The Palpatine Siblings

So, in Star Wars Darth Vader destroyed Palpatine, Imperial Emperor of the Galactic Empire, and, on Earth Brett Kavanaugh defanged Diane Feinstein, almost driving her to tears.  She’s shattered, and has difficulty containing her emotions for having lost in her and Schumer’s efforts to bring down Kavanaugh. There is a very good analysis of her reactions and body language in the video of her and Schumer having a press conference about Chairman Grassley’s decision for cloture of the hearing. There’s no analysis of Schumer’s body language as he yadda-yadda’s on about how the Dems are dissatisfied with the seventh FBI report. He’s such a practiced dissembler that his body language isn’t obvious.
Roger Simon of PJ Media, noted about Senator Susan Collins’ speech, about how she would vote vis-á-vis the nomination and her condemnation of the hearing that :
Prior to her words, a good portion of the public could only nod their heads at Senator John Kennedy’s description of the Kavanaugh confirmation process as “an intergalactic freak show.”  That apt characterization could not help but carry over to the Senate in general, an entity — it’s hard to believe now — that was once called “the world’s greatest deliberative body.”
….This seems to have made little impact on the Democrats, at least on the surface.  They declined to applaud Collins after a more impressive speech than any single one of them, to my knowledge, has ever given.  I guess they couldn’t abide what she was saying toward the end, that she hoped that this hideous period of treating the rule of law like garbage was over and that Congress and the Court could learn to work together for the good of the country.
Collins’ speech followed the fiery and angry speeches of Lindsey Graham and Kavanaugh.
Now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, at a vote of 50 to 48, it only remains for President Trump to sign the judge’s  “commission” to be on the Supreme Court.
And then we’ll hear very little else from Diane Feinstein and her flying monkeys.