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Britonistan, or Deconstructing Britain

We Shall Never, Ever be Slaves….?

The indefatigable
Soren Kern, of the Gatestone
, itemizes the multculturalization of Britain, in March, or rather
the continuing Islamization of Britain in just one month. For if
multculturalization means anything in Britain (and elsewhere), it all seems to
be a marked deck, or a rigged game, in favor of Islam. “Heads we win, tails we
win.”  However, I don’t see Muslims donning
bells and learning the simple steps of the Morris dance, or any
other British reel.
Where does the “multi” enter the picture?
It doesn’t.
Multiculturalism in Islam’s
vocabulary means submission to Islam. It doesn’t mean “equality” or par with
Western values or cultural traditions. It doesn’t mean that the hijab is equal to the miniskirt. In
means a total substitution of Islam for whatever is Western. It means the
negation of the West. It means not just the elevation of a barbaric “culture” to
a level with the West’s. It means its burial. Paraphrasing one of Ayn Rand’s
villains, it means “elevating the mediocre so that the shrines
are razed
.” That is all it has ever meant.
The month of London
and Britain in March that Kern details does not include the likes of Indiscreet. That culture
is gone.
Afraid of asserting
the superiority of its values lest it be charge with hubris, the West has
always shilly-shallied when it came to defending its values against the
cultural and moral relativists, and against Islam. It did not want to be
accused of cultural “imperialism.” Rand had another gem that applies across the
board in all conflicts, most especially today, in the conflict between the West
and Islam:
In any compromise
between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise
between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.”
That is, the most
consistent party will come out on top.
Andrew Michta, in his
essay on American Interest, “The
Deconstruction of the West
,” offers a number of salient observations on why
the West has become so timorous when confronting Islam, among them:
The problem, rather, is the West’s
growing inability to agree on how it should be defined as a civilization. At
the core of the deepening dysfunction in the West is the self-induced
deconstruction of Western culture and, with it, the glue that for two centuries
kept Europe and the United States at the center of the international system….
Today, in the wake of decades of
group identity politics and the attendant deconstruction of our heritage
through academia, the media, and popular culture, this conviction in the uniqueness of the West is
only a pale shadow of what it was a mere half century ago. It has been replaced
by elite narratives substituting shame for pride and indifference to one’s own
heritage for patriotism. [Italics
Soren Kern, in an
earlier Gatestone article from May 2016, “Meet the First Muslim Mayor
of London
,” discusses the number of “troubling” actions and statements from
Sadiq Khan’s past that
belie his image as a mild-mannered Muslim and a harmless Pooh bear:
Conservative Party candidate Zac
Goldsmith accused Khan of giving “platform, oxygen and cover” to
Islamic extremists. He also accused Khan of “hiding behind Britain’s
Muslims” by branding as “Islamophobes” those who shed light on
his past…..
Khan also spent years campaigning to
prevent Babar Ahmad from being extradited to the United States on charges of
providing material support to terrorism. Ahmad, who admitted his guilt, later said that his
support for the Taliban was “naïve.”
In 2002, Khan represented the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis
Farrakhan. Khan tried to reverse a decision by the Home Office, which had
banned Farrakhan from entering the UK due to fears that his anti-Semitic views
would stir up racial hatred. Farrakhan has called Jews “bloodsuckers” and referred to Judaism as “a gutter religion.”
At the time, Khan said: “Mr. Farrakhan is not anti-Semitic and does not
preach a message of racial hatred and antagonism.” Khan added:
“Farrakhan is preaching a
message of self-discipline, self-reliance, atonement and responsibility. He’s
trying to address the issues and problems we have in the UK, black on black
crime and problems in the black community. It’s outrageous and astonishing that
the British Government is trying to exclude this man.”
Khan now says: “Even the worst people deserve a legal defense.,,,”
In 2004, Khan was the chief legal
advisor to the Muslim Council of Britain, a group linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. Khan defended Yusuf
al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian-born Islamist who has been banned from entering the
UK. Al-Qaradawi has expressed support for Hamas suicide bombings against
Israel: “It’s not suicide, it is martyrdom in the name of Allah.”
According to Khan, however, “Quotes attributed to this man may or may not
be true.”
Also in 2004, Khan shared a platform with a half-dozen Islamic extremists in
London at a political meeting where women were told to use a separate entrance.
One of the speakers was Azzam Tamimi, who has said he wants Israel destroyed
and replaced with an Islamic state. Another speaker was Daud Abdullah, who has
led boycotts of Holocaust Memorial Day. Yet another speaker was Ibrahim Hewitt,
a Muslim hardliner who believes that adulterers should be “stoned to death….”
in 2009, when Khan was the Minister
for Community Cohesion in charge of government efforts to eradicate extremism,
he gave an interview to the Iran-backed Press TV. He described moderate Muslims as “Uncle Toms,” a
racial slur used against blacks to imply that they are too eager to please
Meanwhile, today, Kern
reveals that:
March 3. The Amateur Swimming
Association changed its swimsuit regulations to allow Muslim women to
wear full body outfits, after a request from the Muslim Women’s Sport
Foundation. The rule was changed to encourage more Muslim women to take part in
the sport. Rimla Akhtar, from the Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation, said:
“Participation in sport amongst
Muslim women is increasing at a rapid pace. It is imperative that governing
bodies adapt and tailor their offerings to suit the changing landscape of
sport, including those who access their sport.”
March 2. English actor Riz Ahmed warned that the lack of Muslim faces on British television
was alienating young people, driving them towards extremism and into the arms
of the Islamic State. Delivering Channel 4’s annual diversity lecture in
Parliament, Ahmed said that television had a pivotal role to play in ensuring
that Muslims felt heard, and valued, in British society
March 7. The
National Health Service (NHS) revealed
that there were 2,332 new cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Britain
between October and December 2016. That brought the total of new cases in 2016
to nearly 5,500.
Speaking of FGM, Daniel Greenfield of Sultan
Knish reports on Islam’s advances in this “multicultural” realm in the U.S. in
his column, “The
Screams of Little Girls in Little Palestine
” from April 26th:
We think of
horrors like female genital mutilation as a terrible thing that happens over
“there.” But as the implacable tide of Muslim immigration swept across Europe,
“there” became the United Kingdom.

