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So, you were curious about Intersectionality and how it works? This is Intersectionality 101; we’re here to help you learn how powerful and influential you are. Especially if you’re white. Intersectionality is closely connected to the Catholic doctrine that a newborn baby is automatically stained with a sin even though he is patently blameless. That doctrine is a partner of intersectionality, which may even derive from the notion of Original Sin.
I left this comment at the end of my column on “Whiteness.”
Not discussed here is how “whiteness” is inexorably linked to the bizarre idea of “intersectionality” which is a sticky sump of Marxist thought, in which “whiteness” is a culpable “power broker” in how it contributes to the oppression of minorities, gays, women, and people who wear blue socks. A description of intersectionality resembles instructions on how to assemble a jigsaw puzzle of one of Jackson Pollack’s canvases of smears, streaks, drips, and blobs.
The first thing is that you are probably white and can read this before your mind grows dull and you nod off. But read in full, it will nevertheless cause you to experience an epiphany and ignite excitement in your synapses and urge to tell your friends about it and refer them to this column. That’s you exercising your white privilege. You’re sharing your experience, for good or bad. You cannot predict where or when your experience will affect others. News of it might wind up in Sweden or the Sudan or affect someone in Indianapolis.  And mysteriously oppress a “marginalized” person who is not white.
And if someone sees this and objects to it, he might go on a stabbing or acid-in-the-face attack, but you would be to blame, you and every other white who exuded his vile, white cultural imperialism. So many other colored jigsaw pieces are interlocked with your white one, and with countless other white pieces, that even if you did not intend to influence a colored piece’s mind or actions, it can happen nevertheless, because of the sheer volume of white influences.
As Wikipedia points out:
Intersectionality is an analytic framework which attempts to identify how interlocking systems of power impact those who are most marginalized in society.  Intersectionality considers that various forms of social stratification, such as class, race, sexual orientation, age, disability and gender, do not exist separately from each other but are interwoven together.
Thus, your recommendation can influence the thinking or values of someone who is “pro-gun,”  is an advocate of freedom of speech, is pro-capitalism, against open borders, an opponent of unlimited Mexican and Islamic immigration, and supports a host of other “white” ideas and causes. You never know how your agreement with them will serve to sustain the ubiquity in society of those ideas and causes throughout the culture. The prevalence of such ideas can smother the values and practices adhered to by “marginalized” groups, such as Muslims.
The religious beliefs of Muslims can be unjustly marginalized by the constantly voiced assertion that Sharia, an integral element of Islam that governs Muslim lives, is incompatible with the Constitution. The assertion can come in many forms, all calculated to belittle Muslims and their beliefs: cartoons that mock Mohammad, editorials that criticize certain Islamic rituals, its treatment of women,  books that examine Islam and its history, and vociferous speeches that denigrate Islam and Muslims (intentionally or not)  – a Muslim is surrounded by these things every day. He has Muslim organizations that answer these phenomena (such as the Council of American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR) with the goal of having his beliefs accepted as normal and in some cases even adopted by non-Muslim institutions. But the Muslim is touched by white jigsaw pieces wherever he turns. It is continual vilification and denigration to reduce the stature and esteem of being a Muslim, or to make him think he is backward and a third-class citizen and persuade him to keep his place 
The religion of Scientology is also subjected to the same malign intersectional process in the name of white ”civilization.”  And the Amish. And Kabbalah. There are numerous other kinds of intersectionality—black, Asian, Jewish, Hispanic, Indian, Middle Eastern, and so on – and while they exert  some power, they all default insidiously in little, hard-to-trace ways but often in blatant, imperious, and arrogant condescension, to the white.
Civilization – an arbitrary construct, at best – owes everything we take for granted today, in medicine, science, technology, the arts, politics, to whites, and the white narrative pointedly neglects to mention our heritage in marginalized and vanished societies of color, such as the Black Athena of Egypt and ancient Timbuktu, where surgery, agriculture, and astronomy were first pioneered and developed, among many other fields of endeavor.
It is time for the bias of white intersectionality  to be knocked from its prominence and hubris and reduced to a just relation to the balance that would be fair to the diversified mosaic of modern culture. Our college professors and the MSM are hard at work to imbue the virtue of white humility in the next generation of Americans, if not eradicate whiteness altogether.


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  1. revereridesagain

    The Left has, obviously, completely severed any connection it had to rationality or any concept of individuality that it may have retained. "Intersectionality" is proof that it has adopted the mentality of a deranged insect hive that seeks to turn whatever crosses its path into mush.

  2. Uncle Dementor

    Do you hate Muslims and Arabs?

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