“Destiny”?   As Europeans? Angela Merkel’s
brain is on some kind of drug. Perhaps she should also lay off the quart-sized glasses
of Bavarian suds.
New York Post’s story “Merkel: Europe can’t rely on
allies anymore
” of May 28th reported:
Just days after President Trump lectured NATO members about
ponying up more money
for defense , German leader Angela Merkel said Europe
could no
longer count on its allies
“The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way
out,” Merkel said during an appearance at a beer tent in Munich on Sunday.
“I’ve experienced that in the last few days.”
“But we have to know that we must fight for our future on our own, for
our destiny as Europeans,” she added.
yes. The plentiful times when Europe could mooch on the U.S. are past. But is
Europe’s future to be a European one or an Islamic one? Germany and other
European governments want to ensure that the transition from European to Islamic
submission is smooth without any speed bumps that would frustrate the
Daily Caller reported on May 19th, “Germany
Considers Million Dollar Hate Speech Fines
The German parliament is debating a proposal to force social media
platforms to either delete hate speech quickly or risk hefty fines.
The problems that many critics point out are the vague definitions of the
term “hate speech” and the restrictions that the proposed law may have on
freedom of speech. Justice Minister Heiko Maas disagrees, arguing it will only
help protect freedom of speech in Germany.
“The point of the proposed legislation is that statements that violate
the law must be deleted,” Maas, a Social Democrat, said Friday, according to Deutsche Welle. “These are not
examples of freedom of speech. They’re attacks on freedom of speech. The worst
danger to freedom of speech is a situation where threats go unpunished.”
Flagrant violations need to be removed within 24 hours while more complex
cases have to be removed within one week, according to the proposal. Failure to
remove posts may result in fines of up to 50 million euros ($56 million dollars).

Coming to your neighborhood, thanks to
Resettlement NGOs and Christian charities, which
work together to facilitate a barbarian invasion and
introduce you to diversity.

after all, who’s going to hold up all “Refugees Welcome” signs to greet the boatloads
and swarms of middle-aged Muslims of virtually every hue and color when they
step into your life to  infest your town
and city and countryside? We’ve got to shut the Islamophobes,  malcontents up and make sure they don’t offend
our new citizens! Put a premium on their “free speech.” Make them pay, block
their speech, delete it! “After all, we, the European elites won’t have to live
with the consequences of our immigration policies. We have protection! We live
in gated communities. You the hoi polloi
don’t! Misstep or one bad word, and you spend
a night in the box
! Don’t like it? Tough! We’re here to protect you!”
live comfortable and risk-free lives – except for the really dhimmified
who don’t mind having their daughters and wives raped and murdered:
The perpetrator is a
17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker
The search
for the culprit is finally over : A 17-year-old Afghan was due to one
belonging to him black scarf, its probably refugee helpers donated bicycle and a black hair, which lay
in the riverbed, converted and finally arrested.
Its DNA corresponds to that found in the body of the victim.
The perpetrator was illegally submitted to Germany in
2015 and was one of the so-called unaccompanied minor refugees.
He had already appeared in the context of a fight, but was
not deported.
Mary’s parents collected at
the funeral for a refugee project
At the end of
October, the parents of Maria L., who came from a middle-class academic family,
had a mourning display in the FAZ.
In this,
they wrote that they did not want to get flowers at the burial as usual, but
that the mourners should donate money instead
on the one hand for the education work of the Catholic Church in Bangladesh, on
the other
for the association “Weitblick Freiburg eV”.

