Angela Merkel and Mark Zuckerberg, brave souls, are disguised as Muslims

Both wings of the totalitarian Liberal/Left, The American and European ones,
have proven themselves to be as dedicated to suppressing and censoring speech
as have been the Muslims. Totalitarian activists like Angela Merkel and Mark
Zuckerberg would punish anyone who on Facebook or Twitter says nasty or
critical things about Muslims or Islam. As
Daniel Greenfield
has eloquently pointed out, Germans who speak out about
the rapes of German women by “migrants” or about the other crimes committed by
“migrants’ are likely to be handed penalties as severe if not more so than any
migrant charged and sentenced.

It’s not that German authorities are incompetent. A
January headline informs us, “Germany springs to action over hate speech
against migrants”. Merkel forged a censorship deal with Facebook and Twitter.
So that next time Muslims commit thousands of sexual assaults, it will be much
harder for the populace to get the news out through the digital curtain of dot
com censorship and propaganda.
With her Communist background, Merkel understands
the mechanics of censorship. And that makes her an accessory to the war crimes
that Muslim migrants have committed in their invasion of Europe both before and
after the fact.
A 29-year-old German woman had received five months
probation for her outrage over Muslim rapes of women. In today’s Germany, the
sentences for Muslim sexual assaults and for denouncing them are eerily
It is an issue of self-loathing, for the Muslims as well as for the likes
of Angela Merkel and Mark Zuckerberg, the censor and her enabler. As Muslims
hate existence as well as their own, alleged “Westerners” like Merkel and
Zuckerberg also hate their own and the superiority of the West. The poppies
must be leveled, and everyone reduced to the lowest common denominator and if
that means reducing men of independent thought to non-thinking conformists,
erasing beauty as Muslims tried to erase Lara
Logan in Tahrir Square
, as the killers of Bataclan
in Paris tortured and mutilated Westerners. When attempting to understand why
many Westerners would turn against the civilized milieu in which they were
raised, one can’t help but venture into a bit of “psychologizing.” Muslims subscribe
to the notion that they are not fit for living except to serve Allah; why not
ascribe the same or similar motive to Merkel and Zuckerberg? Merkel hails from a
failed Communist regime, and is apparently making up for that by turning
Germany into a fascist dictatorship that eats the non-Muslim or non-“migrant” citizens. 
Zuckerberg undoubtedly comes from a society that holds self-sacrifice as
a paramount moral virtue, as did Bill Gates, who has made it a goal to
liquidate his own fortune, “to give back” what he claims he took from society. Altruism
can emasculate a person, and turn him not only into a self-sacrificing
nonentity but move him to become a monster who wishes to sacrifice anyone else who
does not apologize for his existence or for what he may say. 
Zuckerberg is as
much a power-luster as is Merkel even though he does not occupy political
office. He may as well occupy one for he is willing to employ his fortune in
the service of those who do, who wish to shut people up and to keep them in
darkness. “Ignorance is Strength” ran one of Big Brother’s mottos. Germany and
Sweden are practicing it full tilt in regards to number of sex crimes committed
by Muslim men.

Muslim “Bluestockings”

“Don’t complain when you are brutalized by a Muslim, or you will
be punished further,” warn the governments. “Your duty is to sacrifice yourself
to the ‘new citizens’ of our countries. We, the political elite, don’t want to
know about your shame and pain. Just keep quiet about it and bear it, or there
will be worse consequences. Self-sacrifice is a noble virtue! Haven’t you been
taught that? And we, your guardians, are prepared to help you remember those
lessons. You will be quiet about the evil we have unleashed on you, or you will
be banned from discussing it on our social media! Freedom of speech can go to
hell!” Freedom of speech can
go to hell! We, the ‘superior’
culture, can learn something from those barbarous Muslims!”

Do Merkel and Zuckerberg hate themselves? Do they hate existence? Very likely
on both counts. If you hate existence then you must hate what is required to
live successfully in it. And that is to acknowledge reality and that it permits
no wishful thinking or fraud. A is A. Islam is a totalitarian ideology posing
as a “moral” guide to living.
But, in truth, Islam is a guide to death. See my column “A
Complete Way of Death
” from May.  Don’t
tell anyone that. Freedom of Speech can go to hell. In ignorance there is