A “lone wolf” is still as much a predator
as it would be in a pack. Its predatory, programmed instincts, behavior and
actions are shared with those of a pack. It may be a “lone wolf” because of
conflicts between it and the wolf pack. But it is still a wolf.
Wikipedia notes about the behavior of the
“lone wolf”:
As an animal, a lone wolf is a wolf that lives
independently rather than with others as a member of a pack.
In the animal kingdom, lone wolves are
typically older wolves driven from the pack, perhaps by the breeding male, or are
young adults in search of new territory. Many young wolves between the ages of
1 and 4 years leave their family to search for a pack of their own (this has
the effect of preventing inbreeding), as in typical wolf packs there is only
one breeding pair.
Some wolves will simply remain lone wolves;
as such, these lone wolves may be stronger, more aggressive and far more
dangerous than the average wolf that is a member of a pack. However, lone
wolves have difficulty hunting, as wolves’ favorite prey, large ungulates, are
nearly impossible for a single wolf to bring down alone. Instead, lone wolves
will generally hunt smaller animals and scavenge carrion.
“Lone wolves” or packs of wolves kill to
survive. They eat their prey.
“Lone wolf” jihadists and terrorists, by
the same token, are still Islamic supremacists. They need not be “soldiers” of
any particular group, such as Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah, the Taliban, the Muslim
Brotherhood, or Al-Qaeda. They need not run with a pack. They need not have had
any close or social contact with any of those groups, other than perhaps
attending a mosque that preaches violent jihad against the West.
Many “lone wolf” terrorists are converts
driven to “prove” their new religious convictions. Their “independence” of
action may not even be approved by any of those groups, although their
fascination with Islam may be fueled by what a “lone wolf” sees those groups
approve of as seen on the Internet and in the MSM in the way of beheadings,
dismemberment of victims’ bodies, rapes,
and “random” killings. Not to mention the chest-beating claims by terrorists
that Islam will rule the world. All this answers an element in a “lone wolf’s”
makeup, a malevolent loneliness. He responds.
He is not alone.
“Lone wolf” terrorists do not kill to
survive. They kill for the sake of killing.  Islamic terrorists, alone or in packs or
gangs, are in essence nihilists. They boast:
“We love death
more than you love life.”
– Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who killed 13
and wounded 30 fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, TX
“We love death
more than you love life.”
– Adis Medunjanin, part of a 911 call made
in New York City after crashing his car while fleeing from federal agents who
had confiscated his passport
Anyone doubting the Islamic fixation on
death and its compulsion to destroy life, should see Palestinian Media Watch’s
sampling of “death wishes” here.
The death wishes one sees there are endemic throughout Islam. They are not
unique to the “Palestinians.”  They are
permanently etched in Koranic Sharia law
and in the Muslim mentality.
Here is a short list of murders committed
by “lone wolf” Islamic terrorists:
British Muslim “grooming”
, which are little more than Islamic wolf packs following the dictates
of the Koran and Hadith on the status of “captured
infidel or non-Muslim girls and women, and which do not operate under the aegis
or orders of any recognized terrorist gang. These gangs can be said to be
sub-tribes of Muslims. Their purpose is to kill any sense of personal identity
in their victims, to dehumanize them.
 The beheading murder of Lee Rigby.
The beheading murder
of Colleen
The recent murders
of two NYPD
in Brooklyn.
The “car jihad”
murders in Israel,
and The
. In the U.S., an Iranian Muslim committed “car jihad” in 2006 at the
University of North Carolina.
A “lone wolf”
jihadist needn’t even have any grievances concerning Islam. It can be racially
motivated, as in the NYPD murders, which were about cops killing
black suspects
in self-defense.
The Boston
Marathon bombing
, carried out by two “lone wolf” Muslims.
The Sydney, Australia
Lindt Chocolate hostage-taking
and murderby a “lone wolf.”
The foiled Times
“lone wolf” bomber from 2010.
This list could go on for pages. Here is a
sampling of the West’s kneejerk denials that “lone wolves” are not associated
with the “religion of peace.” These and countless other “authorities” claim to
be perplexed by the common denominator between violent crime committed by
Muslims… and Islam:
Robert Boyce, NYPD’s Chief of Detectives,
on the murder of two patrolmen by a Muslim:
Late this
afternoon, the NYPD’s Chief of Detectives, Robert Boyce, knocked down published
reports that Brinsley may have had ties to a militant prison gang, but said
he’d made anti-government statements on social media.
“There is one where
he burns a flag and made some statements. There’s others with talks of anger
for the police. He specifically mentions Michael Brown and Eric Garner…. Right
now we have no gang affiliation at all attributed to this man. He has no
tattoos to suggest anything of it and he has no religious statements that we
found on Instagram at all. None whatsoever.”
