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No. 2,572

A group of young Black Lives Matters protesters (mostly
harassed several
white diners
in Washington, DC, on Monday night for not
raising their fists in “solidarity” with BLM. As you can see,
here and here and here, several
diners raised their hands. But one
woman refuses to
submit to the mob that surrounds her while yelling at her. There was another
woman in a
blue sweater, but
the exchanges between them and the protestors are inaudible, as it is with the first

Had I been there I would have given them an Italian salute,
and shouted back, “BLM is evil. You want trouble? All you get from me is the
finger. Come and get it, thugs!”

I see no
difference between the raised hands and the disgusting sight of whites kneeling
in collective guilt and deference to blacks in
Houston (there are several videos of other
pleadings from around the country of white shame and forgiveness on the
Internet, too many to cite here).  Paying
obedience or symbolic agreement and support to thugs who threaten your life is
not a guarantee of one’s life. It is not a guarantee of anything. It is
nihilism, and destruction for the sake of destruction.

At another
restaurant, In another instance
a black woman berates a couple having an outside dinner for not
raising their hands in support of BLM.

You must ask
yourself: Do those who raise their hands to signify support of BLM, do so out
of fear of being  harassed, or because
they so little value their right to be left alone to enjoy a meal without being
brow beaten and verbally accosted by thugs? And don’t want to bother with a
physical action? Do they not realize that by raising their hands – out of fear
or from just plain expediency – they are sanctioning and tolerating the ongoing
wanton destruction and killing  BLM has
been responsible for over the past several weeks?  

Most people don’t
realize the Black Lives Matter
” organization is a Marxist
anarchist group”,
writes Pam Geller.  “BLM will be able to grow as long as our
culture tolerates it.”. raising a hand in answer to its demands – or even by
just kneeling in humble, disgraceful supplication to it – is thoughtless, heedless,
and dangerous. These people may or may not reap the consequences of their “vitune
signaling.” But surely others will, who were never asked to raise their hands. 


Get on with liviing


BLM Mafia


  1. Edward Cline

    Herb said: "Kneeling in collective guilt and deference" is a very good description, and for me is an effective condemnation of this kind of 'protest".

  2. Edward Cline

    Herb said: "Once again, you've chosen a concept that is relevant and in need of attention — extortion. It's going on all around us. Political correctness is an insidious form of extortion, for example."

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