My letter about Virginia Governor Tim Kaine’s renewed effort to ban smoking on private property was published in the Newport News Daily Press January 17. Except for the term “imbecilic” and the Patrick Henry reference, which was an inexplicable but regrettable excision by the letters editor, the letter was run without further editing:


The imbecilic grin of Governor Timothy Kaine, as he announced on January 7 his intention to endorse legislation that would arbitrarily ban smoking in all Virginia bars and restaurants, belies a malice for more than smokers and smoking. He represents a Leviathan that recognizes its own passion, which in this instance is currying favor with the vague forces of “social change,” most of which are anti-freedom and anti-reason. In the state in which Patrick Henry raised high the torch of liberty in 1765 and 1775, he wishes to extinguish the few smoldering coals of liberty left in the birthplace of American freedom. He seeks stale conformity and blind obedience. He wishes to bring Virginia into line with the dousing of freedom in Britain, France, Canada and other countries that have banned smoking in “public” (read private) places.

You see, it isn’t just about smokers vs. nonsmokers. The entire anti-smoking campaign is merely symptomatic of a more serious, national political phenomenon, which is collectivism. And one of the premises of collectivism is that we are all wards of the Leviathan state.


Edward Cline