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If Hillary had Become President

 Had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election – by hook or crook, but mostly by crook – the country would have continued its decline and continued the cliff jumping leap begun by Barack Obama (2008-2016).  This is the kind of thing you would be in store for.
You’ll never get rid of me!! I’m President!

Exempli gratia:

§  There would have been no Clinton Investigation. The country would not have learned about President Clinton’s secret email server. The Supreme Court of the U.S. would have found such an investigation a “blatant invasion and violation of privacy.” James Comey would have returned as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, specially appointed by Clinton on the day of her inauguration in January 2017, some say in perpetuity, although this would be denied by both President Clinton and Director Comey.
§  Bill Clinton would have been appointed as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.
§  No special Inspector General Report would have been required.
§  Director Comey would not have ordered an investigation of voter fraud in all fifty states related to the count of the national election, taking the lead from a federal district judge, Comey declares that all state voter registration laws are illegal, except in connection to Republican candidates and voters.
§  The ruling by U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson is the latest setback for Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who has championed such laws and was potentially backed by presidential aspirant Donald Trump and his now-defunct voter shadow fraud commission. The 118-page decision came in two consolidated cases challenging a Kansas voter registration law requiring people to provide documents such as a birth certificate, U.S. passport or naturalization papers. Comey’s decision endorses the ruling that the Kansas proof-of-citizenship registration law was unconstitutional and makes permanent an earlier injunction that had temporarily blocked it.
§  President Clinton will order the dismantling of what there was of the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Large parts of the fence will be sold at reduced prices to China, as was metal from the destroyed World Center. Uncounted swarms of Mexicans, Hondurans, El Salvadorans, and other Central Americans would rush across the unprotected border, where the fence once existed to claim asylum, overwhelming border control personnel and entry points. Unconfirmed estimates are that approximately one-third of Mexico’s population would emigrate to the U.S. 
§  Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders of Vermont would propose that members of the MS-13 gang be recruited into a proposed federal police force that would reeducate known “deplorables” or former Trump supporters. He will say, “There’s no good reason why such men, with a strict moral code, cannot swear allegiance to the U.S. to help us root out and punish traitorous and xenophobic citizens.”
§  Prime Minister Theresa May of Great Britain would be a guest of President Clinton at the White House, as a “sister shepherd of national transformation” and a “docent of diversity,” as the President called her, and would be placed in the second floor Queen’s Bedroom, instead of in Blair House, across from the White House which is the official guest house for international leaders.
§  President Clinton and Vice President Cory Booker would attend a special “Forever Ramadan” dinner at the Kennedy Center in Washington. (Former Vice President Joe Biden, though invited, would be unable to attend, struggling as he would be under the cloud of sexual misconduct.) Special guests of honor at the dinner would be the executives of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), key visiting principles of Hamas, the Muslim Student Association (MSA), and executives from the Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC). The main entrée would be wholly halal and no wine would be served. In observation of Ramadan, several young adult animals would be slaughtered live in the kitchen by Muslim specialists to prepare the main dishes. Guests would be offered a choice between sheep and goat curry. Desserts would be gazelle horns, namoora, kheer, and kulfi.
Peter Strzok. Did not “stop” Trump.
§  Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power would give the keynote address to the event, substituting at the last moment for Maxine Waters, who had a brain aneurism.  
§  The Special Events Planner for President Clinton would receive a few complaints from U.S.  feminists that all the women at the “Forever Ramadan” event would be seated on the other side of the banquet hall, and instructed to wear some kind of head covering, preferably a hijab, and that no legs, arms, shoulders, or backs should be exposed.
§  President Clinton would sit at the head table between husband Bill Clinton and special guest, House of Cards star Kevin Spacey. In answer to Bill Clinton’s objection to the seating arrangement, Hillary would answer, “I always liked the way he played politics in his series. I couldn’t have done better. Perfect.”
§  Former FBI Director Robert Mueller and would be later appointed main investigator into campaign irregularities for the FBI and the DOJ, would be named special ambassador to France, replacing Secretary of State John Kerry, who would resign after having a near fatal accident falling off a bicycle. The country would be spared the most daily picture of his hangdog face.
A Muslim  fashion plate.
§  Peter Strzok, rising star in the FBI who “stopped” Trump, would succeed Mueller, and later be named special envoy to Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkle will express delight and send Clinton a thank you note in German and Arabic.  
§  Huma Abedin, formerly President Clinton’s long time confidante and political aide, and now the President’s traveling good will ambassador to Islamized countries, will tell Swedish women at an opposition rally against Islam, to “just lay down, like exposed meat, and let the hungry cats have their way as many times as necessary. It is the only path to peace in a diverse society.” She will be accompanied by Linda Sarsour who will deliver special words of advice to Islamic rape victims.

Of course, one could cover the whole year, citing dozens of events and dozens of criminals and players. The end result would be Clinton establishing a totalitarian regime.


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  1. Dymphna

    OMG. That was hard to read. Dysphoria Unlimited.

    You forgot to say that Hill would've sent the FBI after you…a special deplorable.

  2. Edward Cline

    I'll get to that in Part II.

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