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Obama’s Malice Aforethought II

“We are five days away from fundamentally
transforming the United States of America.” — Barack Obama, October 30, 2008
“We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change
our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place
as a nation.” — Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008

Quoting from a Canada Free Press column on Obama’s
plans to spy on bloggers, I opened my October 2010 Rule of Reason column, “Obama’s
Malice Aforethought
” with:
President Barack Obama’s feelings are hurt.
most of his
time in the White House
, Obama has been critical of information about him
and his administration posted on the Internet. He’s frequently denigrated
bloggers and Internet conservative news & commentary web sites for their
efforts to cover stories the so-called mainstream news media refuse to cover,
according to critics of his plans to control the “Information Highway.”
is precisely the kind of speech that Obama and his unelected czars and wannabe
censors wish to monitor, judge, squelch, punish, crush, and eradicate.
Permanently. Napoleon shared the same touchiness: “I fear the newspapers
more than a hundred thousand bayonets.” And those newspapers, together
with the bayonet thrusts of bloggers, conservative (and non-conservative) news
and commentary websites, have needled Obama and his staff and advisors beyond
endurance. Any words critical of Obama or the government have been regarded as
the equivalent of blasphemy, slander, libel, and the subverting the “community
harmony” of the nation.

Five years later, anyone writing a column such as
this one can be deemed a “potential terrorist” or a contributor to terrorism if
someone acts on whatever he might read here. That will usually mean an enraged
Muslim offended by anti-Muslim or anti-Islam “rhetoric.” Attorney General
Loretta Lynch
has vowed to commit the Department of Justice to punishing a
writer for inciting “hatred” for Muslims with “anti-Muslim” rhetoric. Well,
Loretta, come and get me. My “backlash” has been ongoing for about ten years.

pontificated, “When we talk about the First Amendment we
[must] make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not American.
They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted …
My message not just to the Muslim community but to all Americans is ‘We cannot
give in to the fear that these backlashes are really based on.’”
Yes, Obama’s feelings are hurt that so many
bloggers and freedom of speech-clingers and aficionados are saying nasty things
about him, accusing him of all kinds of nefarious designs on and actions
against America, even though he has been quite vocal and public about
those nefarious designs and actions. He has really left nothing to the
imagination regarding how he plans to “fundamentally
” America. Perhaps he really is a closet Muslim. He has said
diddly about slaughtered and enslaved Yazidis, Christians, and other non-Muslim
groups in the Middle East. He has a soft spot for Islam only.
Muslims’ sensitive feelings are easily hurt, as we
all know by now. When their feelings are hurt, they go on murderous rampages
and, well, hurt people. Or kill them. Rather than blame Muslims for the crimes,
the MSM echoes Obama and blames the victims for being members of a
Muslim-hostile culture. Or of a Western culture. Obama would go so far as to
say of a “white” culture. It’s his notion of “reparations.”
Enraged, and truly upset about the anti-Muslim
“backlash” that doesn’t seem to want to materialize in this country, Obama will
bypass Congress and use his presidential executive powers to stick it to
America, thus overreaching those powers to impose an autocrat’s will on the
country. He has said that America needs to be more brown (or black), meaning
more Muslims and more Mexicans
or South Americans. So not only do we have a closet Muslim and bonafide
Marxist/Alinskyite for a president, but a racist. He will import any color into
America as long as it’s not white. Whites must be in the “shadows” and defer to
Muslims and non-whites. They’ll need to “navigate” their way through a hostile,
multicultural, multi-ethnic politics and social environment. See the Mark Levin
link above and listen to his broadcast of March 2015. It’s all about
“transformation” by stealth.
Yet, Congress has yet to challenge or oppose him.
Congress is not on America’s side, either. Ask House Speaker Paul Ryan, he of
the gross beard and flexible, ambidextrous, or even non-existent principles.
The MSM, which swooned over Obama’s candidacy for
the White House, is on the same ideological page as Obama and his cohorts in
and out of government. That, too, has become so obvious since 2010. And where
is this “Muslim-hostile,” Muslim-free culture? Someone, please tell me where it
is. I’d like to “resettle” there before I’m mugged by a Somali or knifed or
shot up by an AK-47.
2010 seems so long ago, ages, and so much has
happened in the half decade since. Obama’s naked malice for this country has
manifested itself in too many ways to recount here. So, we’ll dwell on his
transformation policies. We’ll start with brainwashing. A.K.A., “education.”
David Solway, writing for PJ Media, in his January
5th column, “Islamic
School Projects
,” begins:
Islamization of America is proceeding at speed as the political and educational
elites are desperately playing catch-up with Europe’s looming immigration and
refugee disaster. We have just learned that Paul Ryan’s “House-passed
omnibus [bill]
will bring in nearly 300,000 Muslim migrants in the next 12
months alone, including roughly 170,000 who will be permanently
resettled…” The political nomenklatura on both sides of the aisle are
hastening the ruination of the country.

