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received a request from a fan for a chronology of my works, especially of the
novels. I have already replied to that request, but, for the enlightenment of
other readers here, and for their convenience, I include my answer below.
is a copy and paste of my Wikipedia page (
The only titles with double publication dates are the Sparrowhawks (The
only exceptions are First Prize and Whisper the Guns), which
include the original MacAdam/Cage dates, followed by the Patrick Henry Press
pub dates. I had to republish the Sparrowhawks after MacAdam/Cage ceased
paying me earned royalties and stopped printing those titles, and then the publisher
declared bankruptcy. Including them in the publication list or on my Wikipedia page
was necessary because those were actual events. (The only exceptions are First
and Whisper the Guns.) These editions precede the Patrick
Henry Press editions in the listing here. The only Sparrowhawk titles I
wish people to purchase are the Patrick Henry Press republications; I no longer
am paid royalties from purchases of the MacAdam/Cage editions. Also, Amazon and
the Library of Congress would require the inclusion of the MacAdam/Cage
publication dates, as well, in any biographical account that included my
publishing credits.
Crime Books publishes the Chess Hanrahan detective series. My Patrick Henry
Press publishes (through Create Space and Kindle) the Cyrus Skeen and Merritt
Fury series (as well as my nonfiction). You will notice that the Kindle and
Audible Amazon numbers assigned to all these titles are missing; including them
would have made the Wikipedia page unwieldy and repetitive. It is assumed that
anyone searching for one of the Patrick Henry Press printed editions of the Sparrowhawks
or the Skeen detective novels would also encounter on Amazon the Kindle and
Audio Book options. E-book editions of the titles are carried exclusively by
Amazon; the print editions of the titles are also carried by Barnes & Noble
and other sales venues, but not the Kindle editions.

on any one of the ISBN numbers will simply take one to the Book Source page,
which explains the function and uses of an ISBN number. It is not a link to an
Amazon page.

Sparrowhawk series and the Skeen period detective series have been best
sellers as print and Kindle editions. Apparently, their sense of life does
appeal to countless readers, and they are discovered without my having to
market them. The Sparrowhawk series has been in continuous publication
since Book One appeared in 2002, which is a kind of record for any historical
series, particularly one that has not been published by a mainstream publisher.
The fan had asked when he could expect a Hollywood production of especially Sparrowhawk. I said, in effect, “Don’t
hold your breath.” My sense of life and that of Hollywood clash too violently,
and no reconciliation or compromise between them is possible.

currently working on the 13th Cyrus Skeen detective novel, Wintery Discontent, set in February 1929.


I’ll Be Back


DOJ: Better Late Than Never?


  1. Doug Mayfield

    Seen this way, it really is impressive. Congratulations.

  2. Prashant


    I discovered the Sparrowhawk through an article by Nicholas Provenzo probably in Capitalism magazine sometime in 2004 although the link is no longer available, so cannot be sure. The mention is still available on Rule of Reason though.

    From your other fiction, We Three Kings was the first one that came to attention only because of the mention in 2010 on Rule of Reason titled When the Sun Rises in the West. Since then I always watch out for any of your new books either fiction or non-fiction on Amazon.

    However, the books are not as readily available in public libraries as one would expect. e.g. Ayn Rand's books can be found almost everywhere. There is so much other literature as well available in the public libraries that its strange to not find "Sparrowhawk" as frequently. Also we don't see any mention in the mainstream media about this series. I think the Sparrowhawk will become well known over time even outside of the USA through word of mouth rather than any media exposure.


  3. Edward Cline

    Prashant: Thank you for your comments. My titles are not readily available in many public libraries because the individuals who run those libraries do not regard my works as "real books," not even if they are donated. I have no control over that. If I wanted to donate some of my titles to my local library, I would have to do that at my own expense (that is, buy some of my own titles and give them away). Fortunately, most of my titles sell well without any marketing or media exposure, especially the Sparrowhawk series and the Cyrus Skeen detective series. A month has not gone by in a long time when all of the Sparrowhawk titles and all of the Skeen titles have not racked up multiple sales, as print books and on Kindle. And mainstream media literary critics are as corrupted and politically correct as their counterparts in politics, so there hasn't been any important recognition of any of my titles by critics, except in specialty publications that devote themselves to historical or mystery fiction. In a word, the current culture is not my culture.

