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Canadians to “Celebrate” Islamic Heritage Month

Announcing  Islamic
Heritage Day
in Canada! It won’t be anything like Germany’s Oktoberfest (or
what it used to be), but something completely different.

Ontario Provincial NDP Leader
Andrea Horwath says Islamic Heritage Month is an opportunity for Canada to
celebrate and learn about the history of Islamic culture.
October will now officially be
recognized as Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario after the legislature
unanimously passed an act Thursday.
It began as an NDP private
members’ bill, and party leader Andrea Horwath says it’s an opportunity to
celebrate and learn about the history of Islamic culture.
Horwath says she also hopes it’s
also a step toward eliminating Islamophobia, noting that in her city of
Hamilton, a fire was set at a mosque recently.
Canadian Islamic
History Month has been officially recognized federally since 2007.
Of course, most
Canadians will be scratching their heads trying to recollect the Islamic
“heritage” they should be proud of and celebrating. Like the Islamic “heritage”
ballyhooed in the United States, it amounts to nil, except for burgeoning
welfare rolls and payments and other “entitlements,” so non-Muslim Canadians
cannot be faulted for not knowing what that “heritage” might be. They will be
hard put to name the Canadian Muslim who invented a new railroad car coupler,
or a new heart surgery technique, or ever won “Canada’s Got Talent!” (It happens
to have been Mohammad Khan, in 2006, who sang “That Wudu Voodoo!” But it
didn’t catch on.)

Let’s take a look
at that “heritage.”  It’s pretty impressive.
No wonder Canadians are dancing in the streets, joined by Muslim males wearing
ski masks, and females in burqas and other Muslim Halloween attire doing that finger
. About that gesture, many non-Muslims say it means “Up yours,” but
Muslim authorities contend it means “Walla is Number One!”

Canadians will
sing that hit Muslim song “
Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala,” adapting the lyrics of
Your Little Who-Zis
?” They’ll all be dancing crazily, displaying that
distinctive Muslim gang
finger gesture
, in the air, just like the jitter-buggers of old!
But the last
people standing after the celebrations will always be Muslims. All the non-believing
infidels will be dead on the pavement, many of them beheaded or their throats
cut. All will be dead but for many of the infidel women and girls, hustled away
by groping Muslim males. Their dresses will be lifted and tied over their heads,
or they’ll be blindfolded if they’re in pants or shorts. They’ll be pushed into
waiting cars, vans, and trucks, taunted by Muslims for being called “sluts,”
“whores,” and “uncovered meat,”
and driven away, destination unknown, but
fate certain.

The pockets and
purses of all infidels, dead or alive, will be emptied, as money, cell phones,
house keys, and other personal property so appropriated will be regarded as
lawful jizya.  
Mounties and
local law enforcement will police the dance-athon but will be forbidden from
interfering with the murders and kidnappings because it would be interpreted by
local Muslim communities as violating their religious freedom. After all,
murdering infidels  (especially if
they’re Jews), raping infidel women and children, cutting off infidels’ heads, and
treating infidels as inferior, are all acts dictated and sanctioned, and
encouraged in the Koran,
the Hadiths,
and the Sira.
The authorities’ presence will be chiefly to protect Muslims from defamation,
insults, and other outrageous Islamophobic behavior.
Giving a Muslim a
“dirty look” in public, or holding one’s nose (when the Muslim is a Somali,
Somali Muslims are notoriously odiferous), or commenting outloud or in
whispers, on the overweight condition of most Muslim women, or likening Muslims
to the Borg of Star Trek, are considered
instances of “hate speech” and are among the many punishable offenses, earning one
either a stiff fine and/or a “night in the box.”
Protest not, complain not, resist not! The best way to survive Islamic Heritage
Day in Canada is to keep one’s mouth shut, one’s face blank, and to act
submissive and humble. Our illustrious and forward-looking lead, Justin Trudeau, will be
very pleased.
Murder record over 14 centuries: millions
enslaved by Muslims
: over 14 centuries, millions from Europe
and Africa
Number of terrorist attacks: 29,411
rape record
: in the thousands, much of it inferred because the Scandinavian
and German governments suppress the true figure
Then there is the 1991 Explanatory Muslim
Brotherhood Memorandum
of which NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is ignorant of or
dismisses as Islamophobic “pooh-pooh,” even though to sharp observers it is
obvious what is happening. Stealth jihad. Part of the memorandum is very
specific and reads:
“The process
of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The
Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a
kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from
within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the
believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over
all other religions.”

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath would vehemently deny she has
miserable hands. She would also discredit this from the horse’s

Mushrik (anyone who worships any other God other than Allah, which includes the
Shias, Yazidis, the Kurds) can neither be granted amnesty nor be ransomed off.
Quoting a passage from Surah Al-Anfal (The Spoils of War), it says:
“Punish them severely in order to disperse those who are behind them, so
that they may learn a lesson.”
NDP leader Andrea Horwath has learned her lesson. She’s
playing safe. She wants to play the “heritage” card.
O Canada!
What’s to become of you? Eh? Or,
Canada! Qu’est-ce tu devenir
Three cheers for Islamophobia! I will not be eliminated, not even if I travel to Canada!


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