The Wicked Witch in 2010 and in 2019

As I posted in “Everything Wrong With Congress” on the 21st, the 16th Congress deserves its own critique. Here it goes.

Nancy Pelosi, in this fictive movie, “Collateral Damage,” would be shown enunciating everything that her radical left House endorses, or will work to condemn and eradicate: Produced by a special division from the U.S. Printing Office. Roll credits.
Toxic masculinity; White privilege; Russian collusion between Trump and Moscow, Trump’s obstructionism, that all Republicans are racists, that Socialism is beneficial, that taxation increases wealth, that the government creates wealth, that guns should be taken from all citizens, the legitimacy of LGBT and other gender ambiguous lifestyles, and that illegal aliens are natural American citizens and have the right to vote in American elections, even if they aren’t born here and got here by getting their shoes wet in the Rio Grande River.
The narrator of the video highlights  each of Pelosi’s points with visuals from the video with his own estimate, showing selections of Pelosi’s frenetic delivery with wildly waving hands; the narrator’s remarks are in parentheses:
…..toxic masculinity (responsible for all the rapes and murders of Americans committed by masculine illegal immigrants);
….White privilege (forces us to construe Shakespeare and the Constitution  and to master elementary mathematics and medicine, mathematics is deemed patriarchal);  
….Russian collusion (the ubiquitous bogyman hiding under the country’s bed, always there);
….Trump  obstruction (of every socialist program the Dems want legislated; Dems claim his obstructionism it is not “democratic”);
….Republicans are racist (you know a racist if he’s wearing a MAGA hat);
….Socialism is beneficial (it helps Venezuelans and Cubans appreciate doing with less, or with nothing); 

At the end of this clip Pelosi, after the applause has subsided, invites Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) to speak and awards her an unlimited time limit. She says, “I now urge the brilliant, future of our Party to give us a few words about what we need to do in this sacred chamber of the people.” (More applause as  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes her way to lectern.) She does not give us “a few words,” but rather a speech about as long as the first volume of Lenin’s collected works.
  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is shown addressing the House, and dwelling on these topics (narrator’s remarks in parentheses):
Taxation creates wealth (by taking from the fettered givers; taxing wealth at 70% will create a 125% increase of goods to redistribute to the needy);
Government shares wealth (by redistributing appropriated wealth to professional and career parasites);
LGBT (you can be whatever sex you feel like being, regardless of your genitalia and chromosomes; it’s a priority to establish this “new norm” aside from “getting” Trump);
Taking guns from citizens will stop criminals (not stopping them cold, which would be a violation of a criminal’s right to free movement and association; taking the citizen’s guns will leave citizens defenseless against criminals);
Illegal aliens help the economy (by boosting grape harvests and their government social benefits);
Global warming can be worsened or controlled by man (controlled by banning CO2 and aerosols and taxing cow flatulence, and by passing her “New Green Deal,” and worsened by ignoring a melting ice cap and making more cars and laughing off  her “New Green Deal”).
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, witch, future head of the Dems

A member of the House interrupts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and demands that she ask the Speaker about the value and extent of her Napa Valley estate.  Pelsosi  furiously hammers her extra large gavel (or mallet) and tells the member that he is out of order.  (The gavel, the narrator notes, was inscribed as a special “Welcome Home” gift to Pelosi from leading Dem House members.)

It was a short film but nonetheless very telling.