Racism claims that the content of a man’s mind (not his
cognitive apparatus, but its content)
is inherited; that a man’s convictions, values and character are determined
before he is born, by physical factors beyond his control.”
As I have queried elsewhere: Will Americans reclaim their freedom
to go about their lives without the government or the virus “crisis” dictating
how they conduct  their lives, as they
had decades ago? Do they even remember the time?  I’ve said it before: This is not my culture,
and it seems to be becoming worse; statists have jumped at the opportunity to
impose more and more restrictions and controls, and proclaim that they are the
“new norm.”.
One blog offered this advice on how to submit:

So you can accept BLM, a nihilist political movement that
seeks to order and dictate your life and values, as the “new norm,” while it
destroys America.
Or you can
accept Sal Alinsky’s
Rules for Radicals as the defining governor of your life and values, and
say goodbye to the “old” norm of reason and rationality and freedom and

Or you can
just shrug off the “new normal” with a
c’est la vie attitude of resignation.

I see no
evidence that Americans in any significant numbers are discarding face masks
and “social distancing.” Instead they are allowing the restrictions and Marxist
engineering of society and allowing the invasive rules.
If it isn’t
the government prescribing your life, it’s the major corporations.

Pam Geller has
a list of some of your favorite corporate traitors, who donate generously to
Antifa and BLM and to other left-wing “social justice” organizations. They
are determined to thread the rope 
intended to hang them

She has another
about airlines and masks.
faux-ci Fauci said masks were superfluous.
“Major US
airlines in Airlines for America, the carriers’ industry group, have announced
they intended to more strictly enforce mask wearing aboard their planes,
including potentially banning passengers who refuse to wear a mask.
little direction from the feds and pressure to fill seats as safely as possible
as  coronavirus.continues, U.S. carriers
offer significantly different policies…
“By: The Wall
Street Journal
June 17, 2020:
airlines are trying to strictly enforce face coverings during flights. Others
have given it cursory attention. As with the question of blocking middle
seats—some carriers are doing it and some aren’t—the inconsistency worries
passengers concerned about virus exposure in tight confines.
“American, United and Delta, which have been enforcing face-covering
requirements at boarding and not in-flight, say they will get tougher starting
this week. Each airline says passengers who refuse to wear masks in-flight
without a valid reason may be restricted from future flights on the airline.
The length of time on the no-fly list will be determined by the incident.
JetBlue and Hawaiian already have a process in place to put noncompliant
passengers on their own airline no-fly list…
“In Southwest’s own weekly surveying of customers, the three most
important things to passengers onboard now are clean surfaces, clean air and
masks, says Andrew Watterson, Southwest’s chief commercial officer.”
The other
passenger expectations are arguable. But the masks are i