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BLM Mafia

One term the BLM has deserved is that it is in the extortion
Definition of extortion
1the act or practice of extorting especially
money or other propertyespecially
offense committed by an official engaging in such practice
2something extorted especially a
gross overcharge

Extortion legal definition of extortion

Under the Common Law, “…extortion is
a misdemeanor consisting of an unlawful taking of money by a government
officer. It is an oppressive misuse of the power with which the law clothes a public
officer. Most jurisdictions have statutes governing extortion that
broaden the common-law definition.”
A better
description is (for once) offered by Wkileaks:

Extortion – Wikipedia

“Extortion (also
called shakedown, and, in a legal sense incorrectly, exaction) is
benefit through coercion.
In most jurisdictions it is likely to constitute a criminal
offense; the bulk of this article deals with such cases. Robbery is the
simplest form of extortion.”
Why limit
the practice of extortion to government? but exclude BLM? After all,
  Extortion is the act of extorting —using
violence, threats, intimidation, or pressure from one’s authority to force
someone to hand over money (or something else of value) or do something they
don’t want to do. There are instances of BLM demanding “protection” money from
businesses and promising not to destroy or loot them them. The description here
certainly fits the actions of BLM (working with Antififa),  and BLM’s extortion racket is
Louisville to
to the
Fortune 500.
extortion is not merely of a threat to one’s property, but is a “moral” threat
of branding people of being “racists” if compliance is not forthcoming,  immediate and “sincere,” demonstrated by
kneeling, bowing, raising one’s hands, begging
for forgiveness, looking contrite, and perhaps chanting in unison “
Mea Culpa” in  expressions of alleged guilt for “oppressing”
blacks and other minorities, even though many of the whites in these examples
perhaps never had a “racist” thought in their lives.

corporate record of donating to and supporting BLM is i
ndicative of Wall Street’s surrender to BLM. Corporate
obeisance to BLM is more a matter of virtue-signaling combined with expediency
(if they donate enough money and express public support of it, their subsidiary
and affiliated properties may be spared looting and destruction – I stress may be, though the videos of BLM in action
largely depict small businesses being wrecked or destroyed, and certainly show
how empty such promises have been.)

So, what is
the concrete difference between the diners in
raising their hands in support of BLM, and bowing to the thugs
haranguing them, and corporate submission to it?

No difference. They’ve all been made offers they dare not refuse.


Hands up!


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  1. Edward Cline

    Hilda remarked: "The extortion is very much in line with Moochelle Obama's extortion during her DNC speech: Vote for Biden and we'll stop the riots. How do Americans respond? They will vote for Trump in droves after buying a gun for the first time in their lives."

  2. Edward Cline

    Herb said: "Once again, you've chosen a concept that is relevant and in need of attention — extortion. It's going on all around us. Political correctness is an insidious form of extortion, for example."

  3. Arthur

    It is a shame the more people don't see these actions for what they are, extortion and criminal in nature. These morally bankrupt people who want to brow-beat us into submission, either physical or via mental abuse. I will have none of it and never support a movement that has fundamentally flawed irrational behavior at its root.

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