No. 2,559

Our new prosthetics culture.—by progressive stealth.
lock jaw masks – Arthrocentesis or  prosthetics
an artificial feature or piece of flexible material applied
to a person’s face or body to change their appearance temporarily.


1735–40; < Modern Latin prostheticus, from
Hellenistic Greek prosthetikós, equivalent to prósthet(os) “added
on,” verbid of prostithе́nai “to add, put onto” (pros- 
the-, stem
of tithе́nai “to
put, place” + -tos verbid suffix) + -ikos 
I barely recognize my country now.
people are being given
citations (not
cheap) or are being cuffed for not wearing the disfiguring prosthetics properly
to “fight” or arrest the spread of the CODIV-19 virus. So. In many locales
Americans have acquired a prosthetics, more or less permanently, and do so by
mandate, not by law (if it was by law it would still be horrific and not make a
difference in the “fight” against the virus, except to me these are not the
fellow citizens I grew up with. The lock jaw prosthetics are certainly
artificial. The instances of citations and fines can only multiply. In
West Hollywood, (Face
coverings have also been required in Los Angeles County since May 14
), in Santa Monica,
residents could be fined $100 if they don’t wear a mask or 
comply with social distancing (or
keeping at least six feet of distance from others). Second and third violations
would result in $250 and $500 fines respectively, and businesses that break the
mask or social distancing mandates could receive up to $1,000 in fines.
They will multiply because modern cops will
only trade issuing banal parking tickets for punishing citizens for not
complying with arbitrary power of the civic elites, for not obeying the
dictates of tin pot dictators who pose now as “life savers.”. .

has jumped onto the mask mania. As well as Arizona..
The mask mandates are convenient exercises of power to force people to pretend they are “saving lives” and
“aiding the community.”

 The CDC,
of course, is the principle cheerleader for mandating a near
universal mask policy.
Trump has not echoed its yearning for mask compliance.
And it is all being orchestrated
by liberals (aka, progressives).

As David Horowitz once said, “Inside every progressive is a totalitarian
screaming to get out.”
America has turned from a freedom loving country to one in
which too many citizens willingly exchange their freedom for one of obedience
and conformity, for the altruist “virtue” of stopping the spread of the virus,
a “virtue” established by the screaming totalitarians.
Americans may need to wear masks for a long time, if
the totalitarians have any say in it.
Politico   The left has been almost uniformly — and loudly — in favor of sacrificing
many personal liberties in exchange for containing the virus’ spread. The right
has been divided, but the vocal activist wing of conservatism that has enormous
influence on social media and Fox News, has been far more willing to attack the
various infringements on where people can go and what they have to wear. The
mask has become the ultimate symbol of this new cultural and political divide.
” Or a symbol of the “New Norm.”