own character and actions, but by the
characters and actions of a collective of ancestors.

Racism claims that the content of a man’s
mind (not his cognitive apparatus, but its content) is inherited; that a man’s
convictions, values and character are determined before he is born, by physical
factors beyond his control. 

To judge by Rand’s definition, the BLM is
guilty or racism, not the liberal whites who willingly raise their hands in
confession and kneel to black thugs in mass absolution and deference for
their  “crimes” against blacks, as can be
seen in many
pictures. How  many people are billing to abase themselves
before the BLM extortionists? Too many who are ignorant and clueless about the
blackmail being foisted on them.  

White supremacy is based on the premise
that Western civilization is innately superior
to the cultures of other nations. The term is bandied about as though its
meaning was self-evident and not open for discussion or doubt.

It may well be, but why? All the political
and social values that comprise that civilization and make it possible, reason,
logic, and their ancillary, philosophic allies, happen to arise mainly from the
Greco-Roman culture of thousands of years ago. That culture was mostly “white.”
Western concepts of freedom and liberty did not originate in Timbuktu, or in
Bagdad, Egypt, Bora Bora or Islam..
Western civilization has been distinctively “white.” But why?  Did the climate contribute to the development
of Western concepts?  Or at least
encourage their development, by being conducive to calm reflection and studied
ponderance?. Were Caucasians in the northern Mediterranean Innately predisposed to philosophy, and science?

I don’t think so. I have not encountered an
essay that delves in any depth into the subject of why our civilization owes its existence to mainly “white”

Kyle Smith penned
an interesting and revealing essay about the white “guilt” inculcated in many
whites by the exhortations of black extortionists, and emphasized that the
white “guilt” is a cult.
. CAryn.c.,
June 7. Amidst nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, a black
man and woman are seated on a park bench while a white woman wearing a
sweatshirt that reads “LOVE” takes to her megaphone. “We repent on behalf of,
uh, Caucasian people,” she says. A small crowd of white people comes to kneel
before the two seated black folks, who are co-pastors of a local church. Some
of the kneelers wash the feet of the black people. A white man with an English
accent solemnly intones, “It’s our honor to stand here on behalf of all white
people, . . . repenting, Lord, for our aggression, Lord, repenting for our
pride, for thinking that we are better, that we are above.”
Kyle Smith further observes: Anti-racism is
the most critical element of a broader new Woke Orthodoxy whose other elements
include environmental apocalypticism, feminism, and a severing of sexual
identity from genetic indicators.

“There is more dogmatism in this ideology
than in most of contemporary American Catholicism,” writes the Catholic
columnist Andrew Sullivan. “And more intolerance. Question any significant part
of this, and your moral integrity as a human being is called into question.”

The BLM wants to punish whites for their
alleged racism of the past, or of their ancestors, and elevate black supremacy with the destruction of
‘”white” society, together with the wholesale obliteration of a civilization.
And  of capitalism..And of  freedom, and freedom of speech.

I find the concept of “white supremacy”
invalid and distracting , diversionary and a stalking horse. It is itself a racist term, because
it ascribes the actions and policies of the ancestors of one group to heinous
consequences of another. It is not “white” supremacy that the BLM wants to
counter and defeat and wring some justice or compensation from whites. . It is
the supremacy of the mind, of its
capacity to think, and to reason. The BLM wants to swap “white” supremacy for its own Marxist brand.

The capacity to think is an attribute shared
by men of all races. Why our culture is based on the policies of our ancestors
– who happen to have been white – may be an accident of climate or geography.
It is the subject of a possible work in culture anthropology.

Wonk World


No. 2,547

 and public health
officials will not be satisfied with any “reopening” of small
businesses and parks and restaurants unless the citizens accept without
question the “tin pot dictators” as their lords and masters and are
conscientious about fighting
the spread o
f the Corona virus, and that they also take proactive actions
to ensure that their patrons and employees abide by the virus rules .See Robert
Gore’s trenchent
on the hoax of the virus”crisis.”. From my own esthetic sense I am
repulsed by the daily sight of people wearing face masks and observing the
6-foot “social distincing” rule. To me the “reopening” of private or public
entities is not actually a “reopening” but qualified permission to act to act
in accordance with government rules.
Will wearing face masks and adhering to social distancing  rules become indelible habits of
Americans?  Will Americans automatically
defer to the judgments of their political “superiors” ?
Here us a list of the states
that sill require obedience from the citizens: with all the stipulations:
Masks Required?
Type of Requirement
Law Date
Link 1
Entire State (Employees Only)
Only in businesses
Parts of State
Parts of State (Employees Only)
Entire State (Employees Only)
Entire State
Everywhere in public where social distancing
isn’t possible
Entire State (Employees Only)
Only in businesses
Entire State
Everywhere in public where social distancing
isn’t possible
Entire State
Everywhere in public
District of Columbia
Entire Territory
Only in businesses
Parts of State
Parts of State (Employees Only)
Entire State
Only in businesses
Parts of State
Entire State
Everywhere in public where social distancing
isn’t possible
Entire State (Employees Only)
Parts of State (Employees Only)
Parts of State
Parts of State
Entire State (Employees Only)
Only in businesses
Entire State
Everywhere in public
Entire State
Businesses & Public Transport
Entire State
Everywhere in public where social distancing
isn’t possible
Entire State
Everywhere in public where social distancing
isn’t possible
Parts of State
Parts of State
Parts of State
Entire State (Employees Only)
Entire State (Employees Only)
Only in businesses
5/1/2020 (est.)
New Hampshire
Parts of State
New Jersey
Entire State
Everywhere in public where social distancing
isn’t possible
New Mexico
Entire State
Everywhere in public where social distancing
isn’t possible
5/15/2020 (est.)
New York
Entire State
Everywhere in public where social distancing
isn’t possible
North Carolina
Parts of State
North Dakota
Parts of State
Parts of State
Parts of State
Parts of State (Employees Only)
Entire State
Businesses & Public Transport
Puerto Rico
Entire Territory
Everywhere in public
4/10/2020 (est.)
Rhode Island
Entire State
Everywhere in public where social distancing
isn’t possible
South Carolina
South Dakota
Parts of State
Parts of State$1-000-fine/6110266/
Masks strongly recommended, provides masks
for free
Strongly encourages, provides masks for free
Entire State (Employees Only)
Only in businesses
Entire State
All Public Indoor Spaces (Including Public
Transport & Biz’s)
Parts of State
West Virginia
Parts of State
Parts of State
So, you see, the states still in a “lockdown” mentality,
have just about every human endeavor, public and private, covered but shoe-shine
stands, though I’m sure some “authority” will complain of the omission. And
where masks are necessary when “social distancing” isn’t possible, some functionary
 or wonk
will insist that the mandatory six-foot 
rule be enforced, even in restrooms, together with the whole panoply of
people controls be enacted .

New Norm II