No. 2553

Now that we’ve seen all the expensive, designer face masks
on the Internet, it’s time to get to serious business. Speaker of hr House
Nancy Pelosi wants all
to wear face masks, to better fight the Codiv-19 virus.  Rather, it’s to expand her power and turn the
U.S into a dimmified republic.

The U.S.
does not have a monopoly on racist loons. Canada has its share.
Yusra Khogali, a Toronto Black Lives Matter chapter co-founder, argues that “white skin is
says she prays to Allah for the “strength” not
to “kill” or
“white folks.”
social media posts, Khogali mulled over how the white race could be “wiped out” by black
people. All the while praying to Allah?
the meantime, BLM has published
a screed about how white “supremacy” has
oppressed blacks by imposing its ethics on them. The ethics include:
These ethics include;
– Rugged individualism
– Self-reliance
– The nuclear family, with a mother and a father and 2.3 children
– Objective, rational, linear thinking
– Hard work
– Delayed gratification
– Respect for authority
– Following time schedules
– Christianity as the norm
– Planning for the future
– English common law justice
– Property rights
– Being polite
These ethics make it possible for blacks and whites to achieve more than a subsistence existence, but these ethics are opposed by BLM, because they somehow are “white supremacy” means of “oppression.”.
I’m not quite sure what “delayed gratification”  is supposed to mean, unless it refers to
blacks incompletely looting stores (including many black-owned businesses)  with goods they want for free without the risk of
being charged with a criminal offense. such as theft. It’s an assault on individual independence, a virtue, which, if practiced consistently, benefits everyone.

Speaking of the non-efficacy of facemasks.