Out of Africa, Syria, Turkey, etc.:
Muslim Morlock drooling over the body of Europa,
Courtesy of Angela Merkel.

will not
release accurate statistics
about the nature and frequency of migrant and especially
Muslim crime in that country. Gates of Vienna reported in April 2017,
Real Crime, Fake News on German Crime Statistics.”
The following video features a press conference held by German Interior
Minister Thomas de Maizière in which he summarizes the country’s crime
statistics for 2016. Mr. de Maizière does his best to spin the facts in such a
way that the “refugees” don’t end up looking quite so criminal, but he can’t
completely hide the reality of the numbers. To mitigate all those embarrassing
un-PC statistics, he makes a point of emphasizing politically motivated
right-wing crime as an important component of the report.
Interesting in this context as well is the blocking
practice of our quality media. One of our readers, J.B., wanted to comment on
de Maizière and the crime statistics at Die Welt. The comment wasn’t
approved. Here’s the comment:
“So, Herr Minister of the Interior. I have taken
it upon myself to work out the crime statistics numbers since 2010. The result:
2010: 5.933M
2011: 5.990M (first light increase after receding stats in the past few years)
2012: 5.997M
2013: 5.961M
2014: 6.082M
2015: 6.330M
2016: 6.372M
German Suspects:
2010: 1.680M
2011: 1.628M
2012: 1.591M
2013: 1.555M
2014: 1.531M
2015: 1.456M
2016: 1.405M
Non-German Suspects:
2010: 0.471M
2011: 0.484M
2012: 0.502M
2013: 0.538M
2014: 0.492M (weird jump downwards…)
2015: 0.555M
2016: 0.616M

Angela Merkel
should lay off the Bavarian suds.
Muslims might
mistake her for a German infidel.

Under it migrants:
2014: 0.059M
2015: 0.114M
2016: 0.174M
In other words, for 2016:
German citizens: 19 Suspects per thousand
Migrants: circa 174 Suspects per thousand
How, therefore, should one assess the statements
by the Minister of the Interior, when he issues a blanket denunciation of the
entire citizenry of Germany? Fake news? Hate speech?
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the huge number of Muslim
flooding Europe and Germany represent an “opportunity”.
Here’s what
that opportunity looks

like now

Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of Jihad!
Fresh white meat and subsidies for the taking in Europe!
But first have a selfie taken with Ma Merkel!

A mass brawl occurred between refugees from
Afghanistan and Albania. Some 60 refugees went after one another in the camp in
the Wilhelmsburg district on Tuesday evening. Some were armed with iron bars,
also witnesses had testified that a refugee had a firearm, a police spokesman
In Lower Saxony in Braunschweig there was also an
altercation between 300 to 400 refugees between Algerians and Syrians from a
dispute over stolen goods.
In the brawl in Hamburg five refugees were injured,
one got a wound in his arm and had to be hospitalized. Whether they were
stabbed, was initially unclear. The police had deployed a large contingent on
site to separate the warring Afghans and Albanians, said the spokesman. 30
police cars were in use…..
what the opportunity looks like. It’s an opportunity for No Go Zones. For
suicide bombings. For organized crime, constant riots and entire neighborhoods
and then cities ruled by Muslim gangs that swiftly evolve into militias just
like they do in the Middle East.
Any brawls reported between
migrants and white Europeans?  Probably
not. White Europeans are not permitted to fight back against their attackers. It’s
a punishable offense, because it would be called “racism.” But the elephant
under the table is that fact that, no matter if it occurs in Rotherham,
Cologne, Manchester, or Paris, Muslims wage their own kind of “race war”
against white Caucasians. I don’t think I’m the first to make and express that
So, Frau Merkel, how’s
that working out your country’s destiny yourselves working for you? Remember what
your selfie pal said:
“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets,
the minarets our bayonets and the faithful  our soldiers…” ―Recep Tayyip Erdogan,
President of Turkey.

Merkel is
obsessed with having
selfies taken of her with

Did you think
Erdogan was kidding? Breitbart
in February 207:
The 62-year-old German chancellor began her speech by acknowledging that “the European Union right now
is in a very difficult situation due to the result of the British referendum …
which is very regrettable”.
Germany, France,
Sweden, and Belgium and the rest of the European Union need more Morlocks to
make things work! So let them emerge from their dank pestholes and grace us
with their diversity! Morlocks and the Eloi can dance in celebration around a
Maypole….No, wait, dancing and quaffing beer, too, are prohibited in Islam!
Has Merkel ever
clinked glasses of Reinheitsgebot with a Muslim
after another selfie?