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McCloskey saga

No. 2,560

The McCloskey story deserves a recapitulation.

On June 28When protesters marched along his private street in St. Louis on Sunday, Mark McCloskey and his wife
emerged barefoot from their mansion to 
wave and point loaded weapons at the crowd. Video of the fiery
scene instantly went viral, even being retweeted — and then deleted — by
President Trump.
But in an interview with CNN’s Chris Como on Tuesday night, McCloskey
said he and his wife, Patricia, were in fact the ones being threatened.
 In July
the police
 Mark McCloskey.
Mark and his wife, Patricia, were not charged. Joel Schwartz,
the couple’s lawyer, said a search warrant was served Friday evening and that
the gun Mark McCloskey was holding in the video was seized. Schwartz told The
Associated Press that arrangements have been made to turn over to authorities
on Saturday the gun that Patricia McCloskey had been holding, adding that her
gun was inoperable at the time of the protest and still is.
The couple
Patricia McCloskey’s pistol was removed as well, but the DA
decided to render it
The gun brandished by Patricia
McCloskey when leftist mobs descended on their home was inoperable when it was
confiscated by authorities, St. Louis police crime lab documents show.
However, a member of Democratic Circuit
Republican governor on Friday told a St. Louis 

This is where the McCloskey saga
stands. They are free.

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Our prosthetics culture


CDC gaffes


  1. revereridesagain

    We are now seeing posts elsewhere of Antifa, OnlyBlack(Marxist)LivesMatter, and other leftist thugs openly threatening Trump supporters and others marked as their enemies. If it weren't for the WuFlu lockdowns, if the rallies and other campaign activities were proceeding normally, we would likely be seeing more of this violence aimed directly at Trump supporters.

    We should assume that these Marxist thugs and their less physically violent allies also view us as targets, and act accordingly by learning how to defend ourselves on whatever level we believe we might be targets, whether it's from an Antifa goon or an unhinged "woke" in a store who freaks out because we refuse to wear a mask.

  2. Edward Cline

    Such as when the masked customers chased an unmasked patron from a ShopRight store on Staten Island.

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