Christine Ford: The Mouse that “roared”

By now, many readers are doubtless sick of reading about the latest whirligigs in the Brett Kavanaugh nomination brouhaha in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  They may have grown tired of all the speculative commentary about how or why the Dems have manipulated the Judicial hearings over Kavanaugh,  commentary with which they probably agree, and which explains how the Dems’ witch hunt plan suits their agenda to defeat Donald Trump and destroy Kavanaugh with the whiny testimony of an alleged rape victim. All in all, the whole charade has been and continues to be nauseous. As many commentators and even Republican Senators have remarked, the hearing’s vicious tone is unprecedented in our political history.
Christine Blasey Ford was obviously coached by her attorneys and the Dems on how and what to say in her testimony, and was probably coached on how to comport herself. I even suspect that she did not compose the typewritten testimony from which she read, as she played with her glasses and fussed with her hair, all the while playing to be a “nervous Nellie,” uncomfortable with her testimony with all eyes, ears, and cameras focused on her.
Wikipedia has an interesting observation on Shakespeare’s comedy, which has four interconnected subplots and a confusing cast of nineteen characters, not including dancing fairies. The comedy is less complex and confusing to follow than has been the Kavanaugh hearing.
In 1972, Ralph Berry argued that Shakespeare was chiefly concerned with epistemology in this play. The lovers declare illusion to be reality, the actors declare reality to be illusion. The play ultimately reconciles the seemingly opposing views and vindicates imagination.
Diane Feinstein and Company subscribe to this notion, and struggle to reconcile illusion and reality. She and her ilk “believe” Ford’s assertions, so, ergo, Kavanaugh “really” attacked Ford, with as much sutstance and evidence as wind storms on Pluto, and he’s automatically guilty (no amount of “mansplaining” by him or any other man will exonerate him). The illusion of guilt becomes a “fact” which must be further investigated by the FBI until the “truth” is discovered, thus delaying his nomination before the national elections at the end of the year. It isn’t as though Feinstein and her Democratic ilk place any importance on truth. Truth to them, if a malleable concept that can be fitted to their political agenda.
One Senator, aside from Lindsey Graham, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, let Feinstein have it with both barrels:
Starting at the 4:00 mark (video below) Kennedy admonishes: “To the person who leaked Dr. Ford’s letter, to the person who breached Dr. Ford’s anonymity, and to the person who did not tell her she could have avoided this by testifying privately in her home in California, you know who you are. You should bow your head in shame, in my opinion, and you should hide your head in a bag every day for the rest of your natural life.” His remarks were clearly directed at Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), whose shenanigans were exposed at the hearings.
‘It’s not much consolation that in the last days of America the GOP finally found their tongues, but it has been a long time coming. Maybe they realize that if they don’t do something about the hostile coup attempt, the cold war we’ve been in for the last few years could degenerate into a hot one. If the protesters outside Lindsey Graham’s house manage to knock down his door, I have no doubt a hot war is what they intend. And instead of trying to calm the waters and cool passions, the Democrats are fanning the flames.’
Hiding their faces in a bag is not what Dems do. Shame is not in their vocabulary. They wiggle their butts, give all of us the finger, and continue to snort at us. They have power and see it threatened. No scandalous behavior is too low for the Democrats.
Take Jeff Flake, Senator from Arizona.
After announcing he would vote for Kavanaugh, he got mobbed by protestors and bought off by Feinstein and the Dems in a closed door meeting to demand, in “exchange” for his vote for Kavanaugh, yet another year of FBI investigation. Mike Walsh on Conservative News explains:
The flake that flipped
Jeff Flake flaked out and caved to the Democratic demand for an FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh. There is a reason why Democrats so desperately want this investigation, and, like everything else they say, it has nothing to do with getting to the truth.
Democrats are not interested in the truth at all, whatsoever. In fact, they’ve already said that Kavanaugh is unfit for the Supreme Court — no matter what the FBI investigation turns up. But it won’t turn up anything, as they are well aware, because there is no evidence, there are no witnesses, and the accuser doesn’t even know the year or place that this attack allegedly took place. They have absolutely nothing to go on. Nothing to investigate. The only thing they can do is ask the people who were allegedly involved or allegedly present. All of them have already been asked under penalty of felony and already denied that the party took place. What else can they say about a party that never occurred? There are only so many ways to say, “This didn’t happen.” Do Democrats want them to say it again in Greek? Do they need to draw a picture of the thing not happening? Do they need to sing it?
The investigation will accomplish nothing of substance and lead nowhere. So why are they so intent on it? Three reasons:
1) It will delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation to give time for more dirt to be dug up.
2) It will delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation to give time to put more pressure on squish Republicans.
3) They hope the FBI will follow irrelevant trails into unconnected but embarrassing matters, thus further destroying Kavanaugh’s reputation.
And, it goes without saying, Democrats will demand another delay after this delay, and they will call the investigation unfair no matter how it’s conducted or how it concludes. Neon Nettle reports:
 Not Diane Feinstein, but Michelle Pfieffer

as Titania, in the 1999 film of MND

In another obvious attempt to further disrupt Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination for the Supreme Court, his accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer has called for the time limit of one week for the FBI’s investigation into the allegations to be lifted. An agreement reached by the Senate Judiciary Committee to delay the full Senate vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation, allows the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to conduct a week-long investigation into Dr. Ford’s accusations of sexual misconduct against President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court.
Now, in a statement released by Ford’s legal team, attorney Deborah Katz has demanded that there should be “no time limit” on the federal probe. That it should go on for  more weeks.
 The better to find more “dirt” on Kavanaugh, real or fabricated. The Dems won’t be satisfied with the FBI’s findings, even if it found that K assaulted a Martian on Venus.

The better to turn Kavanaugh’s confirmation into an unending nightmare.