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Crying for Argentina

shed not a tear for King Abdullah
Argentina is a lovely country if you forget all the
dictators, juntas, strongmen, and assorted socialists, fascists, and communists
who have run the country ragged, or that Fidel Castro’s favorite killer, Che Guevara,
was an Argentine. It’s a far nicer country than is Saudi Arabia. I have been
to Argentina, stayed in Buenos Aires and visited the  Alpine-like resort town of San Carlos de
Barilochi on Nahuel Huapi Lake in the west near the Chilean border.
Argentina is a country settled and populated by
people from a variety of European countries: Italy, Germany, England, Ireland, Spain,
Russia, Scandinavia, and by Jews from the same nations. It is as nearly a
“melting pot” as is the U.S.  From the
late 19th century until the early 20th Argentina was an industrial nation that
rivaled the U.S. and Great Britain in GNP and productivity and wealth. Then,
around 1930, it caught the European collectivist/nationalist disease that was
half Fascism and half Marxism, spiced with Latin American passion, and it has
been in decline ever since.
But then the U.S. caught the same bug just a little
earlier than that.
Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is an arid, hot country.
Or is it an inflated tribal fiefdom in thrall to a Wahhabist theocracy? Was the
Vito Corleone
crime family ever recognized as a nation? Go figure. I would never set foot in Saudi
Arabia even had I been forgiven all the critical things I’ve written about Islam.
Saudi Arabia is a country that thrives on loot extorted from industrialized
nations. It has been doing so since the end of WWI.  
Saudi Arabia is not a “melting pot” populated by
people from other nations. It is overwhelmingly Arab in population. Immigration
to the place is severely limited, if not outright prohibited. Non-Muslim
foreign nationals residing there, such as diplomats, engineers, and the like,
are there on
, and are restricted in where they can go and what they can do,
confined to kaffir ghettoes. Freedom
of speech does not exist there.  The
slightest squawk about Islam or the slightest infraction of Sharia law earns
one horrific punishments. The 1,000 lashes “earned” by Raif
, a Saudi blogger who offended the theocrats on the Internet, is a
measure of the utter irrationality and barbarity of Islamic “justice.”
It hangs gays, amputates the hands of thieves, and strives to keep women under
wraps, literally, not to be seen, nor even heard.
Saudi Arabia is not a “republic,” nor a
“democracy,” nor even a “people’s state.” It is Saudi property, lock, stock and
It is a nominally “socialized” country in which all
Saudis are guaranteed an income.  It
builds white-elephant skyscrapers and funds terrorism against the West and also
mosques and schools around the world that preach the Sunni Wahhabist brand of
Islam. There are dozens of such mosques and Muslim “cultural centers” in the
U.S. and the U.K., and in Europe.
Last week two men died: King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, on January
, at age 90, with a net worth of $17
.  I could introduce some
levity here about this paragon of morbid obesity, but the man was such a
disgusting, useless, pig of a creature I can’t be bothered composing it.
The other
man was Alberto Nisman, age 51, an Argentine prosecutor who had collected and was
about to deliver damning evidence of the corruption of the Cristina Kirchner
regime in that otherwise wonderful country.
Abdullah was born in Riyadh in 1924, one of the
dozens of sons of Saudi Arabia’s founder, King Abdul-Aziz Al Saud. I mention
the elder Saud in my detective novel, The
Black Stone
, set in 1930 San Francisco, and my suspense novel, We
Three Kings
. It may come as a surprise to most people that the elder
Saud, during WWI, did not fight the Ottoman Turks on the Arabian Peninsula, and
was not an ally of T.E. “Lawrence of Arabia.” He sat out the war sipping tea
with the British. When other Muslim high-muck-a-mucks beat the Turks (with
British military aid), he consolidated his power, nudged his rival aside, and
claimed all of the Peninsula as his own kingdom. See my column from January
2014, on the true historical background of the epic film, “Lawrence
of Arabia
However, what is even more disgusting today are the
verbal wreaths of praise from Western heads of state on the occasion of the
Saudi obscenity’s overdue passing.  Fox
News lists several American statements of condolences, to wit:
a written statement issued shortly after the announcement of Abdullah’s death,
President Obama expressed condolences and said, ” I always valued King
Abdullah’s perspective and appreciated our genuine and warm friendship. As a
leader, he was always candid and had the courage of his convictions….”
Secretary of State
John Kerry, who was in London for a meeting of the coalition fighting Islamic
State militants in Iraq and Syria, called Abdullah “a brave partner in
fighting violent extremism who proved just as important as a proponent of
Defense Secretary
Chuck Hagel called the king “a powerful voice for tolerance, moderation
and peace — in the Islamic world and across the globe.”
Read the other tawdry,
off-the-shelf statements at your own risk. In the past George W. Bush held
hands with Abdullah in Texas, and he was praised by Bush’s Secretaries of State
and Defense. There are more of these testaments to Abdullah’s alleged wisdom
and deceitful friendship on the Fox News link. Ronald Reagan, GW’s father HW,
Jimmy Carter, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and many other politicos in the past
lavished Abdullah with adulation
. See the link here for
all the Americans who have held Abdullah in high esteem.
The mainstream media also shed tears for the passing of the caricature
of this allegedly benevolent despot. For example, S. Rob Sobhani  of The Washington Times, in his article, “Why
Saudi King Abdullah Mattered
, aspirated 
this wildly craven encomium and vomitus about the late king:
The world lost a
leader of consequence this past Friday. King
Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
of Saudi Arabia was
unique among world leaders. He was a pious man whose word was his bond. The
sixth king of this long-time American ally held the keys to the world’s largest
oil reserves but never used this enormous power as a weapon against others. He
was the custodian of Islam’s two holiest sites, Mecca and Medina, but preached
moderation, tolerance and interfaith dialogue among peoples of faith. He stood
up against religious extremists and called them out for what they are. This
past Friday the people of Saudi Arabia
lost their father-figure and the world lost one of the main pillars of global
I first met King
five years ago in Riyadh. Beyond his gentle smile and fatherly
presence, what caught my attention was the twinkle in his eyes when he spoke of
the love he had for his people. Our meeting was brief but he captured the
essence of his vision for Saudi Arabia and
the world by quoting from the Koran: “God cannot change a nation unless they
change themselves.”
Concerning the settlements in Europe (and also in America) by Muslims in large
numbers and at the invitation of Europe’s governments (and of our own), one
argument I’ve heard is too bizarre to even credit: That these governments will
eventually persecute Muslims and put them in concentration camps.
I counter that at the rate that European governments are surrendering
