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If Hillary Had Become President II

This is a continuation of my previous column, “Had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election” and what news we would be rationed with by the MSM and the Clinton regime.

Can I do this, and not get a crown?

Exempli gratia:
Ø  Barack and Michelle Obama would debut their first Netflix effort, “Black is the New White,” in which President Clinton has an extended, walk-on-speaking role, portraying herself. It would use archival news footage, and be a fictional account of her struggles to win the Democratic nomination and her valiant effort to secure the electoral and national votes to win the election, based roughly on her autobiographical book from 2016, What Can Happen. The screenplay would be penned by Robert DeNiro with Margaret Atwood (author of The Handmaid’s Tale). Gwyneth Paltrow would portray Clinton in most of the scenes, and Jeff Goldblum would play her loyal Secret Service Chief.
Ø  The President would host a special dinner in the White House for news reporters, Hollywood celebrities, and members of Congress who criticized Donald Trump before and after the 2016 presidential campaign. She would give special plaudits to actor Peter Fonda and comedienne Kathy Griffin. Fonda was famous for calling for Barron Trump to be kidnapped from Mrs. Trump’s arms and locked in a room with pedophiles, while Griffin gained notoriety for posing with a fake decapitated head of Donald Trump to express her opposition to the candidate’s policies. Charles Schumer, Senator for New York, and Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, also attended the dinner, and would be praised by the President for their steadfast and often vociferous opposition to Donald Trump.  
Ø  The President would order Director James Comey and the FBI to investigate Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and other alt-right, conservative, and Islamophobic spokesmen and talk shows who are consistently critical of the President’s policies and actions. “These individuals are deliberately hurtful and do not reflect facts and reason and the public will,” the President would say. Director Comey would say in another venue, “It’s about time the decibel level of these vicious people was reduced and that the fear of my department and the power of the law take root in them.” At the same time, the President would call for special Internet controls and regulations be imposed on Islamophobic sites such as the Geller Report, Jihad Watch, Bare Naked Islam, IPT, and Gates of Vienna, among others.
Ø   Echoing the President’s remarks, Theresa May, Prime Minister of Great Britain, would call Mrs. Clinton to report that Paul Joseph Watson, a British blogger regarded by the authorities as  “intrusive and hateful” in GB and America, “had been arrested and sent to prison, charged with violation of British blasphemy laws regarding especially Islam.” The President would thank Prime Minister May, and ask her how Tommy Robinson was doing in prison. “I’m sorry to report that he has expired,” the PM would answer. “And I should  with great relief and delight that the nascent revolution in his name that had been planned has been strenuously foiled. I assure you that everything is under control.”

If you think this is purely satire and an exaggeration, think again: look what happened to Britain. Britain is not longer “Great.” It is “Britanistan.”


If Hillary had Become President


If Hillary Had Become President III


  1. revereridesagain

    That's probably closer to what would actually happen than many would like to believe. I can easily see HELLary taking those steps to censor critics, turning her FBI attack dogs loose on all of us. Emboldened by her success, muslima May would certainly have taken those same steps by now. The attacks from the cultural Marxism conformists known as the "Hollywood" elite — the vicious DeNiro, Fonda, Griffin and Paltrow and that clownish buffoon Goldblum — are making me despise 95% of the entertainment industry.

    We must win these midterms and in 2020. More and more it appears that our very lives depend on it.

  2. Edward Cline

    The reactions of "stars" and the MSM about separating illegal families is certifiably psychotic.

  3. Edward Cline

    The reactions of "stars" and the MSM about separating illegal families are certifiably psychotic.

  4. Edward Cline

    Caption is from Henry 6th, Part 3, Act 3, Scene 2.

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