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A Compact of Tyranny

For those who wish to nod off reading it – warning: it is in verbose, generalized, non-specific UN-ese – here is the text of the Global Compact.

In the Grip of the Global Compact

The so-called Principles of the Compact can be read in part here:
The pact is not legally binding but can provide very useful guidance for countries facing migration, she told a news conference.
“Many challenges will stand in the way of its implementation, not least the toxic and ill-informed narrative that too often persists when it comes to migrants…”
While the GCM is ostensibly “non-binding,” active signatories will be able to take slackers and non-signatories to the political woodshed. Signatories include companies as well as states. There are 12,000+ signatories in over 160 countries, both developed and developing, representing nearly every sector and size.
World Watch reported on December 10th:
In early October, the United Nations “de-listed” 335 companies from the UN Global Compact, a voluntary business initiative that brings together companies in support of universal environmental and social principles. The signatories’ removal from the list of participants indicates their failure to submit the required “Communication on Progress” (COP), an annual summary of actions taken toward meeting the Compact’s goals that is shared publicly with stakeholders and used to “safeguard the integrity of the initiative.” Any company that does not submit a COP for two consecutive years is labeled as “inactive” on the UN Global Compact website.
Among the companies listed as inactive as of early November were Air India, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, Ernst & Young-Brazil, Moscow City Telephone Network, and NH Hotels of Spain. An inactive label does not necessarily mean that a company is not implementing the Compact’s 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. However, being an active participant indicates the company’s commitment to the initiative and offers derivative benefits such as the ability to use the Global Compact name and logo. Participating companies may also see improved access to markets and capital, proactive risk management, reputational gains, improved stakeholder relations, and better employee morale and retention.
By de-listing companies, the Global Compact is demonstrating its credibility and interest in upholding its standards of corporate responsibility, says Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, chair of the Foundation for the Global Compact. “While the Global Compact is a purely voluntary initiative, it is important to protect the investment that seriously committed companies and other stakeholders have made,” he notes. “It is crucial that companies take seriously their commitment and demonstrate performance.” To regain their “active” status, de-listed companies are simply required to submit the missing COP.
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who conceived the Global Compact in 1999 as a way to make global markets more sustainable and inclusive, endorsed the de-listing process, asserting that “success is only possible when business can operate in ways that benefit economies, societies, and people everywhere.” Annan challenged the business and academic communities to “sustain the momentum of the corporate responsibility movement” through responsible practices and universal principles. Since its official launch in July 2000, the Global Compact has grown to some 3,000 participants, including more than 2,500 businesses in 90 countries worldwide.
The U.S. pulled out of the Paris Agreement, and has eschewed any and all climate change agreements or compacts, as “hot air.” and so will not participate in the Marrakesh party.   
Wikipedia notes:
The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) is a intergovernmentally negotiated agreement, prepared under the auspices of the United Nations, that covers “all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner”.
At the Intergovermental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which was held from 10–11 December 2018, 164 nations met under the auspices of the United Nations General Assembly at Marrakesh, Morocco, in order to formally agree upon the Compact.  As the Compact is not an international treaty, and it will be non-binding under international law. However, as with similar United Nations agreements, it will formally be a politically binding commitment.
To sign the “GCM” is to agree to censor any and all criticism of the invading “cultures.”  Criticism would of course include especially anything that “defames” or tells the truth about Islam.  It is understood that the GCM is about “migrating” to advanced Western nations, and especially those that are welfare states. “Objective” 9 stresses that migrants be guaranteed welfare benefits:
…ensure migrants have access to public or affordable independent legal assistance and representation in legal proceedings that affect them, including during any related judicial or administrative hearing, in order to safeguard that all migrants, everywhere, are recognized as persons before the law and that the delivery of justice is impartial and non-discriminatory….
And that such benefits are “portable” or transferrable from country to country. “Objective” 22 states:
…integrate provisions on the portability of entitlements and earned benefits into national social security frameworks, designate focal points in countries of origin, transit and destination that facilitate portability requests from migrants, address the difficulties women and older persons can face in accessing social protection, and establish dedicated instruments, such as migrant welfare funds in countries of origin that support migrant workers and their families….
As for the criticism of GCM and migrants, that is to be discouraged. “Objective” 16 states:
…promote mutual respect for the cultures, traditions and customs of communities of destination and of migrants by exchanging and implementing best practices on integration policies, programmes and activities, including on ways to promote acceptance of diversity and facilitate social cohesion and inclusion …
Migrants must be “protected” from any and all forms of racism, xenophobia, and other negative hostility, which means criticisms of the migrants’ cultures and practices. “Objective” 17 states:
We commit to eliminate all forms of discrimination, condemn and counter expressions, acts and manifestations of racism, racial discrimination, violence, xenophobia and related intolerance against all migrants in conformity with international human rights law. We further commit to promote an open and evidence-based public discourse on migration and migrants in partnership with all parts of society, that generates a more realistic, humane and constructive perception in this regard. We also commit to protect freedom of expression in accordance with international law, recognizing that an open and free debate contributes to a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of migration.
Furthermore, signatories must:
…enact, implement or maintain legislation that penalizes hate crimes and aggravated hate crimes targeting migrants, and train law enforcement and other public officials to identify, prevent and respond to such crimes and other acts of violence that target migrants, as well as to provide medical, legal and psychosocial assistance for victims….
For example, Justin Trudeau has promised to subsidize the Canadian press to not say anything bad about the Compact or about the migrants: the Toronto Sun last month reported:
It calls upon governments to “promote independent, objective and quality reporting… and stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance, xenophobia, racism and other forms of discrimination towards migrants.”
So much for a free press.
The UN wants governments to actively intervene in the media and pick and choose which journalists are worthy of promoting, based on a radical ideology and far-left worldview.
In short, you will be reported to the Thought Police, if you’ve not already been identified as a dissenter or an “Islamophobe” and taken to Room 101.
The UN is the “one world government” the Left has dismissed as a “conspiracy theory.”


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