to Islam and requiring their non-Muslim populations to surrender and defer to Islam,
too, and at  the rate by which Muslims are accruing political power, i.e.,
getting elected or appointed to office, winning concessions from government,
building mosques, and by factoring in the rate of immigration into Europe, and
the expanding demographics and birth rates of Muslims throughout the continent,
it’s more likely that it will be Muslims who’ll adopt some form of fascism, and
they won’t be building concentration camps for Muslims. Europe may resemble in
the near future, in many particulars, Weimar Germany when the Nazis and other
fascists and communists waged ongoing urban warfare under the  nose of an
anemic, helpless government, except that the warfare will be between Muslim
gangs and non-Muslim gangs.
This is why I have a jaundiced view of organizations such as Germany’s
PEGIDA. Do its movers and shakers have a wider perspective on the crisis? Do
they in France? The Swedish government has given Muslims carte blanche to do
whatever they want. Denmark and Norway aren’t far behind. Britain is
practically lost, as well, with the least criticism of Islam and Muslims automatically
branded as “hate speech” and inviting one to an “interview” with the
authorities. Finland one doesn’t hear much about, but Muslims have settled
there, too.
So, I don’t see European  Muslims
imprisoning other Muslims, not even Muslims from rival sects (e.g., Sunnis vs.
On that note, and in apparent acknowledgement that the true
monarch of Great Britain
is not Elizabeth II, but any Saudi royal who
happens to succeed a deceased one, the British government ordered British flags
lowered to half-mast to mark King Abdullah’s passing.
The second man, Alberto
, was an Argentine prosecutor who claimed he found evidence of a
Buenos Aires-Tehran deal to cover up responsibility for the Hezbollah
of a Jewish community center in 1994. He died on January 17th (or
perhaps after midnight on the 18th), allegedly by a self-inflicted gunshot
wound, but now apparently was murdered by someone’s bunglers. Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner, president of Argentina and widow and successor of
the late president, Néstor
, at first claimed that Nisman had committed suicide, but then,
when the evidence indicated murder, back-pedaled and claimed that his murder
was an attempt by “right-wingers” to “defame” and discredit her and her
Greenfield has written extensively on FrontPage about the growing transparency
of a plot to silence Nisman, one incompetently executed by either Iran, by
Kirchner, or by a partnership of both. In three probing FrontPage articles he
excoriates Kirchner and her Obama-style administration. On January 17th
article, “Prosecutor
in Iran Bombing
Found Dead Before Testifying Against Argentine President,”
he wrote:
President Cristina Kirchner’s regime always
looked dirty, but now it suddenly looks like a whole other kind of dirty.
Argentinean prosecutor investigating the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in
Buenos Aires was found dead in his apartment on Sunday night with a gunshot
wound to the head, hours before he was set to testify before lawmakers on his
accusations of a cover-up by his country’s president in the case.
media reported early Monday that Alberto Nisman, 51, was found in a pool of
blood in the bathroom of his home in the capital’s Puerto Madero district.
Police were investigating and Argentinian media reported that they had
initially ruled the death a likely suicide.
Sure. Like those suicides that keep happening
in Russia.
And then
the plot thickens. On January 22nd, in his article “Argentina
Gov Plotted
to Blame Islamic Terror Attack on Jews on ‘Right Wing’,”
Greenfield wrote:
That would be the transcripts cited by the prosecutor who
“committed suicide” without leaving any gunpowder on his hands hours before he
was supposed to testify against the president and her apparatchiks. Intercepted
conversations between representatives of the Iranian and Argentine governments
point to a long pattern of secret negotiations to reach a deal in which
Argentina would receive oil in exchange for shielding Iranian officials from
charges that they orchestrated the bombing of a Jewish community center in 1994….
transcripts were made public by an Argentine judge on Tuesday night, as part of
a 289-page criminal complaint written by Alberto Nisman, the special prosecutor
investigating the attack. Mr. Nisman was found dead in his luxury apartment on
Sunday, the night before he was to present his findings to Congress….
The attempt to exonerate Hezbollah and Iran
of any responsibility for the bombing, in which 85 people died, was hush-hush but
apparently not hush enough.  Nisman
charged that:
effort seemed to begin with a secret meeting in Aleppo, Syria, in January 2011
between Héctor Timerman, Argentina’s foreign minister, and Ali Akbar Salehi,
Iran’s former foreign minister. At the meeting, the complaint contends, Mr.
Timerman informed his Iranian counterpart that Argentina was no longer
interested in supporting the investigation into Iran’s possible role in the
attack. Instead, Argentina initiated steps toward a détente, with an eye on
improving trade between the two countries….
Nisman said the negotiators, including intelligence agents, were given the task
of “constructing a false hypothesis, based on invented evidence, to incriminate
new authors” of the 1994 bomb attack.
Greenfield concludes this article with: “The
rock has been lifted and the bugs are scurrying.”
In his article
of January 23rd, “Murdered
: ‘In Case Someone Murders Me, All the Data is Saved’,”
Greenfield begins with:
It’s always awkward when you murder a
prosecutor, fake his suicide, just before he was supposed to testify, and not
only did he back up the data, but you didn’t even bother putting his hands on
the gun to leave gunpowder residue.
No wonder President Kirchner’s government is
going bankrupt. It’s not only evil. It’s also incompetent.
quotes The
Jewish Press
days before Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead in his Buenos Aires
apartment on Jan. 19, 2015, he took measures to make sure his research into the
Jewish Center bombing and high-level conspiracy didn’t disappear with him,
according to a Makor Rishon report. Nisman sent an email to three friends with
a backup of his research and report.
was the last email that Israeli-Argentine writer and educator, Gustavo Daniel
Perednik, received from Nisman. A few days later Nisman was found with a bullet
in his head. A month before, Perednik met with Nisman in a cafe, where Nisman
told him about what he was working on. Nisman told Perednik, “In case someone
murders me, all the data is saved.”
President Kirchner? She first put her foot in her mouth claiming that Nisman
committed suicide, then, when the evidence indicated a botched fake suicide and
murder, she made like Porky
after flip-flopping on the suicide theory, is now trying to convince the public
that Nisman was duped by people whom he wrongfully thought were intelligence
agents and who gave him false information.
That’s all,
folks! said Kirchner. Nisman participated in his own murder just to make her look
bad. Who’s aspirating vomitus now?
Shed no
tears for the passing of a useless parasite, King Abdullah. But spare a few for
a man who sought justice and who was murdered by  
los parásitos inútiles of Argentina and Iran.


