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Britain’s Islamic Demise Part Two

Here is the second part of Soeren Kern’s “Multiculturalism and the Transformation of Britain in 2018” for The Gatestone Institute from January 1st.
March 24. Seven men — Assad Hussain, 37, of Oxford; Kameer Iqbal, 39, of Oxford; Khalid Hussain, 38, of Oxford; Kamran Khan, 36, of Bolton; Moinul Islam, 41, of Oxford; Raheem Ahmed, 40 of Oxford; and Alladitta Yousaf, 48, of Oxford — were found guilty by Oxford Crown Court of grooming and sexually abusing teenage girls, aged between 13 and 15, “on a massive scale.” The gang was convicted of more than 20 offenses including rape and indecent assault.
March 27. Umar Ahmed Haque, a 25-year-old religion teacher from London, was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 25 years for preparing terrorist acts. He had planned to use guns and a car bomb to hit 30 targets including Big Ben in London. Haque also showed Islamic State beheading videos to 16 children at the Ripple Road Mosque in Barking, London. Mr. Justice Haddon-Cave said Haque groomed children to join a “mini militia,” unbeknownst to their parents who had paid for after-school classes at the mosque.
March 28. The supermarket chain Sainsbury’s apologized after a customer service officer, responding to a question about whether it sold non-halal Easter eggs, replied that all of its eggs were halal. That statement quickly generated anger on social media, with one Twitter user posting a picture of Easter eggs accompanied with the text: “Remember, boycott halal eggs. Don’t give in. Use Thornton’s.” Sainsbury’s later wrote: “Apologies my colleague gave out the incorrect information. None of our own brand chocolate eggs are halal certified. Really sorry for any confusion caused.”
March 30. Two surviving members of the ISIS cell known as “The Beatles” accused the British government of violating international law by stripping them of British citizenship. In an interview from the prison where they were being held by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), they denied being members of the group headed by the executioner “Jihadi John.” El Shafee Elsheikh and Alexanda Kotey told the Associated Press they were the victims of “propaganda” and would not receive a fair trial. Both Elsheikh and Kotey were declared “specially designated global terrorists” in 2017 for their roles in the Beatles, with British officials holding the cell responsible for beheading at least 27 hostages and torturing many more.
APRIL 2018
April 1. The National Union of Teachers (NUT) delegates condemned efforts by Ofsted, the chief regulator of British schools, to ban the hijab, a Muslim head covering, in primary schools. Ofsted said the measure was aimed at promoting the integration of Muslim pupils. Teachers blasted the policy, announced by Ofsted director Amanda Spielman, as “racism dressed up as liberalism.”
Kauser Jan, a Muslim activist and teacher in Leeds, described the hijab policy as “Islamophobic” and said she would not comply: “We have taken regressive steps where our children are now being made to feel that must leave their cultural and linguistic and religious identity at the door. I know Muslim girls and men that have shaved off beards, taken off their hijabs so they can anglicize themselves, so they can fit in and not feel they are part of the problem.”
Mehreen Begg, a British Muslim from Croydon, described Ofsted’s stance on the wearing of hijabs in primary schools as “unwarranted” and “draconian.” She added: “It is wholly inappropriate for Ofsted inspectors to question primary-age Muslim girls on their choice of dress. This is an act of intimidation by a powerful adult on a young child and has no place in our education inspection system. Whilst wearing a hijab may not always be a choice, both here and internationally, it is not for Ofsted to intervene in this debate, which is a debate within the Islamic community.”
Latifa Abouchakra, for Ealing, said: “I say shame on Ofsted for victimizing young girls for choosing to wear religious items of clothing. There is no such measure made for other religions or other articles of religious wear. This stance has other ramifications. It signals to the British public…that women are oppressed by Islam. “We are an easy target. This decision by Ofsted has ramifications beyond the school gate and must be seen in the context of increased attacks on the Muslim community, and perpetuates the outdated notion that Muslim women are victims.”
A spokesperson for Ofsted responded: “There is nothing political about ensuring that schools and parents aren’t being subject to undue pressure by national or community campaign groups. Head teachers need to be able to take uniform decisions on the basis of safeguarding or community cohesion concerns, and Ofsted will always support them in doing that.”
In Britain, “community cohesion” is a more important goal to reach than requiring Muslims to somehow integrate into British society.
