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Our Very Own “Nation of Islam”

Before 9/11 – 2001, that is, how many years have
passed, and there is still no “closure”! – Islamists were of no
concern to Americans. Well, a liberal politician or columnist might retort, maybe
except for the botched World
Trade Center bombing of 1993
, when only six people were killed. Less than a
handful. Nothing to worry about. The WTC recovered. People got on with their
lives, up until, well, 9/11. As far as blaming Muslims and jihadists is concerned, anything that happened before 9/11 is just
a blank page.
But wait! There’s more! Brush the cobwebs from
your memories. Those of us with non-porous memories will remember: Muslims have
been waging a murderous war in the name of Islam, and even in the name of
racism, since at least 1972! Oh, come on!
Oh, yes.
Bill Warner of the Political Islam
site recently published “Jihad in America,” a five-page list of sixty-four
terrorism incidents dating from 1973 to April 2013. That’s forty years of
Islamic terrorism, and counting.
Post-9/11 data are derived from The Religion of Peace site, which, in
addition to reporting the latest Islamic murders, conquests, and outrages,
features a list longer than Bill Warner’s of Islamic atrocities committed
around the world between the end of May 2014 and June.  That’s just about thirty days, or nearly 500
incidents of Islamic violence which resulted in deaths, injuries, and
kidnappings.  In one month.
Astonished by the number of Islamic violence-related
incidents that have not been reported
in the mainstream media, or even hinted at, I printed out that list – it came to
ten pages – and took the time to tally the bodies: 2,190. This body count includes Muslims attacking non-Muslims,
Sunnis fighting Shi’ites in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, the depredations of Boko
Haram in Nigeria and of ISIS in Mosul.
The death count does not include individuals
executed in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and
Yemen (did I leave any country out?) as part of the government’s enforcement of
Sharia, or the vengeance killings, rapes, extorted conversions, and kidnappings
by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. From Thailand to Sadr City to Damascus to
Benghazi to Kenya, the Bubonic plague of Islamism has claimed thousands of
lives just in recent memory – never mind in centuries past – and will continue
to claim them until Islam is repudiated, or until the Western powers (or are
they “powers” anymore?) decide to teach Islam a lesson.
Noteworthy in the list of Islam-related crimes
committed in the U.S. is the number committed by members of the Nation of Islam (NOI), an organization which
could be said to have pioneered waging its own brand of jihad on the country, and especially against whites and Jews.  And another astonishing discovery was that the
Poverty Law Center
, not known for its  adherence to reality and objectivity in
identifying domestic terrorist organizations, has actually designated NOI as a
“hate group” guilty of spewing “hate speech.” The SPLC staff
must have been on meth then, or were recovering from hangovers from a drunken Christmas
The first NOI mosque was founded by Wallace
Fard Muhammad
in Detroit, Michigan, probably in 1930. His origins and end
are obscure and a confusing mishmash of legend and fact. Official NOI mythology
claims he was Allah incarnate. The FBI, however, in possession of his
fingerprints, identified him as Wallie D. Ford, an ex-convict from Portland,
Oregon.  Discover the Networks notes that
while WFM preached Islam, his brand of it departed from “traditional”
Islamic texts and practices: (though not by much):
“theology” had little in common with traditional Islam,
virtually ignoring the Five Pillars of the faith (acceptance of
Allah, the Prophet Mohammed, and the Koran; the observance of Ramadan; charity
to the poor; making the hajj; and daily prayer). It
focused instead on an elaborate myth in which a renegade black scientist
named Yakub had created the white race 6,000 years earlier as both a curse
and a test for the black master race. According to WFM, the black
tribe of the Shabazz, despite a 66 trillion-year head start over the upstarts,
was overcome by the inferior white race and its enslaving religion,
His brand of Islam and his preaching skills
netted him some success.
By 1934, WFM’s Detroit
temple had 8,000 members. Among his most important converts was Elijah
Poole, an alcoholic grade-school dropout who eventually would become Elijah
. WFM sent the latter to Chicago to establish a second NOI
temple (after having spent three years instructing him).
, his successor in NOI, developed Fard Muhammad’s Islamic version
of “black
liberation theology
” along the lines of racism. In 1932 he was sent to
Chicago by his mentor to establish an NOI mosque there.
WFM mysteriously disappeared in 1934, NOI, amidst charges and
counter-charges of foul play, experienced its first schism. One faction,
led by Abdul Muhammad, used the name Temple of Islam; Elijah Muhammad,
meanwhile, established a new NOI headquarters in Chicago. Eventually,
Abdul Muhammad’s group would be reabsorbed by NOI.
During World War II, Elijah Muhammad became a
“conscientious objector, not only to the war, but to the United States.
He encouraged blacks to
become conscientious resisters in World War II and was himself arrested and
incarcerated for draft-dodging in 1942. In his own defense, he argued both
that he was too old for the draft, being then 45, and also that as a black man,
he had no business fighting for the United States. 
He wrote:
“When the call [to register for the draft] was made for all males
between 18 and 44, I refused (NOT EVADED) on the grounds that, first, I was a
Muslim and would not take part in war and especially not on the side with the
infidels.” In fact, Elijah Muhammad encouraged blacks to support the Japanese
against the U.S.  He also established NOI’s paramilitary wing, the
Fruit of Islam (FOI), and instituted the FOI dress code of black suits with
white shirts.
Elijah Muhammad blew the mythology of Yakub to
new proportions of racist lunacy:
In 1965 Elijah Muhammad
published a 300-page book titled Message to the Blackman in America,
based on the aforementioned WFM doctrines. In his screed, Elijah
Muhammad explained that Allah had originally created the black race before all
others, followed sequentially by the brown, red, and yellow races. The white
race, he said, had come into existence only through the efforts of a
renegade scientist named Yakub, who allegedly created white people
sometime around 4000 BC.

