CAIR. And Scott Gimple, its “showrunner,”
has partnered with it.

Scott Gimple: Islamic dhimmi?

American TV and Movie
producers allow an inimical “civil rights” organization to “guide” them to the “right”
way to portray Islam and Muslim characters, especially in a popular series with
an enormous fan base. CAIR would’ve been clueless and negligent if it didn’t
realize that TWD was a hit, and contrive a way to exploit it to spread the
acceptance of Islam. The Walking
may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the long-running series has a
vast audience, most of whom know diddly about Islam, so it would be safe for CAIR
to persuade the series’ producers and writers to insinuate Dawah disguised as
mundane, ordinary dialogue. Dawah is the proselytizing of Islam as a “benign”
religion that means non-Muslims no harm. Dawah is practiced on
street corners, in jails, on the Internet, and in “entertainment.” It’s a “religion
of peace,” you see, has never harmed a fly. Just uncounted thousands who did not submit to Islam.
Islam has meant harm to non-Muslims
since the seventh century. It’s a matter of record.
I am not a horror movie fan. But
TWD caught my attention in its first season when it presented some outstanding
characters and followed their development, creating some memorable heroes and
heroines. My best girl is Carol
, played by Melissa McBride, who grew over the numerous episodes from
being a dishrag abused by her husband (who perishes fairly early in the season,
a victim of “walkers” or zombies) to being a formidable and resourceful fighter
and “second lieutenant” to Rick
, the nominal leader of a group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse.
Carol’s back story is too long and complicated to include here, but I fell for
her and put one of her images on my desktop.
Formidable and Resourceful
 I have watched the entire series, but canceled
my subscription to the show via AMC when, out
of the blue, it introduced Islam in a big way, by way of a starving Muslim one
of the minor characters finds in a ruined gas station. The Muslim repeats
several terms that are exclusively Islamic, including a quotation from the Koran:
mercy prevail over my wrath.”
Carl, Rick Grimes’s son, was going to spare
the Muslim
(neither he nor his father knows squat about Islam).  But in the course of the Season 8 premiere
Rick Grimes, as in the past, repeats his promise that he will kill
the super villain, Negan
, leader of a gang of looters and killers, is shown
in an amorphous time jump, repeating the “mercy” quotation. This undercuts his
character, indicating a credible possibility that he will not keep
his promise
to kill Negan.
In fact, it undercuts the whole series.
A friend asked me whether or
not Islam and Muslims will be portrayed as “bad” in the series. I answered:
“No, it won’t be allowed. You haven’t watched
the series, I have. There were no Muslim walkers or zombies, in any episode,
just herds of mostly white ones, with a sprinkling of blacks and Asians. No Muslimas
in hijabs, abayas, or burkas or Muslim men wearing kufis or caps, attacking the
living, as they do in real life. The villains were all white, including the
cannibals who ran the Terminus. TWD will never portray evil Muslims. It made
its commitment to Islam through having a character recite from the Koran at the
opening of Season 8: “May my mercy prevail over my wrath.” This is
Dawah, or proselytizing Islam under the radar of dialogue.”
It is doubtful that the
producers and writers of TWD will ever admit that they were influenced by CAIR
to adulterate the series with Islamic “wisdom.” The “benign” introduction of Islam
in the series poisoned its appeal to me. It is not a matter of coincidence. The
timing is too perfect. CAIR goes to bat (Negan style) for all sorts of Muslim complaints
and causes from getting any mention of Islam scrubbed from FBI
training documents
to getting the study
of Islam in public schools
to loudly criticizing how Muslims are portrayed
in Movies and TV
and applying a quantum of arm-twisting.
If the producers and writers
of TWD were not influenced or cajoled into shilling for Islam, CAIR must be pleased
as punch. It didn’t need to lift a finger. American producers and writers have
been so submissive and Sharia minded.  
Scott Gimple was interviewed
by Entertainment
and asked about the Koran quotation:
You end up having
Rick do a callback to that guy from earlier and quoting from Islam with “My
mercy prevails over my wrath.” What does having Rick say that at the end

Oh God, no! I can’t say that because
that’s the story. Therein lies the tale.
But the question
obviously the viewer is going to ask after seeing that is: Does that signify
that Rick is ultimately going to offer mercy to Negan as opposed to wrath? I
mean, you are asking the audience to ask that question, right?

Well, I certainly went into it
thinking that the audience might ask that question. I will say that especially
at the start of a season, you do want the audience asking questions. You do
want them thinking about what comes next. I really think there shouldn’t be an
answer until that part of the story that answers it, but I admire your pluck.

Well, it’s
interesting that you’re putting the tease in there. You’re allowing us, by
putting that in there, to ask that question and to map out the possibilities.

I want you to. We want you to. All of
us want you to, because in examining that question, not only might you find
answers to the story, sure, but you might be thinking about questions about
your own life, or the world, or anything. We’re trying to engage you that way.
I know that my favorite stuff engaged me that way. I know I’m still thinking
about the ending to Time Bandits and trying to figure it out.

What it signifies is that it’s
likely that Rick will betray many of his friends, who lost husbands and lovers
to Negan’s baseball bat, and to just plain, naked whimsical cruelty sans the bat, who were counting on Rick
ending Negan once and for all. Countless fans are depending on that, too. I think
they will all be sorely disappointed. The fix is in.