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An Antifa/Negan Analogy

Disguised as a “walker,”
Carol takes
 down Terminus with one shot

For the longest time, I couldn’t help but think, or imagine, that the
popular hit AMC/Netflix series, “The
Walking Dead
,” is but  an intentional
and  visual roman à
, or a  gory parody of contemporary
politics. It will debut its eighth
(and season) in October 2017.
I know many correspondents and friends who don’t care for the series,
but from Season 1 forward I found it fascinating to observe the trajectory of
character development of many of the main characters from lows to highs in
their individual conflicts. The trajectories are at times erratic and ominous,
as though the show’s writers could not decide which way to go.  
I don’t like horror movies. The Walking Dead has been billed as a “horror”
series. I think that’s a misnomer. It is a drawn-out, and often compelling and
inspiring story of man’s determination to live other than in apocalyptic
circumstances or under the thumb of tyrants and killers.

Carol’s trajectory: from weepy dishrag
to formidable fighter
This is an essay on the parallels between the villains of The Walking
Dead and Antifa. Antifa is as
and even sociopathetic and psychopathic as any of the villains of
the TV series. As is Islam. Antifa seeks through violence, intimidation, and
terror to obliterate anything
of value in our culture.
There are four main villains in the series, beginning, by my lights,
with Dr. Edwin Jenner, of the CDC, who initiates the destruction of the group after
he has failed to find a cause or cure for the unknown pathogen that has turned
most of the world’s population into flesh-eating zombies (or “walkers”). He traps
the survivors, allowing them no escape from their imminent “painless” extinction.
At the last minute, moved apparently by the pleading of some of the group, he
unlocks the doors in his research bunker; however, the CDC’s main doors cannot
be opened again. My chief heroine, Carol, found a grenade that could blast the
bullet-proof windows apart, and allows the group to escape before the structure
is reduced to a pile of flaming rubble. Jenner tried to convince the group to “give
up,” as he had. Civilization is gone, and so there would be no point in living.

At Terminus, Gareth adopts the Islamic “halal”
animal slaughter, by cutting his prisoners’
 throats  and bleeding them to death.
In the present, Rick and the
other survivors file in to the CDC lobby in Atlanta. Dr. Edwin Jenner meets them at the door
with an automatic. “Why are you here, and what do you want?” Jenner
asks them. “A chance,” Rick says simply.
“That’s asking
an awful lot these days,” Jenner replies, but he agrees to allow them in –
provided they all submit to a blood test. “Grab your things,” he
tells them. “Once this door closes, it stays closed.” Rick agrees,
and they follow Jenner to the building’s basement control center….
After Jenner has locked the doors, or rather after the CDC computer
has locked the first floor doors as a containment measure against the release
of other diseases that were being researched if the CDC runs out of fuel…
In the CDC lobby,
the group finds the doors locked and they pound helplessly on the windows.
Shane shoots a rifle at the glass, to no avail. “I think I have something
that might help,” Carol
says, fumbling in her purse while Shane retorts, “I don’t think a nail
file’s gonna do it.” Carol ignores him. “Your first morning at
camp,” she tells Rick. “When I washed your uniform? I found this in
your pocket.” She pulls the hand grenade that Rick found in the tank (in
from her bag.

The Governor:  
another congenial
The second principal villain is “The
” of Woodbury, a small town protected and “governed” by him. It is
after the group, in search of a “safe” place to live, takes over a state prison
overrun by “walkers.” The group annihilates the walkers, including the “turned”
guards in their riot gear. The group first encounters Woodbury and the Governor
after two members are kidnapped while searching for food and supplies and are about
to be executed by the Governor. The group attacks and bests the Governor’s “soldiers.”
In revenge, the Governor plots to attack the prison. He tries twice and fails,
except that his second army (not the one from Woodbury, as he murdered them in
a fit of anger for having run from the walkers the group set loose during the
first assault) uses a tank to blast the prison. The group is broken up and
flees the prison, now ruined and virtually uninhabitable. The Governor,
fighting Rick, the leader, is killed by another main character.  
The third principal villain is Gareth, who runs
Terminus” with his
mother, Mary. (Shades of “Psycho.”). Originally established as a “sanctuary’”
for survivors, its occupants become cannibals, luring the unsuspecting inside
and then imprisoning them in box cars and containers until they can be taken
out, killed, and cut up for food. Women and children, too.
In Season 5, Carol, who was banished from the prison because she
killed two people she thought were carrying a disease that would sicken and kill
the whole group, has followed Rick and his group to Terminus and rescues them.
It is one of the most enthralling episodes of the series.
The fourth and most prominent villain is Negan,
leader of the “Saviors,” amoral, degenerate, marauders who prey on other
survivors, killing them, and taking whatever they wanted. Wikipedia writes:

An Antifa man to the core: Negan
Negan, portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan,[36]
is a totalitarian and manipulative dictator, who made his first appearance in
the season six finale. He is the
psychopathic and merciless leader of a vast organization of hostile survivors —
The Saviors — that he rules in tyranny. His group coerces other survivors to
give the Saviors their possessions and supplies by the threat of force and
intimidation. When Rick’s group attempts to take Maggie to the Hilltop Colony
for medical assistance, the Saviors capture them all. Negan demands that
Alexandria will turn over half its supplies to him from now on, and reinforces
his mandate by beating to a bloody pulp the heads of, Abraham, and then Glenn
with his barbed wire-studded baseball bat.
He’s nothing like the geeky-looking James Anderson , a
professor at UC-Berkeley, who is the nominal head of Antifa. Others point to George Soros.
Others say it is James
, who writes for and maintains “It’s
going down
,” an Antifa website.  
“The resurgence of
the far right really began in the wake of Black Lives Matter, especially
Ferguson,” said James Anderson, the editor of “it’s”, a website
that promotes anti-fascist organizing, propaganda, and recruitment.
Or, it might be run by James Tracy.

Antifa and Muslim activists have
Much in common. Masks and death.
They adopt what they call the “Black Lock,” that is,
the masks to frustrate their identification by the police, dressed in black
from head to toe. I’ve said it time and again; even though Antifa purports to
fight “fascism” its brain-stunted thugs don’t even know what “fascism” is,
could not give you a coherent definition of it, and probably prefer not to
know. Nevertheless, Antifa is a fascist group practicing every vile, violent policy
of the original fascists (the German
and Spanish Nazis
and the Italian
Is there any difference between the fictional villains of The Walking
Dead and Antifa? No. And none between them and Islamic jihadists who are also
nihilists, because they also kill for the sake of killing, to destroy in the
name of the destruction of the good. Would it be accurate to call this a
parallel? Yes and no.
But readers must admit that the truth in reality today is becoming
very close to the fiction. I doubt that the writers, producers, and directors
of The Walking Dead would agree with this analogy.


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  1. Unknown

    Cool article- I always thought there was a similarity between those two –
    check out this article where someone discoers an atifa HQ camp in portland- the the antifa guys even look like negans guys.

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