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Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, two Zeroes uttering Zeroes

Hark! News from the Democratic mortuary

The alleged “rebuttal” of Senator Chuck Schumer and House of the Representatives head Nancy Pelosi to President Trump’s Tuesday evening address to the nation about why the wall on the Southern border must be built, is now history. Given the volume of laughter on the Internet a sample here) at their funereal delivery of the “rebuttal” and the mockery it inspired, I don’t think it’s history that the pair had intended or planned for.  See my column, “Nancy Pelosi wants to Erase Freedom of Speech,’ for details. Some commentators called the “rebuttal” a flat rehearsal for a Saturday Night Live skit.

Schumer and Pelosi uttered nothing but predictable Democratic banalities in their rebuttal. Their dead-pan delivery of any substance lacked even the pretance of substance, and did nothing to counter or contradict Trump’s expressions of fact about the criminals and drugs creeping or sneaking across the border and wrecking mayhem on America and its  citizens (e.g., the murder of Officer Singh in California by an illegal immigrant, and the rape and claw hammer death of Marilyn Pharis).  And of course there is the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco by another illegal and repeatedly deported immigrant, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez.
Did anyone get the impression, while watching and listening to them, as I had, that Schumer or Pelosi were even aware of these crimes? I didn’t. Perhaps they were aware, but they did not let on that they were, or the information was deleted from their prepared scripts, so it was handily passed over or ignored. 
Schumer exuded nothing but his “Do as I say, I’m the authority because I’m a senior Senator who wears custom-made befocals” look, while Pelosi resembled a deer frozen in the headlights. To both Schumer and Pelosi, the crimes committed by illegals here in America and south of the border, were irrelevant they were not to be reminded of the crimes, lest one could be charged with racisim or bigotry or hatred.They would be offended, and would probaly remind you of the incivility of raising the subject of facts. Schumer, when reading something while wearing those glasses, always impressed me as looking down his nose at everyone and not just through his bifocals.
Advertising tattoos for nihilism
Trump mentioned MS-13 and the gang’s crimes, but Schumer and Pelosi deigned not to mention them, regardless of the horrific murders committed by the scarily tattooed gang. Neither of them care what they are willing to subject Americans to.

One blogger remarked that MS-13 is on a par with Islamic jihadists, especially the ones who raped, murdered, and beheaded Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, of Denmark, and Maren Ueland, of Norway in Morroco.  Jihadists hate life, and hate the good, and are willing to destroy for the sake of killing. In truth, MS-13 members have an operating philosphy at root the same as that of the jihadists, and are no better than them. But, these creatures do not stir an ounce of abhorrence in Schumer, Pelosi, and their Democratic colleagues in the House. 

The Democrats are hell bent on defeating Trump, to make him bend to their will and wishes, to atone for defeating Hillary Clinton. I discern no other motive behind their actions. They have nothing to say.


Nancy Pelosi wants to erase Freedom of Speech


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