No, 2,550
Biden wants to convert the country, once a free one, into a
nation of mask-wearing lepers. The
Hollywood Reporter
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he would use his power to
require Americans to wear face masks in public.

According to KDKA, Biden said:

“I would go back to
making sure that everybody had masks, that you had PPE lined up, making sure we
stockpile all the things that we need and we don’t have now. The one thing we
do know, these masks make a gigantic difference. I would insist that everybody
in public be wearing that mask. Anyone to reopen, it would have to make sure
that they walked into a business that had masks.”

The difference is imaginary and specious, as I’ve written before.
Rice of KDKA asked Biden if he could use his federal leverage to mandate it in
which Biden responded “yes”.

Biden’s many gaffs: 

Rice then pressed Biden if he would use it.

Here’s the exchange:

Rice: Would you?

Biden: Yes, I would from an executive standpoint, yes I would.

David Hanson, 
on Ruth King,
explains Biden’s state of mind better than I can:
“Joe Biden is tragically suffering a mental eclipse and
sliding away at a geometric rate. Understandably, his handlers have kept him
out of sight. He stays off the campaign trail on the pretext of the virus and
his age-related susceptibility to COVID-19 morbidity.

“I say “pretext” without apology. Quarantine should not have
otherwise stopped Biden over the past three months from doing daily interviews,
speeches, and meetings. But each occasion, however scripted, rehearsed, and
canned, would only have offered further daily proof that Biden is cognitively
unable to be president or indeed to hold any office.
 “Often Biden cannot finish a sentence. Names are vague
eddies in his mind’s river of forgetfulness. He is in a far more dire mental
state than a physically failing FDR was in his 1944 campaign for a fourth term.

“The earlier career of a healthy Biden illustrates that he was not
especially sharp even when in control of most of his faculties. We recall the
former sane/nutty Biden of Neal Kinnock plagiarism, his “put y’all in chains”
demagoguery, the studied racism of Biden’s riffs about a “clean” and
well-spoken Obama, and the sane/insane Corn Pop stories. All are the trademark
of a once fool Joe Biden, who was at least alert when compared with his current
catalepsy. If Donald Trump can be ungrammatical, Biden is agrammatical — he
simply streams together half-thoughts without syntax and then abandons the
sentence entirely.

“If Trump repeats vocabulary, Biden increasingly searches for
words, any noun, whatever its irrelevance to the point he is making. Biden
seems to suffer dyscognitive seizures, in which for moments he has no idea what
he is doing or saying or where he is — a tragic, nearly epileptic condition. In
scary episodes, the pale, scaly, and frozen visage of Biden appears almost
reptilian, like a lizard freezing and remaining stationary as it struggles to
process signals of perceived danger.

“Inserting memorized answers into rehearsed questions, as if the
entire con was spontaneous, only reveals how his once episodic dementia has
become chronic as he loses his prompt and place. It was understandable that his
handlers saw opportunity in secluding Biden during Trump’s tweeting, alongside
the contagion, the lockdown, the recession, and the rioting that in voters’
minds had equated fear of chaos with the culpability of the current commander
in chief”

Lewis County Sheriff Robert Snaza (Washington
State) told his maskless listeners about wearing a mask: 
“In case
you guys didn’t hear, Governor Inslee in his infinite wisdom has decided after
over a hundred and some odd days that we should all wear face masks — inside
and out,” Snaza said through a megaphone in the clip.“Here’s what I say — don’t
be a sheep.”

My own estimate of Biden’s state is that Elmer Fudd is in more
command of his senses than is the Presidential wannabe.