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Malice Aforethought, an Exercise in Impotence

It was educational to watch
the audience during President Donald Trump’s State
of the Union
address in Congress the night of January 30th.
The Democratic side of the House played dead.
The #Resistance
is a hate group. It refuses to acknowledge the election of Donald Trump, even
to the point of questioning his physical and mental fitness to be President,
and includes in that mantra the implied accusation that Dr. Ronny Jackson, who
examined Trump, is lying. It is willing to say anything to damage Trump, no
matter how irrational outrageous and unproven. The “Resistance” goes further by
attacking anyone associated by Trump, such as Nikki
, whom they suggested, was having an affair with him.  It was prime meat for the Dems but the rumor
went nowhere. You can’t grow rain forest trees in the Gobi Desert.
Overall, the Dems during the
SOTUS behaved so predictably anti-Trump that it was a foregone conclusion that
they would put on anguished or sour faces when he listed his achievements over
the last year:
black and Hispanic unemployment figures
Two-point-four million new jobs
The Border wall
Merit –based immigration (and doing away
with chain and visa immigration policies)
The ubiquity of bonuses for American employees
(“crumbs” said Nancy Pelosi)
The decision to make Jerusalem the capital
of Israel.
Ridding bureaucracies of unnecessary
employees (an indirect assault on the Deep State)
Standing for the National Anthem (an assault
on football’s “knee” stunts)
Many Democrats displayed frustration
during Trump’s speech, refusing to applaud economic achievements, the dramatic reduction
in black and Hispanic  unemployment, veterans
and the parents of MS-13 victims. Most of them sat with hangdog expressions. They
were sending Trump a message he already had and had expected that night. Nothing
new. The Dems, in cooperation with the MSM and a multitude of pundits, have
been flinging arrows at him for the last year and even before he won the
election in November.
Luis Gutierrez, a Democratic
politician, walked out
, wearing his African thingee on his shoulder, when
the House GOPs chanted “USA! USA! USA!” in response to Trump’s statement that
the Capitol Building was a monument to the American people. Few other Dems
joined the Republicans. One may suppose they disagreed with Trump. The Capitol
is supposed to be seen as a monument to these elected Social Justice Warriors,
and the hard work they perform to transform the country from the freest republic
in the world into a cesspool of collectivism, not to the hoi poloi.
Dems want the welfare state. Yearn for it. To
better run and regulate the lives of millions of Americans. Their unspoken
motto, in relation to uncontrolled, unlimited immigration, is that line from
Kevin Costner’s fantasy “
Field of Dreams”: “If you build
one [a baseball field], they will come
.” If you build a welfare
state, countless parasites will flood across the borders, (not the ghosts of
the late baseball legends). They will increase our voting blocs, garner us
countless new grateful Democrats to expand our base, but, you the working American,
will have no say in this, but have no choice but to pay for their illicit gold
mine of freebees in education, incomes, and so on, not us. It’s difficult to get
this point across to libertarians who foolishly call for “open borders” in the
name of “freedom.”
All in all, Trump’s State of the Union
address last night was encouraging if not thrilling. I sat

Never gives up, either

through the whole
speech, glued to my chair. Some pundits are now saying that it was better than anything
that Ronald Reagan ever said in that it gave the GOP some inspiration to get
done what they need to do on all the subjects he discussed. Over the next year,
the Democrats are going to get their butts laundered, although not by Trump.

The continuing, psychotic malice of the Dems and the MSM
will be spent shooting more arrows at Trump. And one day their quiver of hatred will be


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