  4. Neon

    I am not sure if you will see this Mr. Cline, but your site seems to give no other obvious way of contacting you, and I note you have responded to others on here already.
    I first of all just wanted to say thank you.
    I have long searched for a true literary successor to Ms. Rand, and all others I have tried have fallen short on some fundamental level. While I have only recently discovered your works, and am just halfway through the second SparrowHawk novel at this time. I must say reading it is inspiring feelings in me, that previously I have only ever experienced reading the likes of Atlas or the Fountainhead.
    It's already obvious to me you are the true literary successor to Rand's legacy, and I am so excited to learn there is a modern author who still writes and creates such works. I believe you would be happy to know your novels are being collected and proudly displayed next to my collection of all Ayn Rand's works. You’re the first author I have discovered worthy of sharing a space next to her.
    I would like in inquire where I can reliably buy your works and ensure you gain the monetary reward when I do. When I first ordered Sparrowhawk volume 1 on Amazon, I was delivered the old MacAdam/Cage edition which I now know does nothing for you.
    A search for Patrick Henry press seems to reveal they do not simply have their own website I can order directly from. Where do you recommend I order your novels from going forward?
    Finally, might I also inquire if you ever intend to write more historical fiction along the lines of the Sparrow hawk series? Sadly mystery novels have never been to my personal tastes, and yet I know I will wish to read more of your works once I finish the series.

  5. Edward Cline

    Neon: First, thank you for your comments comparing Rand and me. I don't think my work is worthy of the comparison, but that's your judgement call.

    You can buy all the Sparrowhawks on, but there’s a catch. The original publisher of the series, MacAdam/Cage Publishing, is no longer in business, having declared bankruptcy a few years ago and bilked me out of two years' worth of royalties. If you wish to purchase additional copies, please DO NOT purchase the ones with the MacAdam/Cage Publishing imprint. These are all second-hand copies and I receive no remuneration from their sale. The copies to purchase are the ones that cite Create Space as the publisher. The Patrick Henry Press is simply my own imprint. You’ll have to scroll down to the book details to see the name of the publisher. If you "look inside" on the Amazon sales site, look for Patrick Henry Press. That's the copy to purchase.

    Further, I had to republish the whole series myself (on Create Space, Kindle, and the series is also on Audible), and in doing so I cleaned up each title of typos, formatting problems, all things the original publisher failed to do. The series sells well in all three venues or platforms, that is, the republished Sparrowhawks under my own imprint.

    I do not plan to write more historical fiction in the way of Sparrowhawk. That’s my magnum opus. I am focusing on the Cyrus Skeen detective novels and happen to be working on the 15th title in that series. I find it impossible to set a new novel in my own time. My hero must have freedom of action and thought and I haven’t the imagination to create a story in my own time that would imbue him with those attributes.

    I’m happy to read that the Sparrowhawk series is so inspiring to you.

  6. Neon

    Your work is certainly worth a comparison at the very minimum.
    It's also a comparison I do not make lightly and have never made to another author, despite years spent reading other "objectivist recommended" literature that often only left me feeling greatly disappointed.

    I shall endeavor to only get the Patrick Henry press versions of the latter three books I have yet to purchase. At some point I hope to replace my copy of the first book as well that is the Macadam version. I will be starting book three in the near future and have to say I am genuinely excited to read the meeting of the series two leads.

    I truly hope someday you will change your mind regarding future works. I find your way of writing historical fiction so engaging, as it is clearly backed up by accurate and intensive research into the periods in question. I am sure any other writing endeavors of that nature whether the same time period or another would be equally engaging.

    Furthermore, I must respectfully challenge your reason for not wanting to write a story set in the modern times. The very reason our decaying modern culture and society make it hard to image a hero like you describe is the very reason you should persevere to create one. We all the more need to read of hero's in the vain you and Ms. Rand write in these dark days. To say you can't create a fictional modern Roark or Kenrick set in today’s world, is to sacrifice this world to all that is destroying it. A mind like yours should not give into the defeat and rot of our time so easily. We need hero's such as the kind you create all the more Mr. Cline.

    I fear the reason it is so hard to find worthwhile books, films or music these days is that all the good creators such as yourself have all seemingly given up on the present. I sincerely hope none of this came off to aggressively or insultingly. I respect you and your works incredibly. I just respect your intelligence and creative powers enough to believe you are selling yourself short by not attempting to create a new magnum opus set in the present day. Especially when I think not doing so is in some form conceding defeat to the very collective worshiping masses destroying it.

    Again I write this only as a simple fan of your works, and with the utmost of respect.


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