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Europe’s Death Wish

is creepier than Islam. Challenge Islamic racism, misogyny genocide, and so on.”
I thought it would be just desserts to begin by paraphrasing Linda
and just turn back on her her statement that “Nothing
is creepier than Zionism
,” which has made the rounds on Twitter and
national news. This groomed, but bag-headed, glib, taqiyya-fluent, BDS-champion, and stealth jihadist, has a loud
mouth and is a publicity hound and resolutely anti-Trump.
She was one of the organizers of the Women’s March in
Washington. She has pulled lots of wool over the eyes of the liberal

The doofus Hollande and the photo-friendly
Francophobe Macron,
willing to submit to Merkel and Islam

one prominent blogger and spokesman for the West, Bruce Bawer, scratched his
head and asked, following the dismally concluded French election of May 7th, in
his PJMedia article, “What
Happened in France?
 How could Marine Le Pen have
lost in a landslide
Why, after the
Brits chose Brexit, and Americans chose Trump, did the Dutch fail Wilders, and
the French fail Le Pen?
How could a country
that has been hit by several major terrorist attacks in recent years, and that
has undergone a more profound social transformation owing to Islamic
immigration, vote for business as usual?
But if you’ve witnessed the reality of Islamization in cities
like Rotterdam and Paris and Stockholm, you may well wonder: what, in heaven’s
name, will it take for these people to save their own societies, their own
freedoms, for their own children and grandchildren?
reviews the common rationale is that Europeans are still feeling guilty:
One way of trying
to answer it is to look at countries one by one. For example, the Brits and
French feel guilty about their imperial histories, and hence find it difficult
to rein in the descendants of subject peoples. The Germans feel guilty about
their Nazi past – and the Swedes feel guilty about cozying up to Nazis – and
thus feel compelled to lay out the welcome mat for, well, just about anybody.
The Dutch, similarly, are intensely aware that during the Nazi occupation they
helped ship off a larger percentage of their Jews to the death camps than any
other Western European country, and feel a deep need to atone.
it a matter of self-flagellation in the spirit of atonement? “Bible
(Exodus 20:5-6; 34:6-7; Numbers 14:18) portray God as “visiting the
iniquity of the fathers on the children.” Still another part of the Bible (Jeremiah
31:29; Ezekiel 18:2; Job 21:19) rejects this and teach that “sons [shall
not] be put to death for their fathers.” The Bible is rich in such bipolar
do not subscribe to the moral philosophy of inherited guilt or generational
responsibility. Most imperial history should not be apologized for, especially where
and when it concerns “the descendants of subject peoples” not to mention the
descendants of people who also weren’t even alive during imperial depredations.
Some of that history if awful, particularly the Belgian experience in the Congo.
were it not for imperial colonial policies, much of the known world would still
be in the very Dark Ages, “brutish, nasty, and short.”
In fact, where the West retreated and left indigenous populations at the mercy
of their murderous tribalist leaders and masters, those people have largely reverted
to that condition. (Look at Zimbabwe, formerly
Rhodesia.)The West introduced technology, medicine, literacy, law, longer
longevity, higher standards of living, and even the concept of freedom. Much of
that is now disappearing. Pick any country on the African continent and it’s
the same story, with remaining
under attack, their property confiscated, and explicitly threatened
with mass murder and genocidal extinction.

