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“Cracka” review

No. 2,556
White Man’s
” is a solar distance in theme and production from “Cracka,”  It is sympathetic to whites, even though the
story is complicated and ends on a “positive” note. At dinner, wealthy black
CEO Thaddeus Thomas discusses 
white people and
claims they are “genetically inferior” because the children grow up
without fathers. Where have we heard that before (link to
Yusra Khogali? The story occurs in an
“altenate” history, as well. The Daily Mail (UK) wrote: “
The upcoming film ‘Cracka’ depicts a
man with neo-Nazi tattoos being magically transported back to an alternate
history in which whites are enslaved by blacks in America.” It’s not the
America I know, nor is it recognizable by anyone else.

“Cracka” is a vicious
film intended, among other agendas, to appeal to the raw emotions of people
seeking  “social justice” for blacks. There
is no mention of BLM’s connection to it, but from what little of its “preview”
of it I’ve seen of it, I see the same hatred the BLM is noted for.the hatred is
its trademark. To the BLM, all
are “Nazis,” or “subhuman.”

I suspect,
from a writer’s perspective, that “White Man’s Burden” was purloined to turn it
into a BLM product. that suited its
anti-white agenda. . As a Porlland Oregon spokesman puts it, their
mission is
the “abolition of the United States as we know it.”

Other than the “artistic license” used to depict the gratuitous persecution of the “Neo Nazi” by blacks, there is little or no merit to the film. Its purpose is to convey the message: “How does it feel to be oppressed?” As though the film maker and the cast really knew how it felt, being centuries removed from actual slavery. I may watch the full film when Amazon releases it, but I’m doubtful I will. You can get your stomach turned only once.

The purpose of “Cracka” is no less ambitious in its
destructive goal.


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  1. revereridesagain

    Adamant, principled opposition to all of these eruptions of "woke" racism is the only proper moral response. That it is now becoming so dangerous to make such a stand — to one's livelihood at least, and life itself in an increasing number of instances — just shows how dire the situation has become.

  2. Edward Cline

    Agreed. Which is why I chose to review the Amazon filth they're promising us.

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