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Black Panther: Cultural Marxist Soul Food

Class clashes in Black Panther:

tribal rituals trump reason

You wake up in the morning,
turn on your computer after fixing a coffee, and read the world and national news
from a variety of blog sites, some of them your regulars (Sultan Knish, Pam
Geller, Robert Spencer, Diana West, Gatestone, etc.). You’re overwhelmed by a
waterfall of information. You’re inundated by the volume of things you’d like
to compose a column about. But it’s hard to choose, because not a thing you read
doesn’t flash its importance like a neon sign. 
They’re all important, just more ticks in the advance of cultural
Marxism in the government, in society, and just in general. 

You read the MSM sites to
absorb the latest victory lap about the transgendering
of society, or how Muslim
were sentenced in Britain for repeated rapes of white British
girls and children, but
were given light or no sentences
. But you do not believe what they have to
say or report. You keep getting special invitations to subscribe to the New York Times and the Washington
, via links from other blog sites with full transcriptions of significant
articles of those articles, but you refuse to pay a dime to get regular news
from the Gray Lady with a Walker, and its disinformation clone, Jeff Bezos’s new toy, the
Washington Post, not after all the lies and evasions both newspapers have promoted
and circulated, going as far back as Walter
s Pulitzer Prize award-winning articles on the Soviet Union that
denied mass starvation and government murders in Stalin’s “paradise”.

Speaking of a Stalinesqe
paradise, we visit again Black
, the latest victory lap of Cultural Marxism, courtesy of Hollywood.
This is the fictional African country, Wakanda, that the MSM has touted as a
glorious booster of black pride and a new direction of super-hero films.
Black Panther is “soul food.”Wakanda is a hidden country whose Ayn Rand-borrowed device hides the country
from prying eyes, has eschewd all contact with the world beyond its closed
borders, and owes its existence to a
vibranium meteor that fell
into the regions ages ago, giving the tribe that found it magical powers.
Wakanda is a kind of Shakespearean monarchy of elites whose throne is up for
grabs, but with far less literacy or literary value.

Why is a hereditary monarchy an
expression of Cultural Marxism? You’re supposed to suspend belief in this
action comic book movie for the sake of honoring “black pride,” just as we were
supposed to suspend belief, when it was propagated by Walter Duranty, that
Soviet Russia was a socialist utopia of plentitude and contentment.

With no historical indication of how Wakanda actually came to be, we
are supposed to just prima facie,
with no further investigation, questioning, or wonder, believe that Wakanda is
superior in all respects to the West.
A Black Lives Matter symbol:
Coincidence or happenstance?

But “black pride” is an identity vehicle. It is a product of Marxism.

Marxism forecasts the overthrow of the capitalist system and establishing
the equalization of everyone so that no one group rules over another – the rich
over the poor, socialist factories over Mom and Pop shops, one ethnic group
over another, and so on. America has never had a “socialist” mentality (except
among the intellectuals of the Left and mainstream media pundits of the Left),
and Marxism has never been bought by most Americans as a viable or even as a
desirable social system. Americans would rather forge their own lives and
futures, and not the government or some coterie of the “elite.”

Marxism has
failed miserably anywhere it has tried. Marxism has impoverished or murdered
the very “class” of people it purports to help (lately in Venezuela).
It was advocated to fight the rich and the corrupt and tyrants, but all it has
ever done is oppress the downtrodden and brutally squelch any resistance to the
rule of the socialist elite.  

Post-modernist Marxists have given up on convincing
most people that they are a downtrodden “class” or that they are oppressed proletarians,
and substituted a bewildering variety of post-modern “identities”: women, transsexuals,
blacks, whites, Hispanics, the obese, children, and so on, all being bequeathed
by ideology the “right” of expression and “self-determination.”  Except  perhaps “whites.” In the Marxists’ hidden
lexicon are the terms communism and socialism
The Cultural Marxist character of Black
is that it creates a mythology for blacks to “believe in” or “relate”
to. The rivals for the Wakandan throne, T’Challa (the “moderate” nice guy) and “Erik”
Killmonger (the power-luster) engage in a physical battle to see who is “superior,”
watched over by a bald, all-female bodyguard, the Dora Milaje. The Dora Milaje
could easily evolve into something akin to Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (the Protection Squadron), to enforce the king’s
will on all Wakandans, except  that it’s
armed with spears.

can’t be a democracy as we know it, nor a republic. There is no inkling of what
kind of government it has other than the hereditary monarchy that apparently
has real and not just symbolic power, as many European monarchies have.
are so many characters in the Marvel film and in the comic book series that it’s
hard to keep track of them. One character, Zuni, who is the religious and “spiritual”
advisor to the other main characters and the keeper of the sacred
vibranium herb, appears and
has a subsidiary role in the film. Wikipedia wrote
of him:

RyanCoogler, the film’s
director, said that Zuni is the
s version of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The film
borrows and filches so many gimmicks and features from its cinematic predecessors
that one could make a career identifying them. 
Black Panther has been ginned up as a “black moment” to celebrate
“blackness” but certainly not “diversity.” Louis  Farrakhan would  agree. It’s all about blackness, so you white
people, stay out of the room. Which prompts another question:  would Wakanda treat neighboring South Africa as a “good
neighbor”? How would it view S.A.’s racist,
anti-white government? Adopt a “different folks, different strokes” policy?


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  1. Tom

    Speaking of Marxists, let's not forget the original, violent "Black Panther Party" of the 1960s.

  2. revereridesagain

    Marvel chucked any claim it had to integrity in storytelling, even at the "superhero flick" level, years ago. Now it is just a mouthpiece for the prevalent PC meme du jour, in this case Only Black Lives Matter. Even a decent individual character such as "Panther's" alter ego, T'Chala, is little more than a sacrifice to be offered up to the cultural Marxist tribe of ideological cannibals.

  3. Unknown

    m4ufree – I finally saw Hostiles this morning. It’s fantastic for a rated R movie! I’m not a violent movie person or a rated R person. But if it’s historically accurate I’ll go see it. The violence wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be which was a big relief for me. There’s a lot of language to watch out for as well. But it has incredible acting, beautiful scenery, and the score in one of the best! Being of Cherokee decent this movie hits close to home. They also did a fantastic job with the Native American language of the Cheyenne. A couple of my favorite Native American actors also star in Hostiles, Wes Studi and Adam Beach. That was the other reason why I wanted to see it. They were great! I Hostiles is one of my favorite historical movies. Can’t wait to own this movie!

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