are rankled! Upset! Angry! Outraged! Gnashing their teeth! Balling their fists,
straining their massaged tendons, and cutting their palms with their manicured
nails! They’re really, really mad! It’s unconscionable! We won’t tolerate it! Their
Gucci knickers are in such a twist they have a hard time picketing and not
walking funny! We just won’t come here anymore!!! Take that, Sultan of Brunei!
dare the Sultan of Brunei, who owns some of our favorite party spots, want to
stone to death gays, and lesbians, and even transgenderites, and people of all
sixteen lifestyles who make whoopee outside marriage, or even if they’re not
married?? Our kinds of people!!!And
isn’t cutting off the hands of thieves just a bit harsh, damn it all? Over here, we let thieves off with a fine and a
warning. And that rule about no drinking??
Criminey! Unacceptable! No gambling?? That’s
Clarion Project (which unfortunately is dedicated to “challenging
‘extremism’ and “promoting dialogue,” much as many of the Hollywood
protesters do), on May 7th reported:
As Clarion Project previously reported, as
of April 1, the first phase of sharia law went into effect in the
country. Eventually, punishments including the stoning to death for the crimes
of adultery, homosexuality and blasphemy and the amputation of limbs for theft
will be implemented.
Jay Leno, who participated in the
protest organized outside the hotel, said, “I’d like to think that all people
are basically good and that when they realize that this is going on, hopefully,
they will do something about it … I mean, it’s just … I don’t know. Berlin,
1933? Hello, does it seem that far off from what happened during the
Other celebrities and business
people are joining in the boycott, including comedians Stephen Fry
and Ellen DeGeneres, and TV host Sharon Osbourne. British billionaire
Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin Group, said in a tweet: “No
@virgin employee, nor our family, will stay at Dorchester Hotels until the
Sultan abides by basic human rights.” 
Leno, who at one point joined the protests, and speaking without cue cards and with
no big adoring audience hanging on his every punch line, mumbled his
incoherency about Berlin, and 1933, and the Holocaust. (He really shouldn’t say
anything in public without cue cards or a script.) But then his wife, Mavis,
has been after the women-brutalizing Taliban in Afghanistan for a long time.
women are brutalized by Sharia elsewhere in the world, as well, by Islam. Not
just in Afghanistan. Try the Sudan, and Libya, and Yemen, and Saudi Arabia, and
Iran, and Jordan, and Gaza, the West Bank, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia,
Malaysia, the Persian Gulf emirates. And in the Netherlands, Germany, France,
Belgium, the U.K., Ireland, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy, all those former Soviet
Central Asian republics whose names end with “stan.” Austria. The
U.S. and Canada. And Australia.
Clarion Project pointed out this disparity between the outrage over Muslim
Brunei and instances of other Islamic nations that have investments in the U.S.
Christopher Cowdray, the chief
executive of the London-based Dorchester Collection of hotels owned by Brunei,
said it was unjust to single out the Beverly Hills Hotel and its employees.
“There are other hotel companies in this city that are owned by Saudi
Arabia … you know, your shirt probably comes from a country which has
human rights issues,” said Cowdray.
“This is misguided,”
Robert Anderson, the great-grandson of the founder of the hotel, told Reuters
after the vote. “We should be against human rights violations in all
countries, not just the Brunei.”
the Sultan of Brunei’s wanting to turn his country into an Islamic prison is
nothing new. Islam has been practicing these things since long, long before
Brunei was a gleam in the eyes of the Sultan’s ancestors. Since the seventh
where were all these hair-tearing protesters forty years ago? Or when Islamic
terrorists began hijacking airplanes? Why do some of these same protesters run
Boycott Israel campaigns, and wish to see Israel torn from limb to limb? Why
are they just now becoming “conscious” of Sharia? Have they the
teeniest notion of how many hundreds of thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims
have been meted the harshest Islamic “justice” over the centuries?
not. While the mainstream media shies away from reporting honor killings,
rapes, murders, domestic terrorism and related Islamic activities just in this
country, the Internet is awash with news sites that do report these things.
Hollywood types don’t read these sites. Their “social justice”
mentors advise them not to.
was their “Islamophobia” then? Or is it “Islamophobia”? I’m
willing to bet that if one asked at random any of the outraged demonstrators
against the Sultan if they were “Islamophobic,” they’d scream bloody
murder in denial.  “What do you
think I am? A racist?” Of course, a Malaysian or Brunei Muslim is not of
the same “race” as a Pakistani or Arab or Turkish Muslim. Nor even of
the same race as a chalk-white British convert to Islam. Still, the charge of
“Islamophobia” is attended by the charge of “racism.”
course, they don’t condemn Islam. Islam is such a colorful religion, what with
all that praying and prayer mats and pretty architecture and flowing garb. It’s
all so culturally diverse, you see. Sharia has nothing to do with Islam. Right?