April 8. The Scottish government issued a guidance, warning teachers against using the phrase “British values” when discussing terrorism with pupils because it might be offensive. “The concept can cause offense and could play into the hands of groups who seek to assert that there is an inherent conflict between being British and being Muslim.” The British government’s anti-terror Prevent strategy defines extremism as “the vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values” such as democracy, the rule of law and tolerance. The Scottish government advised teachers to use the words “shared values” instead. The guidance also urged teachers not to use the terms “war on terror,” “Islamist extremist/terrorist,” “jihad/jihadist” or “radical” in current affairs lessons. The guidance cautions: “There is always a danger in using ‘Islamist’ as non-expert audiences are likely to hear ‘Islamic.’ All audiences will make a connection to the Muslim faith. This phrase is best avoided.”
April 8. Nearly two-thirds of “child” refugees who were questioned about their real age after coming to Britain were found to be adults, according to a report by David Bolt, the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, into the Home Office’s treatment of lone child migrants. The statistics showed that Britain’s generosity towards genuine child victims of war, terror and humanitarian disasters is open to wide abuse.
April 9. Almost two cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) a day on average are being identified by doctors in the Birmingham area alone, according to an analysis of data compiled by the NHS. In 2017, there were 620 cases just in Birmingham and environs where a woman was newly recorded in the FGM dataset.
In Britain, “British values” have become taboo as a subject of education. To teach “British Values” would be seen as “offending” Muslims and Islam. This is a policy to cement the unoffended Muslims voting bloc as a reliable voting bloc.  
April 10. Shamsu Iqbal, a 61-year-old former Home Office employee, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration. Iqbal was the “lynchpin” of a £6 million ($8 million) scam that falsified the records of at least 437 illegal migrants so they could remain in Britain. The potential loss to taxpayers was assessed by Home Office statisticians as £56 million ($76 million), based on the amount the 437 illegal immigrants could falsely have claimed in benefits during the six years of the fraud.
April 11. Delegates to the annual conference of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) agreed to a resolution calling on the government to prevent parents from withdrawing their children from classes about Islam. Richard Griffiths, from ATL’s Inner London branch, told conference attendees that “parents with certain prejudices including Islamophobia” are pulling their children from Religious Education classes because they do not want them to learn about Islam. This, he said, is “significantly hindering” the ability of schools to “prepare a child for life in modern Britain.”
April 12. Ibrahim Hussain, a 35-year-old man from Bradford, was sentenced to 23 years in prison for grooming, abducting and repeatedly raping a 12-year-old girl. Hussain later took the girl to a house in Leeds, where she was gang-raped by five unknown men. Judge David Hatton QC said the girl was raped by “essentially a pack of ravenous wolves.” Hussain was already on bail for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl he had met through Facebook.
April 13. ITV News reported that Alexanda Amon Kotey, a British jihadi who previously belonged to the infamous four-member Islamic State cell known as “The Beatles,” helped to organize a plot to execute soldiers and police officers in London. Kotey and other jihadis are suspected of guiding and funding the would-be attackers in Britain. They apparently helped to organize the plot “by remote control” from Syria. Kotey, the London-born son of a Ghanaian father and Greek-Cypriot mother, reportedly converted to Islam in his early 20s after falling in love with a Muslim woman. He was arrested by Syrian Kurdish fighters in January 2018 while attempting to smuggle himself back to Europe.
There’s no age discrimination in women as rape victims for Muslims – their “right hands” trump everything – especially not if they’re white non-Muslims. And an immigrant’s age is no barrier to being treated as a “child.” Here is an excellent video on how women can combat rape.
The absurdity is endemic throughout Britain and Continental Europe when authorities and judges are hesitant or refuse to identify a truth, lest they be accused of politically incorrect thoughtcrime. Jihad Watch has more information on the stabbing and beheadings of the backbackers.
Reality has become “out of bounds.” This policy can’t help but affect or corrupt men’s sanity. Two plus two equals anything but four. But what does add up to four? Three plus one? It is what Islam and its apologists want to achieve: to leave men in epistemological chaos, to leave them ignorant of the truth by censorship and the political version of Three Card Monte, so that the only alternative is to submit to Islam – and submission meaning Islam –  or to the Democratic plan to remove Donald Trump from office, by hook or by crook.


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