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mas·​quer·​ade |  ˌma-skə-ˈrād  (Merriam-Webster)
Definition of masquerade
 (Entry 1 of 2)
social gathering of persons wearing masks and often fantastic costumes
costume for wear at such a gathering
action or appearance that is mere disguise or show

It would be appropriate to begin this column with how and why 
masked customers chased a maskless customer from a Shoprite storei in Staten Island.. NY. However,
the masked customers do not own the store (unless they’re shareholders), and so
had no right to “evict” the maskless customer by mob action or otherwise. That
should have been the freedom of the proprietor to do business with the maskless
customer or not. The incident was a mini-prelude of the
 anarchic mob mentality chaos now ravaging the
country.  But governor Andrew Cuomo has given “
permission” to private businesses  to bar
maskless people from entering their stores. “  
“That store owner has a
right to protect himself,” Cuomo said at his daily Coronavirus briefing.
“That store owner has a right to protect the other patrons in that
store…”  Against the maskless shopper, or against Cuomo? But he has
no rights, or otherwise. Rights? What are those? The concept is alien to Cuomo.

is the same governor who ordered Covid-19 patients  be put 
into nursing
resulted in over 1,700 deaths. The state 
fudged the number of people who died from
Covid-19 or from pre-conditions that had nothing to do with the virus. 
how many nursing home residents have died remains uncertain despite
the state’s latest disclosure, as the list doesn’t include nursing home
residents who were transferred to hospitals before dying. The revised list
shows that 22 nursing homes, largely in New York City and Long Island, have
reported at least 40 deaths. Cuomo granted the
 nursing home
from the legal responsibility of causing patient deaths.

In almost every news blog i read to establish links for this column I find ads
for face masks. some plain, others designed to be humorous, some with eye holes
or goggles, some “messagey,  and so on,. Pathetic. Masks are the
latest money maker now for sale to a unwitting and basically witless and
submissive public. 
the meantime, in San Francisco, which has joined the mask mania,
 passed a law that requires everyone
to wear face masks when outside their homes, and especially in restaurants. And
wherever else groups of people gather in small or large numbers
.  This is not the San Francisco of Cyrus Skeen or Sam Spade..The San
Francisco Chronicle published a guide for the simple-minded about the new 
distancing rules, comparing the social distance between people
and a Muni bus, a cable car, sidewalk squares.
 One blog laughs at the purpose of healthy people wearing masks, to
protect themselves when they are actually harming themselves by donning
 masks ,  even while they’re driving behind a ton of glass and steel.
is so obvious now are the totalitarian urges of so many state governors and
municipal “authorities.”  The compulsion to render
Americans  submissive,  helpless and  mentally
“manageable” in a regulated society and in a statist political environment in
which one’s actions and behavior are controlled by “authorities,” have bared
the actions and policies motives and designs of the controllers. They want
people to adopt and accept a lockstep mode of living.  They want
everyone to  wear masks and look like they’ve been captured by alien

calls riots
 protestsSome on the left have argued
that “rioting” is some kind of legitimate form of protest.
” The outrage in the name of George Floyd is
but a masquerade,to disguise a sheer lust for destruction.
unintended consequence of universal lockdowns, “stay at home” mandates, and
shutdowns is reported by Fox News is the rise in sexually transmitted diseases
together with a rush 
on condoms in Canada. If and when the virus
“crisis” has passes, there will be a new “baby boomer” generation come the end
of 2020.

I end this column with a note of levity. After reading all of today’s news I
had to grant myself a much needed chuckle.
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Yes, America is burning, but that’s how
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