They can divorce Islam from Sharia and not be caught condemning Islam. CAIR
will never file a slander suit against Jay Leno. Leno was smart. He didn’t
equate Sharia with Islam, either. Nor with jihad. Or perhaps he commits the
same error, that is, segregates Sharia from Islam.
for their favorite pre- and post-Oscar party palaces, and venues in which to
spend lots and lots of money and network over drinks with their favorite people
and pose with their latest squeezes for the pesky paparazzi, the Sultan gave
them fair warning last October. Richard Ehrlich in his Washington Post article
of October 22nd last year, “Brunei
to implement Shariah penal code, including stoning, caning
,” reported:
The sultan of Brunei announced on
Tuesday (Oct. 22) he will rule his oil-rich Islamic country according to
Shariah laws, including death by stoning for adultery, the amputation of limbs
for theft, flogging for alcohol consumption and abortion, and other
The Shariah penal code will begin
in phases starting in April 2014, said Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, according to
Agence France-Presse.
Walker, writing for Western Free Press on May 8th, in his article,
Hypocrisy Cracks: Stars Boycott Historic Hotel Over Sharia Law
The stars spoke out when the
Sultan of Brunei, who owns the hotel through a holding company, announced that
his country would adopt Sharia law. The law is a brutal doctrine that calls for
harsh treatment of violators of its legal and religious code – especially women
and homosexuals.
In a rare turnabout, Hollywood
put aside its left-wing obsession with all things conservative – Christianity,
the military, and free market capitalism. Hollywood wants the Sultan to divest
the hotel from its holdings. But now it has opened a debate that goes far
beyond one hotel on Sunset Boulevard.
hypocrisy of Hollywood is obviously relevant here, but it’s not my main point. Hollywood
has always been hypocritical. Over the last four or so decades, it has churned
out numerous anti-American,
anti-military, pro “social justice” films
, all the while enjoying
the rule of law which they want to change in this country, and doing its own
kind of wealth-spreading to countless tyros, producers, directors, actors, and actresses,
turning them into millionaires or better, ready to tow the Progressive/Left
party line.
the inbred, nearly incestuous cluelessness of the whole town. What Hollywood
isn’t quite aware of is the stake Islam has in their business (aside from the
self-imposed injunction against negative portrayals of Islam and Muslims in
films). Ben Shapiro, in his Breitbart column of May 7th, “Nine
Other Sharia-financed Projects Hollywood Should Boycott,
” noted:
will now operate under laws that “call for violent punishment, including
amputation and death by stoning, against those engaging in same-sex activity
and extramarital sexual relations and those committing adultery.” And as Big
Hollywood’s John Nolte stated:
Hopefully, rather than using gay
rights as a weak and hypocritical excuse to single out and beat up on
conservative Christians, this is the first step of a Hollywood that will use
its awesome power to call attention to the very real and tragic horrors homosexuals
face in Islamic countries.
In honoring that “first step,” we
hereby recommend that Hollywood leverage its massive market power against other
Sharia law targets.
The Movie Promised Land. Matt Damon’s anti-fracking
diatribe was funded by the royal family of the United Arab Emirates. As Lachlan
Markey of Heritage Foundation writes,
Promised Land was also produced ‘in association’ with Image Media Abu
Dhabi, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Media…The company is wholly owned by the
government of the UAE.”
The Abu Dhabi Film Festival and
The Dubai Film Festival.

Stars like Uma Thurman and Adrian Brody have attended the Abu Dhabi Film
Festival. And the Dubai Film Festival – Dubai is a member of the UAE as well —
has attracted celebrities including Cate Blanchett, Tom Cruise, George Clooney,
Oliver Stone, Gerard Butler, Salma Hayek, Richard Gere, Ben Affleck, Brad Bird,
and others.
Al Jazeera America. Al Gore had no problem taking
hundreds of millions of dollars from the government of Qatar to sell his
Current TV to Al Jazeera America. Qatar is ruled by a combination of civil and
sharia law. Sodomy is punishable by between one and three years in prison.
Qatar is now cooperating with the Gulf Cooperative Countries to apply an anti-gay
to those who wish to immigrate to the country.
Bank of America. Qatar currently holds a $1
billion stake
in Bank of America.
Universities Including Harvard, Georgetown, Columbia, University of Arkansas
and Berkeley.
these major universities have taken serious cash from the Saudi
government. In 2005, Prince Alwaleed bin Tala Alsaud handed $20 million to
Harvard and another $20 million to Georgetown. He stated, “Bridging the
understanding between East and West is important for peace and tolerance.”
