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Drunken Sailors

will we do with a drunken sailor?
   (Irish Rovers, with lyrics)
There are two sets of drunken sailors who are the subjects here:
Angela Merkel
and her cronies and her soused
immigration policies
that are destroying Europe; and the Democratic
National Committee
(DNC), which not only is seriously considering
appointing a rabid, recalcitrant
as its next
, but has also pledged as a party to scuttle or block President
Trump’s whole agenda and his cabinet nominees.
Both sets presume to lead
their countries to an era of peace and “tolerance” and multicultural “harmony.”
There is a third set of
drunken sailors, with which Merkel and the DNC have collaborated in their
inebriated binges, the Mainstream Media (MSM).
Merkel is determined to
continue her nation-destroying open-immigration policies which have saturated
Germany with Muslim welfare parasites, criminals, and jihadis posing as
“refugees,” and faces
stiff opposition
from newly invigorated “right wing” parties. Even her
immigration allies are having second thoughts about the practical political
consequences.  The Democratic National
Committee, on the other hand, is still reeling drunkenly over Trump’s election
and its having lost the 2016 presidential contest, which, if it had managed to
get Hillary Clinton elected, would have foisted on the country an America hater
arguably worse than Barack Obama. Looking favorably at Keith Ellison, this is a desperate attempt to
elevate the DNC to a position of influence, to become “relevant.”
Shave their bellies with a
rusty razor? Put them in bed with the captain’s daughter (the cat o’ nine tails)?
Put them in an asylum
seeker’s longboat
until they’re sober, or drowned? Way hay and up she

The DNC and Merkel: Binge partners.
The MSM has an open bar.
Merkel has put her foot down. She
is not back-pedaling on her destructive immigration policy. Germans be damned. They’ve
just got to get used to the rapes, the spiraling crime rate, and shouldering additional
welfare state burdens. It’s their altruist duty, don’t you know? Breitbart
reported on February 29th:

German Chancellor Angela
Merkel has refused to back down over her open borders migration policy, saying
in a televised interview that there is “no point in believing that I can solve
the problem through the unilateral closure of borders.”

“I have no
plan B,” she added.
According to Focus,
Mrs Merkel said she was convinced she was doing the right thing, despite well
over a million people entering Germany last year thanks to her migration
policies. She said she was trying to redistribute as many of them as possible
to other European countries – through the compulsory migrant quotas system –
and claimed to be addressing the problems causing them to enter Europe in the
first place.
But, wait! There’s more!
Last week, the German government also
it had lost some 130,000 migrants after they failed to show
up at the reception centers to which they had been sent. The Interior Ministry
admitted that some of the migrants may have “slipped into illegality”, while
others may have registered multiple times in different districts to increase
their chances of being accepted.
Across the pond, the DNC is
not only digging in its heels but has already spiked the democratic process
with poison. It faked a Craig’s List placed by Trump that solicited women for
sexual favors. The Independent Sentinel reported in October in S. Noble’s “Sleazy
Plot: DNC Planned a Fake Trump “Assault” Scandal in May
disgusting, sleazy
was planned by the DNC in May and it was approved by DNC
Communications Director Louis Miranda. The DNC planned to put a fake craigslist
jobs post up for women that would be laced with heavy sexual innuendo. It
was a precursor to the current tactic with hoax women and hoax lawyer Gloria Allred.
, the DNC operative responsible for the fake ad,
had previously made headlines when she infamously took a smiling
 in front of a deadly New York City apartment fire that claimed
multiple lives. She’s a piece of work.
The DNC has formed a “War Room” to battle
Trump. According to the Washington Post on January 3rd, all
the usual suspects
have been recruited to come up with ideas on how to foil
Trump wherever he turns:

MSM-Merkel-DNC: You will submit to Sharia
or we’ll bash your faces in!
The Democratic National Committee is building
a “war room” to battle President-elect Donald Trump, pressure the new
Republican administration on a variety of policy matters and train a spotlight
on Russia’s alleged cyberattacks to influence the 2016 election.
The DNC’s new communications and
research operation, to be staffed by former aides to Hillary Clinton’s
presidential campaign, will be one of several efforts from across the
Democratic firmament to take on Trump, including the office of Senate Minority
Leader Charles E. Schumer
(D-N.Y.), the Center for American
and American
The DNC has hired John Neffinger, a longtime
operative who runs the Franklin Forum,
to serve as interim communications director and oversee the national party’s
operation. He will be joined by two Clinton veterans who spent the campaign
focused on Trump — researching his background, monitoring his statements
and trying to drive negative media coverage of his candidacy. Zac
, the Clinton campaign’s rapid-response director, will serve as a
senior adviser to the DNC and direct the Trump war room, while Adrienne Watson,
a Clinton campaign spokeswoman, will serve as the DNC’s national press
secretary. [The links here are mine, not the original articles.]
On Fox, Milo Yiannopoulos
sheds important light on the MSM’s role in trying to shut down freedom of
speech and Donald Trump. The MSM, he says, legitimizes not only the squelching
of freedom of speech and is addicted to “fake news” about Trump and about Yiannopouos
(that he’s a fascist, alt-righter, a light-weight “provocateur, etc.),” that he’s
not to be taken seriously. But the Left does
take him seriously
, seriously enough to sanction the kind of riot and mob
rule and which assaults people that occurred on February 2 at the University
of California-Berkeley
. CBS downplayed the violence, citing only that windows
were broken and some fires were set. There was no mention of the people
attacked and beaten the crazed mob. This is how the MSM sanctions, sugar-coats,
and encourages the violence of the New Fascist Left.
The Democrats are planning a kind
of vaudeville show
for Trump by having as their guests
House Democrats are rallying behind a plan to
make President Trump’s first speech to Congress as uncomfortable as possible by
inviting guests they say will suffer under new White House policies. 
The strategy means Trump will likely face a
crowd including ethnic minorities, LGBT people, undocumented immigrants, the
disabled and others when he addresses a joint session on Feb. 28.
It’s a shift in tactics for Democrats, some
of whom skipped Trump’s inauguration last month in protest.
Democrats say there are no plans to stage a
similar boycott of Trump’s speech, but they want to put him face-to-face with
people who feel alienated and targeted by his controversial executive
In a letter circulating on Capitol Hill, a
group of liberals is urging fellow Democrats to bring guests who have made “a
positive impact” on the community “despite discrimination or marginalization.”
 A less dignified drunkenness
“We want to send a
strong message to the [president] that he cannot push these communities aside,
and he cannot change the fabric of this country,” they wrote.
If the props in the gallery “feel”
alienated, they won’t be alone. There are all those drunk, alienated Democrats.
Guess they didn’t take kindly to having their bellies shaved with Trump’s rusty
What would I do with such a drunken sailor? Toss
him in the briny.


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