According to Muhammad, Yakub extracted the “brown germ” from the
“black germ” and in turn grafted whites from the “brown
germ.” The result of this ill-advised experiment, said Muhammad,
was the dilution of black blood and the creation of a morally tainted
strain of humanity — “white devils” who would go on to
devastate the world and oppress all other human beings, and whom God would one
day destroy in a liberating Armageddon.

No reconciliation between whites and blacks was
possible, preached Elijah Muhammad. Furthermore:
According to
Muhammad, blacks who strive to assimilate into mainstream American culture
were “disgraceful Uncle Toms” and “Stool Pigeons.”
Sound familiar? Non-black Muslims who strive to
integrate into American society are also traitors and probably apostates. (Though
there don’t seem to be very many of them.) The Council of American-Islamic Relations
(CAIR) and other Islamic organization in this country expect America to
accommodate Islamic supremacist political theology and practices, as well.
NOI’s current high priest is Louis
, whose beginnings were benign and inauspicious.
Louis Farrakhan was born
Louis Eugene Walcott on May 11, 1933 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. As a young man
in Boston, he became a popular entertainer as a calypso singer, dancer, and
violinist. While in Chicago in February 1955, he was invited by a friend to
attend a Nation of Islam Saviours’ Day Convention at a local mosque. Soon
thereafter Farrakhan joined NOI.
Both Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammad were
implicated in the murder of ex-convict and convert Malcolm X in 1965.
As recently as 1993, Farrakhan
tried to justify Malcolm X’s assassination when he said
in a speech, “Was Malcolm your traitor or ours? And if we dealt with
[Malcolm] like a nation deals with a traitor, what the hell business is it of
yours? A nation has to be able to deal with traitors and cutthroats and
Farrakhan’s love affair with tyrants, dictators
and Muslim-governed nations perhaps is greater than Barack Obama’s.  He has also experimented with Dianetics.
According to Farrakhan, [L.
Ron} Hubbard’s teachings can help heal
“the hurt and sickness of my people”; i.e., the pain inflicted upon them by a
racist world. COS [Church of Scientology} also has the potential to “civilize”
white people and prevent them from becoming “devil Christians” and “Satan
Jews,” adds Farrakhan. “We are Muslims, but if Scientology will help us be
better, then I want the technology of this to help us to be better Muslims,” he
More information on Farrakhan can be
found on Wikipedia here,
and on his own narcistic site here, and here.
But, what about
all those Nation of Islam acts of terrorism. I cite a few crimes from Bill
Warner’s Political
January 10, 1973 – Brooklyn, NY: Muslim extremists rob a sporting
goods store for weapons, gunning down a police officer who responds to the
July 18, 1973 – Washington D.C. : 
Nation of Islam members shoot seven members of a family to death in cold
blood, including four children. A defendant in the case is later murdered in
prison on orders from Elijah Muhammad.
October 19, 1973 – Oakland, CA: 
Nation of Islam terrorists kidnap a couple and nearly decapitate the
man, while raping and leaving the woman for dead.
October 29, 1973 – Berkeley, CA: A woman is shot repeatedly in the
face by Nation of Islam terrorists.
December 24, 1973 – Oakland, CA: A man is kidnapped, tortured and
decapitated by Nation of Islam terrorists.
That’s for starters. Mixed in with NOI acts of terror and murder
are those committed by Palestinians and other Muslim jihadists in this country alone. Retired Reverend Jeremiah “God
damn America” Wright
, friend of former president Bill Clinton (no
surprise there) and former pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago,
Barack Obama’s former church for twenty years, also preached a kind of “black
liberation theology” not too dissimilar from NOI’s.
One must wonder: Given the well-known
Islamic contempt
for blacks, how copasetic can “official” Islam and
the Nation of Islam be? For more on that subject, see Stephen Brown’s February
2013 FrontPage article, “Al-Qaeda’s
Anti-Black Racism
So, dear readers, Islamic terrorism in America didn’t begin with the
first World Trade Center bombing. It began at least twenty years before with
the Nation of Islam, the maverick Islamic political theology that also proclaims
its intention to destroy America and Western civilization.


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  1. mindRider

    Thanks for drawing my attention to your blog via a comment on Daniel Greenfield's blog. We do all preach for our own parish (no offense meant) in pointing the evils of the day out to like minded readers. Does any objective study exist on how many wavering readers/listeners, I do not suppose it affects many readers/listeners from the evil side, join the ranks of good, influenced by the rational arguments and honest truth given in many "conservative"blogs and by some "conservative"talk-show hosts like e.g. Dennis Prager?

  2. Edward Cline

    MindReader: Yes, some readers from the "dark side" are surprised by the information I try to pack into each column. Three readers of this column were shocked by the NOI's criminal record, as beforehand they thought it was just another "crackpot" religion or outfit. Now they know better and thanked me for the column. I recently saw a segment on FSM about Joe Scarborough (excuse the spelling) of CNN when he tried to show how the NY Times was ignoring the IRS missing email scandal with a copy of the newspaper and the other talking heads all tried to interrupt him and change the subject. Those people, however, are inoculated against any species of truth. They're beyond redemption.

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