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A Pair of Stooges

Ruth King wrote in her blogspot  Ruthfully Yours about the resignation of Secretary of Defense James Mattis,  and President Trump’s announcement to withdraw American troops from Syria:
I was advised by a good friend with whom I almost always agree, that I should include more columns criticizing the withdrawal of our troops from Syria. I did below. However, they only hardened my support for troop withdrawal.
First: Jewish “leaders” are opposed? As I recall they were not uniformly opposed to Obama’s disastrous and scurrilous appeasement of the mullahs in the infamous Iran deal.
Second: Israel is “nervous” that the removal of 2000 American soldiers will embolden Iran, Turkey and Syrian jihadists. Now, I am hawkish on Israel- very hawkish on a hawkish Israel with defense forces that do not rely-never- on any foreign guarantees for the security of the nation. Am I to believe that the presence of 2000 United States troops is necessary for Israel’s defense?
Sorry I remain unconvinced. And as for General Mattis- he was opposed to moving the United States embassy to Jerusalem; opposed to quashing the Iran deal; was opposed to the 2017 bombing of Syria in retaliation for Syrian chemical weapons attacks; opposed to leaving the G20 global climate fraud.
 Mattis and McMaster wanted Trump and the U.S. to bow to the global consensus.
It seems that James Mattis has been one of the Three Stooges against Trump’s foreign policy:  the two other “Stooges” have been George Soros and H.R. McMaster.  
McMaster became history in March, and for good reason. For example, The National Interest in February commented:
McMaster called for reforms to strengthen the very institutions that the president had previously decried as being hostile to American interests. “We must actively cooperate to protect, reform, and strengthen these institutions so that they honor their original aims—and serve the interests of states that value the rule of law and human dignity,” McMaster said.
McMaster also decried “revisionist” powers bent on undermining the liberal international order. “Revisionist powers are challenging the stability of the postwar international order through military force and other pernicious forms of aggression,” McMaster said.
His presence in the Trump administration was almost as bad a hiring a SJW to work in the White House. He wasn’t any better than, say, John Kerry.
Soros, of course, is not in the White House (thank God) and nor is he one of Trump’s close advisors counseling the President by telephone to compromise with our enemies. We all know what Soros stands for and pursues, which is suffocating Western civilization under the wet blanket of primitive, hostile Third World “cultures,” chiefly that of Islam.  
Ruth asks, “Am I to believe that the presence of 2000 United States troops is necessary for Israel’s defense?” No, she isn’t expected to believe that. 2000 American soldiers?  The technologically advanced Israeli Defense Forces numbers in the thousands and has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to fight Iran, Hezbollah, and other enemies of Israel, with fatal consequences for the enemy. So I agree that the withdrawal of 2000 soldiers, even if they’re largely staffed by Special Forces, is going to make much of a difference in a theater of war as bizarre and roiling as the Mideast. Those soldiers are there chiefly as adjuncts to the Kurds.
The Kurds are also capable of kicking Turkish and ISIS butt, as they have also demonstrated in the past. Especially effective are the female contingents of the Kurdish forces; to be killed by a female soldier in combat automatically robs a Muslim of his supposed ticket to paradise, so Turks and ISIS terrorists avoid engaging them.
The hair-tearing and desk-pounding of the Left over Trump’s decision is almost amusing but eloquently indicative of its apparently incurable TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). “Oh, Gee, now the Iranians or the Turks will replace the Americans!” Since when did the Left care about what happens in Syria? Or in Iraq? Unless it was news of an American defeat or set-back?
What has the U.S. to gain by being in Syria, or in Afghanistan? Abundant supplies of figs, soap, or dish towels? Are we “nation building.” Creating a new partner in the war against terrorism? A new subsidized dependent, one that would require more billions of dollars and the lives of more Americans to protect from predators in the region?
Trump’s enemies claim that we’re handing Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan free rein to attack the Kurds once we’ve withdrawn our troops.
From my perspective, we’d be making a gift to Erdoğan of a stuffed pig gussied up with bright ribbons and a dash of lipstick.


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