England recorded 5,700 cases of FGM in less than a year. France has jailed 100
people for FGM. An estimated 50,000 women in Germany have undergone FGM with a
30 percent boost due to the rise of Islamic migration in the last several
years. In Sweden, it’s 38,000. And now, as American towns and cities are
reshaped by Muslim migration, “there” is now right here. The terrible practice
is in America.

Sweden was the first Western country to outlaw FGM. But despite the prevalence
of FGM in Sweden, there have only been a handful of convictions. The United
States banned FGM in 1997. A Federal report in 2012 warned that 513,000 women
and girls in the United States were at risk for FGM.

Time marches on to Mecca

Back to
March 7. The
managers of the cash-strapped Sandwell General Hospital near Birmingham are considering the construction of a special kitchen for
preparing halal meals for
Muslim patients and staff. The move follows complaints about the quality of
halal meals that the hospital has outsourced to local vendors. A spokesman
said: “We are still reviewing options around creating a separate halal
kitchen and the best ways to provide a range of healthy halal options to
patients and staff who want them.”
Prime Minister Theresa May said that the government should not tell women what to
“We have a strong tradition in
this country of freedom of expression, and it is the right of all women to
choose how they dress and we don’t intend to legislate on this issue. There
will be times when it is right for a veil to be asked to be removed, such as
border security or perhaps in courts, and individual institutions can make
their own policies, but it is not for government to tell women what they can
and can’t wear.”
March 17. The former owners of a
bookstore in Bradford apologized after copies of the Koran and other Islamic
literature were found in a garbage dumpster outside the store. Police were
called to the store after a group of Muslim males began shouting at and abusing
staff. The imbroglio began after the bookstore’s 80-year-old owner decided to
close down his business, and the new owners gave him a month to move out the
stock, which included a number of Korans and other Islamic books.
March 21. Minister for Higher
Education, Jo Johnson, ordered British universities to include a clear commitment
to freedom of speech in their governance documents to counter the culture of
censorship and so-called safe spaces. In a letter, Johnson wrote that it was
the “legal duty” of universities to ensure as far as practicable that
freedom of speech is secured for “members, students, employees and
visiting speakers.” This meant that all university premises should not be
“denied to any individual or body on any grounds connected with their
beliefs or views, policy or objective.”

