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Fallacy of Workable Tyranny
I was asked to watch and rate the first episode of
an up-and-coming series for Amazon Instant Video, which was an hour long, and
to provide remarks. Here is an expanded version of my assessment of the
episode, or what I would have said had there not been a word count limit set by
Please help us improve Amazon Instant Video
by rating the video and audio quality of The
Man in the High Castle Episode 1:
The Man in the High Castle
I read The Man in the
High Castle
(or Tower) when
it was first published decades ago, or a little after 1962, when I was still in
high school.  Interesting alternate
history fiction. The production values of High
are in the same league as those of Fatherland,
which differs significantly from the novel by Robert Harris; with House
of Cards
, a species of “contemporaneous” alternate history fiction, and
which differs radically from both the novel by Michael Dobbs and the British TV
version; and with V for Vendetta,
which differs so radically from the original graphic novel that to describe the
differences here would merit a separate column.  
The Amazon presentation of High Castle is being adapted by Ridley Scott of Blade Runner fame.
The salient point about Amazon’s High Castle, however, is that it
stretches credibility about what would have happened had Imperial Japan and
Nazi Germany won WWII, carved up the U.S., and militarily occupied the
continent. The Japanese were savagely brutal in their conquests, as were the
Nazis. Remember, for example, what the Japanese did to Nanking, China, and
what happened to British,
Indian, and Canadian
men and women and their Chinese dependents
after the surrenders of Hong Kong and Singapore. (Atrocities were the byword of
all Japanese conquests, much as it is ISIS’s today in Syria and Iraq.) This
perspective is buttressed by recent revelations of the Japanese atrocities
committed against American
and Philippine
American civilians here at home, black, white and
Jewish, would have been brutally treated by both the Japanese and the Germans
had the U.S. been conquered. Someone might object: Ed, this is just
entertainment, get a grip. But my unshakeable fealty to history will not allow
me to “entertain” any other possible scenario. Readers of my Cyrus Skeen period
detective novels will know how close I hove to actual history.
Totalitarian regimes, as a rule, do not reign over
productive countries; they only loot them and if they survive at all it is only
as parasites on neighboring countries willing to trade with them. This is why
the Soviet Union lasted so long, as well as Red China (not to mention North
Korea, Communist Cuba, Venezuela, etc.).
Also, Americans in either the Japanese zone (the
West Coast) or the Nazi zone (the East Coast) wouldn’t have been able to move
about as freely as they do in this production. Their movements would have been
severely restricted and monitored. Further, the America depicted in this
production looks prosperous, when just the opposite would be true. Germany
looked prosperous in Fatherland, and
Britain looked comfy in “V.”
In passing, I suspect Philip K. Dick’s 1962 novel
was inspired by George Orwell’s Nineteen
(1949) which was also a kind of alternate history novel. I have
read nothing in his biographical information that would contradict that
“Realism” in Hollywood
productions, however, doesn’t necessarily mean the recreation of reality.
Left’s Infatuation with Islam
A reader commented on my column, “Islam,
CAIR, and Politically Correct Speech
”, in which I dwell briefly on the word
war between Rupert Murdoch and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling:
is a Leftist. No fan of her books am I…but from seeing the movies I see that in
the end Harry Potter was an anti-fascist themed story. What else would a
Leftist give you? A story against Marxism? Of course not. So she sees evil
white Christians everywhere. And of course she serves as an apologist for
Islam, the world’s most violent religion.

But here is a deeper question I put to you Ed. Maybe you can write on it. The
Left has 3 major client groups: 1) gays 2) Blacks 3) women. It can be very well
argued that Islam represents not just a light threat to all three but a grave
threat to all three. In fact, there is no ideology in human history, including
Christianity, that has such a poor record to all three of those groups,
especially today.

So, why does the Left so desperately defend Islam? Think about it. Think about
Rotherham. Muslims raped 1400 young girls!!! And yet the Left doesn’t even want
that story reported or sensationalized. Compare that to the Leftist outrage
over the fabricated “frat house gang rape” at the University of
Virginia; entirely made up by a lying woman. Why is the Left so hell bent on
attacking white Western males and so intent on ignoring brown Muslim savagery?