Roger Simon remarks,
“Europe is in a double-bind situation that we are not.  As their domestic
populations decline, they have to admit a substantial amount of Muslims to
support their welfare states.  We do not need this.” However, there
are no doubt electoral and fiscal considerations that would profit, on the one
hand, the political fortunes of the Democrats (as well as “fundamentally
transforming” America according to Obama’s sinister intentions), and on the
other, the financial prospects of those involved in migrant resettlement
programs and of employers seeking a low wage labor force.

For figures and facts on those looting doyens of
the migrant resettlement programs, see Ann Corcoran’s Refugee
Resettlement Watch
site here. As is the case in Muslim-invaded
, taxpayers in this country are forced to fund their own displacement,
dispossession, and exposure to the crime and disease these “culture enrichers”
bring to the U.S. from their stagnant, primitive, and violent cultural

Perhaps the most important contributing cause to
today’s immigration phenomenon is the
welfare state. It draws human fire ants,
termites, and other pests who hope to partake in a system of confiscatory
taxation. We are talking here about Muslims and Mexicans. This makes them
“economic” migrants, rather than “oppressed” or “persecuted” refugees. As
mentioned above, the Democrats and other statists in this country have a
demographic and electoral interest in importing as many economic migrants as
possible who are attracted to the possibility of being sustained by a whole
catalogue of “freebees,” without having ever been forced to chip into the
confiscatory system in the past. Putting migrants on instant welfare guarantees
the Democrats a loyal voting bloc.

Moreover, it is American children who must be
“conditioned” to appreciate and accommodate the “cultures” of these economic
migrants, Muslim and Hispanic.

education establishment is no less complicit. Common
, which has been enthusiastically embraced by both Brahmin and
shudra, effectively
mandates the study of Islam, which often takes precedence over the traditional
focus on American and Western history. As columnist and author Edward Davenport
for Freedom Outpost, “An astounding 32 pages of the World history
textbook are devoted to Muslim cavitation. Students in two Texas schools–Cross
Timbers intermediate and Kenneth Davis–will be required to learn Arabic…thanks
to a 1.3 million grant from the Department of Education’s Foreign Language
Assistantship program.”

of American political and military history has been airbrushed out of the
materials students are expected to master. Qatar has also been lavish in
promoting Islamic propaganda at the expense of objective scholarship; indeed, Qatar
Foundation International
, directed by Islamic apologist Tariq Ramadan,
funded the “One World Education” concept from which Common Core originated.
Edward Davenport connects the Common Core dots in a
Freedom Outpost column of last August, “Obama,
Ayers, and the Muslim Connection to Common Core
Ayers, the unrepentant, 1960s, bomb-throwing, self-professed “small c
communist” and college professor who founded an education-reform group in
Chicago, which he co-chaired with Barack Obama, has long ties to terrorism and
education. This combination could prove deadly for the future of American
education and possibly for the future of America. These connections run deep….
1995, Ayers founded the Chicago-Annenberg Challenge, an education reform group
funded by billionaire philanthropist Walter Annenberg. Barack Obama served as
Board Chairman from 1995 to 1999. Although the CAC’s stated purpose was to
improve education in the city through grants to education groups, reading,
writing, and arithmetic took a backseat to political activism. There is no
evidence that test scores in the city improved.
is a deliberate lie that Common Core standards are “voluntary,
state-led” and “created by the National Governors
Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers to improve academic
achievement and increase accountability. President Barack Obama and his
administration embraced them.” The NGA and counsel of Chief School
Officers are government-funded trade organizations based in Washington,
D.C. Over $100 million in funding for Common Core
can be traced to the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation prompting even the
notoriously-liberal Huffington Post to point
out the obvious
: “CCSS is not ‘state led.’ It is ‘Gates led.'”

