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Genocide in South Africa

Andile Mngxitama calls for mass murder

The MSM does not deign to report an ounce of news about the South African government deciding, by constitutional amendment, to steal all white-owned farmland.  This is chiefly at the prompting and urging of the Parliament’s communist/racist Julius Malema. He is not only a communist, but a combination Leninist and Stalinist; Lenin imposed communism on Russia; Stalin decided to seize the most productive farmland, which was in the Ukraine, and as a consequence starved millions to death when the collectivization of agriculture failed. Malema is a member of the African National Congress (ANC) and heads the Economic Freedom Fighters  (which means it fights against freedom, not for it)

Cyril Ramaphosa is the president of the country and is as much a racist as Malema.
Katy Hopkins and Lauren Southern have excellent, informative videos about the economic situation in South Africa and the atmosphere of fear among white farmers can be found here and here. Stalin’s starvation of millions was deliberate and premeditated. The same thing will happen when the farmers are eradicated; the whole population will starve. It is estimated that one farmer feeds about 3,000 people. Additionally, the country has a water problem; Israel offered its technology to help correct the problem, but Ramaphosa rejected the offer, based on Israel’s relation with the Palestinians. This is spiting one’s nose for ideological  and racial reasons, and not really concerned about the population.  
The lie about how whites “stole” the land from the blacks is fiction out of whole cloth. Southern presents a history of South Africa that contradicts the common story and belief propagated by the government, that whites systemically robbed blacks of their land. The Dutch began to settle the Cape Town area in the late 17th century. They got along with two black tribes which were eventually wiped out by the Bantu from the north, The Khoikhoi (previously called Hottentots) and the San. A detailed description of the chief and final battle between the Voortrekkers and the Zulus can be found here. As Southern and Hopkins relate, the white settlers entered into land trades and agreements with blacks but never expropriated it. The farms that Ramaphosa and Melama want to take originated with the whites, and were created and maintained by them…for centuries.
The story of blacks once owning hundreds of farms “stolen” by whites is as much a myth of Wakanda one, two and three.
Hopkins and Southern both traveled to South Africa and collected volumes of information about conditions in South Africa as well as gruesome stories in many points in the country of how whites have been targeted by the government and the police for terrorism, and not just the farmers. Black farmers and their workers are also terrorized. The South African government is not only corrupt, but it is a terrorist government.
Kat y Hopkns tweeted, quoting from :
“For every 1 black person we kill 5 white people”

President of Black First Land First Andile Mngxitama calls for killing of whites

Tells cheering crowd: ‘we kill their children, we kill their women, we kill their dogs.

Watch and listen to creature’s blood lust

And they do. The world watches on, silent
Listen to this evil person, President of Black First Land First, Andile Mngxitama, ranting how  all whites should be killed.
Peter D’Abrosca reports that Hopkins remarks:
The mainstream press is once again silent after the president of a socialist South African political party called for the deaths of white people.
“You kill one of us, we kill five white people,” shouted Andile Mngxitama at a Saturday rally where he called for revolution. “We kill their children, we kill their women, we kill their dogs, we kill their cats, we kill anything we find in our way.”
Mngxitama is the president of South Africa’s socialist Black First Land First Party (BFL).
The clip has been pulled from YouTube for violating the company’s terms of service, but British commentator KT Hopkins posted the clip to her Twitter account:
During the clip, Mngxitama also called for 50,000 “soldiers” to sign up and “join the “revolution.”
After facing intense public backlash, BFL and Mngxitama were forced to walk back the statement. According to Lindsay Maasdorp, spokesperson for the BFL, Mngxitama was talking about killing whites in self-defense.
In August, members of South Africa’s radical left Economic Freedom Fighter party were filmed chanting “white men must die.”
  Mngxitama’s is another in a series of calls for the deaths of white people in South Africa, which is on the brink of a civil war, that has gone unreported by Western press. In fact, the media has clutched its pearls, claiming that calls for the genocide of whites in South Africa are a white supremacist dog-whistle perpetuated by President Donald J. Trump.
Big League Politics reported:
The mainstream press melted down and devolved into calling President Donald J. Trump a white supremacist after he Tweeted a factual statement about land being seized from white farmers in South Africa.
“I have asked Secretary of State [Mike Pompeo] to closely study the South Africa   land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers. ‘South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers,’” he said on Twitter.


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