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Lock Jaw plague

No. 2,551

Message broadcast to many of my contacts.
I swear, if President
Trump heeds New York governor’ tin pot urging to order Americans to wear face
masks, I will not vote for him as I did in 2016,  It
would be a betrayal of everything he stood for before. I will not wear a mask,
and don’t now, and  If I’m given one I’ll
drop it in the toilet. I’d rather be issued a citation, ( which I’d tear up and
toss to the ground, or throw in the Stormtrooper’s face, or be tazed, or spend
time in jail, than wear a mask. This country will have seen the last of its
independence and freedom.
But I think Trump will
tell Cuomo and Biden to go shoe a goose.  i’m hoping.
noun: lock-jaw
(especially in nonmedical use) tetanus.
“for hundreds of years the most dreaded diseases were
leprosy and lockjaw”
spasm of the jaw muscles, causing the mouth to remain tightly
closed, typically as a symptom of tetanus.
“if your child develops lockjaw—particularly after
sustaining a wound—seek medical attention right away”
an accent associated with the upper class of the northeastern
US, characterized by a supposed lack of movement of the mouth and jaw.
It seems that Governor Cuomo, Congress, and Joseph Biden are
determined to inflict lock jaw on the entire U.S.. population to combat the
spread of CODIV-19.  Supposedly, The l
ock jaw represented by face
masks, even though
authorities say the masks are useless and ineffective, and
often a danger if one rebreathes one’s respiratory expellation. I’ve discussed
the masks in an
earlier column. If you look at a video
now of citizens shopping or walking you will see people with the masks, ready
to seek medical attention to cope with what appears to be episodes of lock jaw.
To date, President Trump will not appear in public wearing a mask. Let us hope
that he continues to make the Dems and the MSM scream.

This is what the Dems and Congress want to happen to America, to
transform into a nation in a permanent hospital environment as it sets in, making the
4th of July Independence Day celebration an empty, meaningless sham.
They want Americans to be controlled and under the statists’ thumb, obedient
and compliant.

Florida has adopted a face mask
Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to maintain his position that mask-wearing should
be voluntary. 
At a news conference in Miami Friday, DeSantis said people need
to abide by local mask-wearing requirements. But that’s as far as the governor
was willing to go, as he reiterated a position about personal freedoms.
“This has to be voluntarily because the
Constitution is not suspended just because there is a virus,” DeSantis said.
“You do have a right to protest, you have a right to go to religious service,
all these other things.”
South Dakota governor Krista Noem does
differ much from
FL’s governor about masks and “social distincing.”


Lopsided Joe Biden


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  1. Edward Cline

    Hilda remarked:

    They want to keep the plandemic going for three reasons:

    1. Give an excuse for sleepy Joe not to do rallies, because like Hillary, only 10 people would show up and like Hillary, his health/mental issues would be obvious.

    2. Force mail-in voting to facilitate fraud and pretend that Biden won the popular vote so they can keep pushing for the elimination the Electoral College.

    3. Ruin the economy in order to facilitate taking over of industries and the New World Order where most people either work for the government or for large corporation in which the government already has its tentacles, and in the process destroy Trump's base: small business owners.

    As for the mask, I've not worn one, and won't start now.

  2. Edward Cline

    Agree with Hilda 100%.


  3. Edward Cline

    Thanks to virtue signeling BSM, The NFL's ratings are going to plummet faster than Wylie Coyote falling off a cliff.

  4. Edward Cline

    Thanks to virtue signeling BLM, The NFL's ratings are going to plummet faster than Wylie Coyote falling off a cliff.

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