What exactly is Common
? A visit to its site is not enlightening, as it is saturated in opaque
edu-speak about literacy and mathematics. Reading it, one gets the sense that
every sentence is a coded statement that doesn’t mean what it says. Beneath the
benign, often banal bromides is a malignancy for the independent mind and
freedom of thought. That’s the postmodern way. To refute or rebut any one
section or sentence in the site’s claims would require a book-length treatment.
What is the Common Core?
education chiefs and governors in 48 states came together to develop the Common
Core, a set of clear college- and career-ready standards for kindergarten
through 12th grade in English language arts/literacy and mathematics. Today, 42
states and the District of Columbia have voluntarily adopted and are working to
implement the standards, which are designed to ensure that students graduating
from high school are prepared to take credit bearing introductory courses in
two- or four-year college programs or enter the workforce…..

Get the government out of education. Problem
solved. But, is adopting Common Core voluntary?
Well, not on any parent’s part, you can be sure.

of the standards is voluntary. It is up to each state and territory to decide
if they choose to adopt the Common Core State Standards as their state
educational standards in English language arts and mathematics. States can
tailor the standards to address their needs. Here is a map showing the states that have adopted the

A lie. If
states depend on Federal largesse to sustain their public school systems, and
if the White House “embraces” Common Core together with myriad Federal, state,
and local education-affiliated organizations, including teachers’ unions, then the
states had better adopt Common Core.

David Solway
gives an indication of how deeply the Muslim interest is in Common Core and the
prepping of American students to live in an Islamic supremacist environment.

points out that “Title VI of the Higher Education Act has become a ‘magic
carpet’ for Saudi influence over American schools. Title VI requires Middle
East study centers receiving federal funding to engage in cultural-exchange
programs with U.S. schools. Outreach coordinators, funded by the Saudis, then
create lesson plans for American K-12 teachers.” Publishing giant Pearson Education,
which advertises itself as designing “education products and services to
institutions, governments and direct to individual learners” and certifies
teachers, dominates a significant part of the Common Core industry. According
to the Washington
, Pearson is owned by the Libyan Investment Authority, which
controls 26 million shares in the company. The Times concludes: “The
$632 billion the federal government spends each year on public school
‘education’ is being wasted on violating the First Amendment, by the federal
government instituting a religion through the teaching of Islam in public
schools.” The Federal “Race to the Top” initiative, part and parcel of Common
Core, has ensured the precipitous chute to the bottom.

we are observing are the effects of a macropolitical strategy, reinforced not
only by curricular structures and testing practices, but by the ostensibly
innocent maneuvers that feature on the micro-tier of educational procedures.
The nexus between sectarian politics and partisan education is now firmly
entrenched in the American cultural mindscape, and we can see how this plays
out on the level of primary and high school “learning projects.” We have read accounts
of elementary and high school students pledging allegiance in Arabic, observing
Muslim holy days, being drilled in Islamic vocabulary, prayers and culture,
being taught the five pillars of Islam and world history from an Islamic
perspective, reciting the Shahada (“There is no God but Allah and
Mohammed is the messenger of Allah”) and being taken on field trips to mosques
(but not to churches, synagogues or Hindu temples).

One of the aims of Common Core is to drill into the
heads of American students that there is nothing exceptional about America and
that they’re not special, and that their country is merely a piece of the
“global mosaic” with no extraordinary status among nations.
By the time Obama gets through with “transforming” America, there
won’t be anything exceptional about it.  It
will have been pulled down to the status of just another postmodern, balkanized
political entity scheduled for dissolution and degradation by hordes of savages
and ethnic blocs manipulated by their political handlers and benefactors. That
can’t but please him. The Pact of Umar and the Istanbul Process will have
abrogated the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. See Stephen
Coughlin’s Catastrophic
: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad
, for a description of
that process.
“Transforming” America was ever foremost in Barack Obama’s


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    Fascinating essay and previously unknown to me. I guess another issue to be dealt with by President Trump (who appears to have a real shot of winning in New York and New England unlike any of the other Republican candidates). I am truly puzzled how ordinary Americans could vote for (and continue to support) this viper in the breast of the nation.

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