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  1. revereridesagain

    In the days following the Charlie Hebdo massacre I heard the murdered journalists and cartoonists called "stupid" for having "provoked" their killers. I wonder if the same thoughtless supporters of cowardice and self-censorship would also consider prosecutor Nisman "stupid" for having the courage to pursue the corrupt accessories to murder who run his country, knowing that at any moment one of their hired thugs might well put a bullet in his head. As did the martyrs to freedom of speech at Charlie Hebdo, who faced the nightmare of Islam's dealers in death standing there calling their names in the final moments of their lives.

    The French, predictably, have followed up their dog-and-pony march by reverting to their entrenched habit of appeasement. The shadow Muslim occupying the White House couldn't bestir himself to participate in that farce, but sped to Saudi Arabia to bow his "respects" to the latest in the line of over-manicured caravan-raider "allies" demanding our support against their rival savages even as they finance the spread of their shared Islamic poison.

    Meanwhile, the American media, since last Sunday, has been opening most of its morning, noon, and nightly "news" reports with breathless updates on the urgent subject of "deflated" footballs. Followed by the obligatory groveling eulogies for King Abdullah bin Doubleburger.

    Argentine president Kirchner gets my vote as deserving candidate of the week to be stripped to a thong and airlifted into the whipping-post square of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, immediately following Friday prayers, to be exchanged for Raif Badawi. She and the House of Saud deserve each other.

  2. Edward Cline

    Two thumbs up for you, Revere Rides Again. One thing I neglected to mention was that I also developed a fondness for Buenos Aires. It's a composite of Paris and London. Also, absent from B.A. and Barilochi was a Latin character to the places. Buenos Aires was too cosmopolitan to be "Lain."

  3. Edward Cline

    I neglected to mention that I loved Buenos Aires. I was there in the late 1970's. and found it a combination of London and Paris. In fact, I set my first published fiction, a short story, "Final Project," in B.A. (the story is lost now). It was the first Merritt Fury story, and I make reference to it in all three Fury novels.

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