Either/Or: Shadada
or Freedom

March 22. Khalid Masood, 52, drove a
car at pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge and, armed with two knives,
stormed the parliamentary estate. He killed five people and injured more than
50 before he was shot dead by police. Masood, a convert to Islam, was born in
Kent as Adrian Elms. During his school years, he used his stepfather’s surname,
Adrian Russell Ajao. A former English tutor, he was unemployed at the time of
the attack and had been living on social welfare benefits. Masood, who had a
history of criminality — he had previous convictions for assaults, including
grievous bodily harm, possession of offensive weapons and public order offences
— was reportedly radicalized in prison.
March 23. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Westminster attack.
“The perpetrator of the attacks yesterday in front of the British
parliament in London is an Islamic State soldier and he carried out the
operation in response to calls to target citizens of the coalition,” the
group’s Amaq news agency said in a statement.
March 23. Prime Minister Theresa May said that it would be “wrong” to describe the
jihadist attack on Westminster Bridge and Parliament as “Islamic
terrorism.” Instead, she said, it should be referred to as “Islamist
terrorism” and “a perversion of a great faith.”
Où allez-vous, le Canada?
What’s my semantic
line? Can you detect and explain the difference between “Islamic terrorism” and
“Islamist terrorism”? Is it similar to the difference between a  Chocolate
” and a “Eclair
au chocolat
”? Can an “Islamist” terrorist not be a Muslim? And if he isn’t a Muslim, what is he? A “mentally
disturbed” person who perchance wears an aluminum hat? The latter example is
the lengths to which Western authorities will go to avoid blaming Islam and
offending Muslims.
Soren Kern has
chronicled the march of Islam in the whole month of March in Britonistan.
Someday he will need to do the same task for Ameristan. Perhaps he’s already
chronicling the creation of Canadastan.


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  1. Theophilus

    Can you detect and explain the difference between “Islamic terrorism” and “Islamist terrorism”?
    Also, IS twist the peaceful religion (a favourite quote of politicians), but it is never explained how. Eg, how is kill the unbelievers wherever you find them twisted…?

    Slightly off topic, but related to words:
    I have asked myself this. But surely, it is like: what is the difference between the BBC's "So-called Islamic State" and "Islamic state?". Are there two bodies with similar names running around the Middle East?
    When there are bombings in Middle East, if they are mentioned, they are just mentioned, not who did them, i.e the bombing of a sufi shrine because they are not deemed to be true muslims.

  2. Unknown

    Although there is a great effort being made by some to whitewash Islam and claim it has nothing to do with what is clearly Islamic terrorism, that is no excuse for going overboard in the opposite, speaking as if all Muslims are alike. The sheer number of 1.6 Muslims and the tendency of religions to splinter and moderate over time should have warned you away from lumping together those for whom Islam is a moderate, harmless set of beliefs and those for whom it is an all-encompassing murderous and dictatorial ideology. From a recent issue of The Economist: "Indonesia [world's largest Muslim population] is a case in point: many local Muslims follow practices that would cause riots in Arabia, making offerings to saints and spirits, say, or worshipping at shrines shared with Hindus and Buddhists. Indonesia’s biggest Islamic organisation is Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), which embraces folksy forms of Islam and explicitly campaigns against extremism. Its wisecracking former leader, Abdurrahman Wahid, was the first president to be elected—albeit by parliament, not by popular vote—after the overthrow of Suharto, Indonesia’s dictator of 32 years. The next president was Megawati Sukarnoputri, a woman. No avowedly religious party has ever received more than 8% of the vote in parliamentary elections.."

    This article is honest enough to acknowledge that the extremists are making some inroads into famously moderate Indonesia; you should at least should be able to acknowledge Indonesia's existence. As a fellow Objectivist, it pains me to have to say any of this.

  3. Rob McVey

    @Ronald Cooper: Since we cannot read minds to discover the degree of integrity for various Muslims, I rely on the explicit ideology of Islam, as found in their Koran and Hadith. The latter tells me to beware of their jihad against the West.

    Allowing that some Muslims are less vicious than Islam says, is to evade their explicit principle of taqiyya, and to count on their lack of integrity, making them infidels. That's a foolhardy risk.

    — Rob McVey, T4B

  4. Unknown

    @Rob McVey: Mind reading is not required in order to recognize the peaceful behavior and speech of the BILLION or so moderate Muslims in the world. Judging Muslims by ancient holy books makes no more sense than judging modern Christians by their flat-earth, slave-trading, and witch-burning history or by their Bible with its stories of slavery, terrorism, genocidal tribal warfare, human sacrifices, and gross sexual discrimination and sexual slavery. Adherents of both religions obviously cherry-pick their holy books. Taqiyya has no more to do with most Muslims than any other jihadist idea. Saying al Quaeda represents all of Islam ranks up there with saying the KKK represents Christianity.

  5. Unknown

    Ronald, you are lying.

    Islam is totalitarian.

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