Georgetown President John J. DeGioia stated, “The
gift will deepen Georgetown’s ability to advance education in the fields of
Islamic civilization and Muslim-Christian understanding, and strengthen its
presence as a world leader in facilitating cross-cultural and inter-religious
dialogue.” Saudi Arabia punishes homosexuality with penalties ranging from
death to lashings, from chemical castration to prison sentences.
course, former president Bill Clinton, in his lucrative speaking schedule and continent-hopping,
has spoken in the Gulf fiefdoms a number of times. And, oh, yes, the Abu Dhabi
Investment Council owns most of that icon of American capitalism, the Chrysler
– just for starters about what else the petro princes own in this
Greenfield on FrontPage ran an interesting and revealing post on May 6th
about the gamboling of the Sultan’s gazillionaire offspring, “Will
the Sultan of Brunei Stone His Gay Son to Death
Hollywood celebrities are
protesting Brunei’s adoption of Sharia Islamic law because it could mean gay
men being stoned to death. Not to mention women. Also everyone from Christians
to anyone who drinks a glass of beer could face cruel medieval punishments.
Brunei’s ruling family, like
those of most oil-rich nations, has been notorious for its party lifestyle. A
member of the Sultan’s harem has described violating his Sharia law together
with the Sultan
I could go on, but what would be
the point? Whatever Azim’s sexual preference is, does anyone believe that
Islamic law would apply to him any more than it did to his uncle?
It’s not just that Islamic law is
evil, but that it doesn’t apply to the elites who stone, whip and beat their
people, but spend all their time partying.
Vanity Fair in July 2011, ran a piece by Mark Seal which explodes the pious,
born-again-Muslim faith of the Sultan and his brother and offspring. Well, not
so much the offspring.
For six weeks, starting last
November 8, in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, in Manhattan, the
two sides in a most unusual trial presented equally outlandish stories. The
plaintiff, Prince Jefri Bolkiah, Brunei’s notorious royal playboy, who has
probably gone through more cash than any other human being on earth, tried to
convince the jury that he was extremely naïve when it came to financial
matters. He claimed that he never signed checks and that his business affairs
had been managed entirely by four private secretaries and a coterie of advisers
and attorneys, who ran his estimated 250 companies and all his other concerns.
By casting himself in that light,
Prince Jefri, 56, hoped to make the jury believe that two of his own lawyers,
Faith Zaman and Thomas Derbyshire, the attractive British husband-and-wife team
sitting at the defense table, had ripped him off to the tune of a reported $23
million. This wasn’t necessarily a bad strategy, because soon it seemed that
only a simpleton would not have noticed the blatant chicanery he was accusing
these attorneys of committing.
And this is not a Sharia court, either, but an American law court. But the
Sultan’s sons, discussed by Greenfield above, are just as profligate, and this
might be more in tune with Hollywood’s newly-cast crowd of protesting extras.
Mark Seal wrote about the Sultan and his brother:
Back home, the sultan erected a
1,788-room palace on 49 acres, “which is without equal in the world for
offensive and ugly display,” in the words of one British magnate, and
celebrated his 50th birthday with a blowout featuring a concert by Michael
Jackson, who was reportedly paid $17 million, in a stadium built for the
occasion. (When the sultan flew in Whitney Houston for a performance, he is
rumored to have given her a blank check and instructed her to fill it in for
what she thought she was worth: more than $7 million, it turned out.) The
brothers routinely traveled with 100-member entourages and emptied entire
inventories of stores such as Armani and Versace, buying 100 suits of the same
color at a time. When they partied, they indulged in just about everything
forbidden in a Muslim country. Afforded four wives by Islamic law, they left
their multiple spouses and scores of children in their palaces while they
allegedly sent emissaries to comb the globe for the sexiest women they could
find in order to create a harem the likes of which the world had never known…..
Vanity Fair article contains much, much more detailed dirt on the Sultan and
his family, but you’ll need to read it yourselves.
what’s the big deal about Sharia as practiced in Brunei? After all, Muslims
practice it in every Western country named above, either formally, in lawsuits
against “Islamophobic” critics or against communities that don’t want
mosques built anywhere near civilized people, or in impromptu applications of
it, when they rape indigenous, non-Muslim women, establish no-go areas in
Western cities, or demand that non-Muslims conform to their religious, dietary,
and social practices.
notion of “social justice” relating to the Sultan of Brunei is very
late in coming. And the telling thing about the protests is that the Sultan’s
imposition of Sharia in that pitiful country directly attacks Hollywood’s own
notorious “lifestyle.” Suppose the Sultan had rounded up all the
non-Muslims in Brunei, and had them executed? Would Hollywood turn out in its
Birkenstocks and designer jeans to protest that?
If you’re not a Muslim in Brunei and are persecuted, it’s all your fault. After
all, you can take “tolerance” too far.