I sent the following notice to the person who
supplied me with the horrific photographs of immigrants swamping a tramp
steamer to be taken to Italy. A reader’s comments about those photographs
persuaded me to remove that post.
I am concerned about the provenance
of the photos you were supplied and which you sent to me for “A Troopship of
the European Apocalypse.” See:

afghanmoon said…
What’s interesting is the pictures show two
different departures. In one set of shots, the ship is moored port-side-to, at
a pier with cranes, and in others, starboard-side-to, at a pier without. The
ship’s name across the stern is partially painted over in the shot where you
have mistaken the old-fashioned “cruiser” stern for the bow. in the
last shot, you are looking at the port (left) side of the ship, toward the bow.
So how many times has this ship made the trip, grossly overloaded? More than
11/10/15, 7:27 AMDelete

Bloggerafghanmoon said…
Hmmm… the ship’s name is Vlora, and at
least one of the photos dates to 1991. 20,000 Albanian refugees fled the
collapsing communist regime. I would be surprised if a that ship were still
11/10/15, 7:34 AM
I was beginning to have questions in my own mind about them. And, for
all I know, as dramatic as the pictures are, they may have been altered or PhotoShopped.
 So, I have removed the posts from Rule
of Reason  and edwardcline.com.  Unless your source can provide better and
more specific details about their origin, I won’t be reposting the column.
However, I have no doubt that Europe is facing an immigration