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Democrats in Cages

From my column, “The Democrats’ Fatwa on America,” on Rule of Reason June 30th:
The Democrats and the MSM, whose malice for Trump and his supporters knows no bounds, haven’t yet reached the rock bottom essence of their souls, and confine themselves to harassing and yelling at their victims in their homes, at restaurants and movie theaters, and screaming at them and menacing them, but the time is coming when they will take physical action, just as the jihadists have. Just as the Muslim Brotherhood did in its declaration of war against the West and the U.S. 
As I wrote yesterday on “The Screams of the Democrats”:
What is their aim? To cause Trump to fail, to back down, to grovel before the decibel power of their shouts and chants, regardless of the issue. They are geckos spitting at the ankles of a giant, Trump. Anything he does drives them to mindless hysterics – from what he puts on his Oval Office desk, to what he wears, what his wife wears – and now the prospect of his having to choose another Supreme Court justice, now that Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement, which is pressing their buttons and igniting their to-be-expected anti-Trump hysteria.
The MSM and their allies are so easily “triggered,” one must wonder why they       rise in the morning.  It must be because they’ll find something else to hate and rub under their boots and heels. Without something to hate – without something to destroy, without something to prostitute or compromise, without something to spray with their bile – there would be no reason for living. Something with which to push their socialist agenda? That’s just an excuse. They are the “Walking Dead” nihilists, with no appetite except to gorge themselves on the living. They want power and want to retain what little of it they have. They want to destroy Trump – and you. They want you to live for their purposes, to serve “higher” purposes without complaint, but never your own.
The Democrats prefer to view the world from their socialist/collectivist cages to better see the mirages of their imaginary perfect society: children not separated from their illegal immigrant parents; the abolition if ICE, the impeachment of Trump. Having no argument to rebut reason, all they can do is emote noisily from the ugly vortexes of hate that are their souls, to rattle their cages until someone unlocks the doors and lets them loose. They are children who don’t want to be “ripped” from their Marxist ideological arms. Their aim is to force everyone to submit to their ideological mania.
Frankly, SJWs and Democrats are badly in need of mental enemas to cleanse their gray matter of the Marxist and Progressive bile that they have let accumulate over the years; the flushing can be self-administered, or reality can do it for them.
Their ideologies remain unexamined, just as their base, altruism, has never been examined, except by Ayn Rand. She explains the debilitating consequences of al truism as no other thinker has. For centuries, altruism has remained the untouchable philosopher’s stone of moral  worth.
What is the moral code of altruism? The basic principle of altruism is that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the only justification of his existence, and that self-sacrifice is his highest moral duty, virtue and value.
Do not confuse altruism with kindness, good will or respect for the rights of others. These are not primaries, but consequences, which, in fact, altruism makes impossible. The irreducible primary of altruism, the basic absolute, is self-sacrifice—which means; self-immolation, self-abnegation, self-denial, self-destruction—which means: the self as a standard of evil, the selfless as a standard of the good.
The U.S. should have no borders, the SJWs shout, and children should not be separated from their illegal immigrant parents, real or false; essentially, America would no longer be a country, but a dying political entity open to all comers to claim and benefit from while it lasted before descending into anarchy and tribalism, which are the only consequences of political altruism.
To advocate borders and the wall is an act of selfishness, and is a desire condemned by the SJWs and the Democrats.  Related to God and Allah and to the moral codes of most contemporary religions, altruism similarly reflects the metaphysical impossibility and existential absurdity of the notion of any diety.  Altruism cannot be practiced without immolating oneself and sacrificing one’s values. Christ’s Semon on the Mount –which is a litany of “give up, surrender your values” — altruism is the basis of all collectivist ideologies, including Communism and Nazism. Some theologians dispute the relation of the Sermon to Christianity and Judaism, but that is hardly a credible thesis when Christ is a religious icon whose moral philosophy cannot be separated from the Church (see Pope Francis, a more thorough-going Marxist than any other past Pope). It is hardly to be expected that even the brightest politicians will not delve into the philosophical basis of their collectivist proposals.
They treat altruism as a never-to-be given. Tax the rich, surrender your wealth to those who have less, allow countless poor immigrants to swamp the country because they need a “chance” to live better, their needs are “superior” to your values. Altruism is the root of all collectivist notions of “sharing the wealth” and  “loving your brother” because he needs what you have but which he could never create except by becoming a parasite. See the murderous disasters of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany to witness altruism in action: e.g., Kulaks in Russia and Jews in Germany. If you deny your brother his need, the SJWs and Democrats proclaim, you are evil.
If men are ever to rid themselves of the misery of self-sacrifice, they must question and reject altruism as the sole moral guide in their lives. But to most men today, the cage of altruism is the only moral philosophy they prefer, because it does not ask them to think.


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  1. Mike

    Those pushing altruism as the moral gold standard expose themselves for who they really are; egoless entities who are incapable of even valuing themselves

  2. Mike

    BTW Mr Cline, your Sparrowhawk series was excellent. Look forward to more of your work. Best to you always.

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