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“Ignorance is Strength”

When I lived and worked in New York City I would encounter almost every variety of con -artist – from professional beggars who’d utter a plaintive “Please!” with out-stretched palms, to a man who wanted to sell me a rare coin, possibly gold, but obviously a gold-plated lead one.

And there was one who would rake in money by luring people in search of something for nothing and end the day on Fifth Avenue with wads of cash.
He was one of the most successful con-artists. He ran a sidewalk game called “Three Card  Monte.”  It was a one-man game, but often it required a shill who would appear to the onlookers as a player, who usually picked the winning card. This encouraged other players to bet which of the three cards the dealer laid face down was the queen or six of spades or whatever. The player would invariably point to the wrong card, unaware that the dealer was a cardsharp who could probably deal a whole deck of cards from a dozen Jokers. The random player never won the bet.
The Left and its minions operate in the same fashion.
Brendan O’Neill on Spiked remarked on the banning of Alex Jones from Facebook, YouTube, Google, Apple, and other internet sites:
Despite having millions of subscribers, despite there being a public interest in what he has to say, Jones has been cast out of the world of social media, which is essentially the public square of the 21st century, on the basis that what he says is wicked.
Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter remarked:
“The illiberal, intolerant cleansing from public life of ideas judged to be offensive or dangerous has shifted from being the state’s thing to being the business elite’s thing….”
“In essence, so-called liberals and sections of the political class now want corporations to do their dirty work for them. They want the capitalist elites to do what it has become somewhat unfashionable for the state to do: ban controversial political speech.”
Then there is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the go-to source for many Congressmen, SJWs, and even the FBI, for the “truth” about its designated “hate speech” practitioners. However, as Prager University states:
The truth is, the SPLC demonizes any conservative individual or organization that poses a moral and intellectual threat to the Left. Their strategy is to undermine legitimate voices that they oppose by associating them with extremists like the KKK….
The left-wing news media (essentially a redundant term) simply repeat the SPLC’s “hate group” designation ad nauseam.
In addition, Facebook, Amazon, Google, YouTube, and Twitter all rely on the SPLC to help determine which organizations count as “hate groups.” In the past, they have used the SPLC’s “hate group” label as justification to cut back or silence voices on their platforms.
I made a similar point with a Facebook reader who objected to my protest that Facebook had blocked a link to the Alex Jones bannishmnet announcement. A FP reader whined that this was not the case. It turned out the objector was a libertarian who asserted that Facebook was a private venture and could excise anything it wanted. Facebook also blocked my link to a Katie Hopkins talk.
What do these elites want, aside from the power to censor what they do not like? It’s the power to deny readers ready and easy access to information and ideas that are seen to threaten the elites, to deny readers and subscribers the knowledge that certain ideas and suspicions they may have are widespread, common, and vigorously discussed. They wish to keep people ignorant and feeling isolated. For the elites, “Ignorance is strength.” The banned ideas are judged to be “offensive,” “defamatory,” and even “insulting” – but to whom? The tech giants behave like Minitrue in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four, actively banishing truth or promoting falsehoods.
They don’t want people to know that immigration to the U.S.  from Mexico is out of control, and that, among other things, Islamic jihadists posing as Mexicans are filtering into this country. They don’t want people to know that the crime statistics of migrants in Europe are off the charts, and that the victims are mostly Europeans – white Europeans. They don’t want people to know that the North Africans are invading Europe anyway they can to robe, loot, rape, and occupy. They don’t want people to know much about the South African government’s ongoing genocide of whites and white farmers. They don’t want people to know that global warming is a myth and that the global warming “deniers” have been banned and sent to concentration camps. The elite tech giants, briefly, don’t want anyone else to know what is the truth or what is happening in the country or in the world.
The tech giants and the SJWs would prefer that we accept that we live in a Pollyannaish world and that there’s “Nothing to see here,” as a cop would say to crime or accident scene rubberneckers. They want the public to accept that the world is under the hooves of a herd of prancing unicorns, and that the tech giants are shooting the stalking wolves of “haters.”
What psychological legerdemain gives the tech giants the presumption, arrogance, and hubris to decide what people may or may not see or know? It could be called the megalomaniacal version of the Trump Derangement Syndrome, or a narcissist version of Watson’s Pathological Altruism. They must put a hand over our eyes so we don’t see something they think is wicked, and doing so will make them “feel good” about themselves as worthy human beings, they have justified their own existence…I  guess. They will have somehow saved the world from a fate worse than death or being gang raped by Muslims, and that will make them “virtuous” and worthy of the esteem of their ideological kin.  See my column, “The Era of Malice.”
Tech Giants have adtoped a Peter Strozok smirk
The compulsion to censor is governed by a need to redefine reality and eliminate statements uttered by others to make their perception of reality conform to an imaginary vision of what should compose reality. Thus, the world is should be pure and worth occupying if it does not accommodate global warming deniers or Alex Jones or Donald Trump.
This is, basically, the mentality and world view of a Stalin, or of a Mao, or of an Angela Merkel. Or of a Theresa May. Or of an Obama.
Or of a Mark Zuckerberg.
Hate speech, when it applies to individuals or organizations to which the designation justly, actually applies, such as the KKK, is just a lot of hot air.


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  1. Teresa

    I agree with all of your comments but one. The government is guilty of censorship when it violates our right to free speech. But what privately owned companies decide to say or not is their right to free speech no matter how wrong (evil) they are.

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