IMO, the answer to that question lays bare why the Left is the greatest evil on
earth. Orders of magnitude more evil than Islam. Also, I can’t help but add
that I guarantee that no mainstream Objectivist would know the answer.
Frankly, I don’t know what the “official”
Objectivist position is on the Rowling novels. I don’t think there is one. As
for what Objectivism has to say about the copasetic relationship between the
Left and Islam, this may have been articulated in various “official” and
independent venues, but I don’t much keep up with “official” Objectivist
positions on anything, so there’s nothing substantial I can say on that
Yes, the Left is as nihilistic as is Islam. It will
side with any movement that will up-end or destroy moral, economic, and
political norms.
 The Left is
pro-gay, and will advocate legislation and judicial decisions that criminalize
any actions or speech that can be construed to be anti-gay. It will celebrate
florists, bakeries, and wedding photographers being compelled to accept gays as
customers.  Islam, however, throws gays
from rooftops or hangs them. The Left says little or nothing about it.
 The Left
always sides with blacks, provided blacks are portrayed as victims of a white
culture, or of police brutality, and so on, but one never reads of the Left
praising the black middle class or black intellectuals such as Walter Williams
or Thomas Sowell. Islam, however, regards blacks, even black Muslims, as on a
level with apes, or as subhuman. Islam
has a thousand-year history
in the black slave trade, especially in east
Africa. After Omar Quadaffi was overthrown in Libya, Muslim gangs rounded up as
many black Muslims and non-Muslims they could lay hands on, imprisoned them,
and probably executed them. (This is not meat for one of Al Sharpton’s rants,
nor is the slaughter of blacks by Boko Haram in Nigeria, nor is the slaughter
of black Sudanese. His silence is deafening.) 
Chicken Little leftists have little to say about that.
The Left will champion women as long as they’re
eligible for entitlements, are portrayed as victims of a patriarchal society,
and stand to be enriched by the usual Marxist shopping list of “rights.” But Islam,
as it should be clear to anyone by now, regards women as chattel or third-class
citizens, rape-able at leisure, especially if they’re taken prisoner by Muslim
gangs such as ISIS, or are caught alone on a British or Swedish or Danish
street and subjected to Muslim racism, or as many-wived baby factories, and as vehicles
for additional welfare payments. Rarely does one read of a left-wing pundit
deploring the Islamic treatment of women. That would not be in line with
cultural diversity or multicultural tolerance and sensitivity.
The Left and Islam are seemingly odd but
nevertheless natural bedfellows. The Left allies itself with its ideological
nemesis because it is as totalitarian in means and ends as is Islam. The Left
enables Islam to spread and commit its depredations. The Left consciously or by
default sanctions the stealthy imposition of Sharia in this country as a stew
of “civil rights.”
On the other hand, Islam is not known to have much congratulated
the Left for any political or social victories against America it may claim. The
Left regards Islam as a kind of fellow traveler. Islam regards the denizens of
the Left, once everyone is shackled by Sharia law, as prime candidates for
hanging, beheading, raping, lashing, or working in the jizya salt mines, once the two totalitarian imperatives have been
joined in marriage and Islam reigns triumphant.
Members of the Left might then repair to the ACLU or
the National Union of Lawyers to plead the injustices imposed on them –
although by then those particular fellow travelers will have been replaced by
the American Sharia Lawyers’ Council. And then they’ll learn that to question a
Sharia ruling, or Sharia itself, is to deny that Allah is the one true God and
that Mohammad is his prophet. Islam will have said to the Left “I divorce thee”
three times. Even apostasy, they’ll also learn to their dismay, is not a
necessary requirement for the severest punishment.
And they’ll learn that the penalty for thinking is…death.


Islam, CAIR and Politically Correct Speech


The Muslim Ministry of Funny Complaints


  1. madmax


    Excellent comment. There is something also that I thought of; the fact that many Western women are converting to Islam. And not just any Western women but feminists. I think this is interesting for many reasons. I think it could be a canary in a cold mine. The ultimate end of feminism is to destroy all forms of male authority associated with the European, white Western world. But what do feminists do when they find themselves in a world with no masculine strength, which is what our world is becoming? They convert to Islam to find the structure and masculine boundaries that women biologically need.

    I think that may be the ultimate end for all of left-liberalism. They are fighting a war to destroy that which they say they hate; ie White Western European Christian influenced culture. But they will submit to brown Muslim patriarchy. Which raises the question of what exactly is motivating Leftists psychologically? What is at the base of their troubled dark souls? I keep thinking of James Taggart walking down the long corridor and being terrified to open the door there.

  2. Michael Neibel

    Good post ED. Unfortunately today's Democratic Party is dominated by such leftists. But those leftists don't understand that should Islam become dominate here, it is their, the leftists, throats that will be cut first.

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