Meanwhile, in Australia, Manny Conditsis,
the former attorney of Man Haron Monis, the chocolate shop hostage-taker and
murderer, offered a weazely explanation for Monis’s criminality: 
Monis’ former
lawyer Manny Conditsis describes him as a ‘damaged goods individual’ with an
ideology that clouds his common sense.
‘This is a one-off
random individual,’ Mr Conditsis said. ‘It’s not a concerted terrorism event or
act. It’s a damaged goods individual who’s done something outrageous. ‘His
ideology is just so strong and so powerful that it clouds his vision for common
sense and objectiveness.’ 
Ayn Rand, the novelist/philosopher, had
some keen observations about “lone wolves.” In the “Ayn Rand Letter” of June, 1973:
In my last two Letters
[“The Missing Link”] I discussed the anti-conceptual mentality and
its social (tribal) manifestations.  All tribalists are anti-conceptual in
various degrees, but not all anti-conceptual mentalities are tribalists. 
Some are lone wolves
(stressing that species’ most predatory characteristics).
The majority of
such wolves are frustrated tribalists, i.e., persons rejected by the tribe (or
by the people of their immediate environment): they are too unreliable to abide
by conventional rules, and too crudely manipulative to compete for tribal
power.  Since a perceptual mentality cannot provide a man with a way of
survival, such a person, left to his own devices, becomes a kind of
intellectual hobo, roaming about as an eclectic second-hander or brain-picker,
snatching bits of ideas at random, switching them at whim, with only one
constant in his behavior: the drifting from group to group, the need to cling
to people, any sort of people, and to manipulate them. [Bold type mine.]
Bear in mind that Rand was writing in 1973,
long before Islam raised its Medusa’s head to wage its non-stop war on the West
and on the world. (The first
-related plane hijacking took place in February 1972.) The “lone
wolf,” she explains, is basically selfless, that is, he has no anchored or
permanent sense of self-identity. HIs “self” flits from religion to group to
cause in search of something that will give him a sense of self. A genuine
self, she writes, has a set of non-lethal personal or second-hand values to
which he is fully or only nominally loyal.  
The jihadist’s search will end, however,
when he alights on a “cause” or a group or a religion that promises some
measure of “drama.” The search will flail about governed by the individual’s
core metaphysical premise: death, or
killing that which it cannot be
. It searches for targets imbued with the
perceived, enviable aura of successful living. The terrorist will feel “real”
only when he is wielding life-or-death power over the living. Being a
ready-made Muslim/jihadist, or converting to Islam promises to reward him his
own aura of importance, especially if he decides to engage in murder and
mayhem. I frankly doubt that any run-of-the-mill “peaceful” Muslim genuinely
believes that being a suicidal “martyr” will convey him immediately to Paradise
and 72 virgins. But, in Islam, to doubt that is a serious, fatwa-earning crime.
Identifying the amoral character of a “lone wolf,” Rand noted:
Without personal
values, a man can have no sense of right or wrong.  The tribal lone wolf
is an amoralist all the way down….
The amoralist’s
implicit patter of self-appraisal (which he seldom identifies or admits) is:
“I am good because it’s me.”
 Beyond the
age of about three to five (i.e., beyond the perceptual level of mental development),
this is not an expression of pride or self-esteem, but of the opposite: of a
vacuum – of a stagnant, arrested mentality confessing its impotence to achieve
any personal value or virtue.
To an observer, an amoralist or “lone wolf”
may appear to have values and be moved by them. But the appearance is merely an
elaborately constructed façade raised over a lifetime to hide the truth from
any and all observers – and from the amoralist himself.
Citing a number of rationalizations of how an
amoralist can convince himself and others of his “goodness,” Rand concluded:
But even such
shoddy substitutes for morality are only a pretense: the amoralist does not
believe that “I am good because it’s me.”  That implicit
policy is his protection against his deepest, never-to-be-identified
conviction: “I am no good through and through.” (Italics Rand’s)
To sum up, the “lone wolf” Islamic terrorist
knows that he is at root irredeemably evil,
that his soul is nothing more than a hunk of poisonous glop, which he dare not
contemplate for any length of time.
All those suicide bombers, all those
suicide attack squads willing to butcher dozens of adult and children’s lives
as callously as reaping wheat or mowing a lawn, such as during the Peshawar
school massacre
, all the killing and destruction committed by them and
fellow killers, especially at the price of their own lives, reveling  their victims’ screams of terror and pain,
savoring the bloody carnage – is but their own nihilist attempt to escape alone or in the company of fellow
killers the self-knowledge that they are
evil, of no value to themselves or to
anyone else.
Is it any wonder that Islam is called the
cult of death?