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In my July 7th column, “The Democrats’ Declare a Fatwa on America,” I contend that, for all practical purposes, the Democrats  have declared war, not just on Donald Trump, but also on the U.S.  Just as jihadists assert that their purpose is to impose Sharia on the country, the Democrats wish to impose Progressivism  on the country. America is “deplorable,” and Trump is the most deplorable American of all. 

The Democrats and the MSM, whose malice for Trump and his supporters knows no bounds, haven’t yet reached the rock bottom essence of their souls, and confine themselves to harassing and yelling at their victims in their homes, at restaurants and movie theaters, and screaming at them and menacing them, but the time is coming when they will take physical action, just as the jihadists have. Just as the Muslim Brotherhood did in its declaration of war against the West and the U.S. 

I had the same experience with “Lawrence of Arabia,” a magnicent film I once admired until I educated myself on the history of the Middle East during WWI and learned that I had been bamboozled by David Lean. Or perhaps he had been bamboozled by his advisors.

One need not be a musicologist, or an authority on 18th century music to argue that Amadeus is not a true retelling of the Mozart-Salieri rivalry, because even a cursory investigation of the lives of the two men and their careers would reveal that no such rivalry existed. Peter Shaffer’s play and Miloš  Forman’s film (for which Shaffer wrote the screenplay) are fraudulent, untruthful, a disgrace, and an injustice to both men. The truth about Mozart and Salieri was as readily available in the pre-Internet period of 1979 and 1984, when the play and film debuted respectively, as it is now. There was no excuse for the studied literary libel of both composers. The enormity of the lie cannot be excused by “artistic license.”

Mozart was “deplorable” was the message of the movie, so he must be cut down. The myth about him must be exploded.  In truth, says the movie, he was exceptional but flawed, but otherwise narcissistic, irresponsible, loony, and scatologically inclined. The “Deep  Culture ” – Hollywood    had has been at work on shrinking the stature of exceptional, accomplished individuals like Mozart for a few decades (at least from 1967), ever since “Bonnie & Clyde, “ murderous criminals who are portrayed as innocent, misunderstood victims of the system.  Mozart must be sliced and diced.  Bonnie & Clyde must be elevated as sanctified “social justice warriors” or as maskless Antifa “freedom fighters.” 

Were there a rumor that Trump preferred to wear socks made in Chinese sweat shops, the MSM here and abroad would take it as a serious subject to obsess about, almost as serious as they have nattered on over charges of Russian collusion between Vladimir Putin and the Trump campaign and his presidency, even though the charges have been proven groundless. Robert  Mueller’s magic hat  trick (I am constantly reminded of Rocky and Bullwinkle, at the cost of millions of dollars and months of yawn time, produced no rabbits. Any lie or incredible fabrication about about Trump will do.

It does not matter what feats of domestic and foreign policy Trump achieves: in economics, in immigration, and even in dealing with Putin and Russia, all far surpassing what he promised, to the Democrats and the MSM, he is, by their definition of success, deplorable and hate-worthy. He is not them, his actions are efficacious, while they suffer from an ideological erectile dysfunction.


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  1. Edward Cline

    It’s almost laughable, the MSM’s and theLeft politicians’ responses to Trump’s meeting with Putin and his statements: “He betrayed the country!” “Putin has him by the short hairs, somehow!” “Worse than Pearl Harbor, worse than Kristallnacht!” Et cetera. These are the same people who had little or nothing to say about Obama’s “flexibility” remark, or about the billions on pallets he flew to Iran. Although Trump is not guilty of any of these betrayals, not by a long shot. Trump is guilty, regardless of what he does or does not do. The Left is immune to any charge of hypocrisy.

  2. Unknown


    Would you describe Trump's tariffs as efficacious too?

    Do you approve of his threats toward Harley Davidson?

  3. Edward Cline

    The tariffs are retaliatory. About Harley Davidson, I know nothing.

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