time I read some Third World complaint about Western colonialism, I can’t help
but hark back to that gem of a Monty Python scene in The Life of Brian,
and think, “What has the West given the complainers?”
asks: What can account for what ails the French?
of course, is a factor. According to postmodern thinking, no culture is better
than any other – and it’s racist to say otherwise. No, scratch that – other
cultures are, in fact, better than Western culture. Whites, by
definition, are oppressors, imperialists, and colonialists, while “people of
color” are victims.
And Muslims are the
biggest victims of all.
scoffs at that notion in a very civilized manner.
Not that that
makes any sense. Over the centuries since the religion was founded, Muslim
armies have gained control over much of North Africa, the Middle East, and
large parts of Europe. Islam itself, by
definition, is imperialistic
.[Italics mine]
is determined to subjugate the West, and not in exchange for “peace.” “Peace,”
in Islamic terms means slavery and dhimmitude, when it will no longer need to
fight the “infidel.”
just don’t “get it.”
Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron, the new
president of France, is as he has been characterized a better looking version
of François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande,
his failed predecessor, but that’s about it. Macron’s visage doesn’t lend
itself to ridicule as Hollande’s has, there have been no flattering photographs
of Hollande. In every one I’ve seen, I’ve seen the French version of an upper
class twit. Hollande has overseen during his tenure a massive influx of Muslims
and endorses the idea of bring in more.
Marcron, another
Socialist, apparently is even worse. He believes in nothing and has said that French
culture doesn’t exist
, nor does the French
. He is willing to concede the leadership of Europe to Angela Merkel, who is on
a one-woman quest to erase Germany’s identity by seeing Germany saturated to
the bursting point with culturally hostile and unassimilable Muslims.

Celebrating Macron’s Islamic
in Paris
outside the Louvre, scheduled to be
of all art offensive to Muslims

Macron is an economist, a Socialist one,
which is a contradiction in terms. Socialist economics has invariably resulted
in starvation and misery. (Look at Venezuela.)
He wishes to erase French identity, as well. During his campaign his confidential emails were hacked and they
reveal just how much of an anti-Francophile he is. His public statements about France
are just so much blather. The MSM, or at least the French version of it, was
cautioned not to publish its contents during the election. Too many people
would likely see just how much of a pretty mama’s boy turncoat he is.
The Macron leaks contain secret proposals that
would lead to the continued Islamization of France and Europe. These are shown
in a PowerPoint presentation which appears to have come from the Institut Montaigne.
Harmonizing education between countries on different sides of the Mediterranean
is one of the key objectives.

Create a common history textbook with Italy,
Spain, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia (3) in order to put in perspective the
historical contributions and religious convergences between the two shores of
the Mediterranean. 
Within the 3+3 framework, we recommend the
creation of a commission of historians responsible for drawing up a common
history textbook. The aim of this work will be: 
-to create a common base of objective historical
knowledge founded on the logic of a historical “draw”
– to develop a sense of belonging to a common
– to reduce the fantasies of victimization on
one side as well as civilizational superiority on the other
The document also recommends the introduction of
Arabic teaching to French schools, including bi-lingual classes. This is
justified by the claim that Muslims are currently getting their “Arabic
fix” from mosques, where they risk being radicalized. I previously noted
that “soft Islamization” is being advocated as the remedy for
“hard Islamization” and that this represents a kind of de facto
reward being offered to jihad violence. Jihad gets results. It leads to
societies being Islamized, one way or the other.
In short, French and all of European society
must assimilate Islamic social norms, not the other way round. That’s Merkel’s
plan, as well. Sweden
is well on the way to achieving that goal, with the government complicit in the
rise in Muslim crime in the country. Get French schoolchildren used to the idea
of bowing and scraping to Allah, paying jizya,
and letting any random Syrian, Turkish, Somalian, Afghan, Moroccan, or African
feel them up and even rape them, and learn not to resent or resist the assault.
It’s a lesson in imaginary “atonement.” And learn your Arabic well, and know
how to recite the shadada
or else your Muslim teacher will do to you what his colleagues did to young
people in the Bataclan.

Bataclan, 2015: a microcosm of France
when Islam takes over.

Is Europe in the terminal stage of a death
wish? I think so. Its foundational driver is altruism, together with a desire
to let the state establish moral norms. People will not let them go. I don’t
know that Bruce Bawer would agree with that prognosis. He lives in Norway and
has witnessed first-hand the consequences of what a refusal to identify the
aims and methods of Islam, of a willingness to defraud reality, wherever he
goes in Postmodern, expiring Europe which continues to bring in freighter
of immigrants.


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    Marine Le Pen is to the left of Macron on economics and is a well-documented Holocaust deniers.

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