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The Chancellor was a terrorist

Washington Examiner on April 24th, in its article, “Obama:
Germany’s Merkel is right
on refugee welcome,” reported President Barack
Obama’s European musings on immigration:

President Obama says German
Chancellor Angela Merkel is “on the right side of history” in how she has
responded to the influx of thousands of Syrian refugees surging into Europe.
At a press conference Sunday,
the president said he is “proud” of Merkel and the German people for their
open-door policy of migrants fleeing violence and uncertainty in their home
“She is on the right side of
history on this,” Obama said as he stood next to Merkel in Hannover, Germany.
“And for her to take on some very tough politics in order to express not just a
humanitarian concern but also a practical concern, that in this globalized
world, it is very difficult for us to simply build walls.”
And now
many Europeans are fleeing
their home
countries for points that do not welcome hordes of destructive
and hostile Muslim barbarians who have boasted that Germany and other Western
countries are “dead meat.”  Doors are
opening all over the Continent. However, they are swinging doors that can snap
back to strike Merkel harshly on her electoral derriere.
Obama’s praise comes after
Merkel faced fallout in a referendum of sorts on her immigration policy. In
last month’s state elections, Merkel’s party, the Christian Democrats, took a
beating. An anti-immigration party made significant gains.
Obama has promised to admit
100,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the U.S. this year. He faces pushback
from Republicans who fear a possible security threat. GOP presidential
candidates, like front-runner Donald Trump, have attacked Obama’s pledge to
allow refugees into this country.
But it
is not just a security threat in back of those concerns. The literal invasion
of the U.S. by hordes of Muslims – especially Syrian, Iraqi, and Somalian
Muslims – poses a cultural and political threat, as well. The introduction of
so many hostile and assimilation-resistant Muslims is part and parcel of the Muslim
overall plan to subvert the country from within, per the
General Memorandum of 1991. The
country can be rotted from within through demographics and an overall plan to
perpetuate the welfare state.
ideological symbiosis between Obama and Merkel is worth exploring. Obama and
Merkel are political leaders determined to “remake” their countries in
conformance with their mutual ideologies. Obama’s motivation has been
repeatedly demonstrated to be rooted in an undiluted malevolence for America,
one closely allied to his Alinsky/Communist agenda. He wants to swamp America
and Western culture with hordes of people “of color” more amenable to the
welfare state (at least, that is his premise) so that the demographics shift to
perpetuate the welfare state, statism, and the Democratic grip on the country.
He wants to create the “new American” who isn’t automatically “white.”
Dare, if
you will, accuse Obama of racism, of racism by explicit policy and little
disguised malice. Obama’s “resettlement” program, paid to Christian “charities”
with tax dollars, is community-organizing along ethnic lines. It differs little
from Merkel’s except in scale.
I am the “new American man”
Merkel is largely
motivated by her East German Communist upbringing. Her Communist ideology is
proof against all reason. The collapse of Soviet Russia in 1989-1991
with its East European satellites, including East Germany, left her in an
ideological void, as an outlander. In her life, there was no “yearning to
breathe free” of tyranny. Her desire and career path were to become a member of
the East German Communist establishment. How could she “relate” to freedom?
There was no way she could truly sympathize with what millions of East Germans
wanted and what West Germans had enjoyed for decades. She could not “relate” to
it without voluntarily undergoing a philosophical and moral sea change, in her
politics and in herself. And that was not going to happen. She was in her
mid-thirties when the Berlin Wall came down. Too much energy had been invested
in pushing the collectivist line. The girl can’t help herself.
You can
take the statist ideologue out of tyranny and place him in a relatively free
political and social environment, but, after a certain age, you can’t take the
statist out of the person, together with a tenacious need and compulsion to
control things and people. The ideologue isn’t going to be impressed or
persuaded by the cornucopia of wealth available in a free country. He will
enjoy them, and even extol them, but he will always stump for a “higher”
purpose for living other than enjoying life.
grand design is to fabricate the “new German man” who will be of the old stock
of Germans somehow amalgamated with immigrant Muslims. Germans are proving
highly resistant to the shotgun marriage.
On April 12, 1961, Yuri
Gagarin’s historic spaceflight shook the world, sending enthusiastic crowds of
Soviet citizens onto the streets to celebrate. Just a few months later, the Twenty-Second
Congress adopted new Communist Party program, which set the goal of building
the foundations of communism in the Soviet Union by 1980. This all-out drive
toward communism had two crucial components: the construction of a material and
technical basis of communism, and the development of the “new Soviet man” – “a
harmonic combination of rich spirituality, moral purity, and physical
perfection.” Who better than Gagarin to embody this new ideological construct?
From “New
Soviet Man
: Inside Machine: Human Engineering, Spacecraft Design, and the
Construction of Communism.” Science, Technology and Society Program, E51-185,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA
02139; April 2005)

From the October Soviet coup d’état of the Provisional government to the wheezy collapse of
the Soviet Union in December
, Soviet citizens and East Europeans were indoctrinated on the vision
of the “new Soviet Man.” He
was a creature who would mindlessly fit into Communist ideology and be in every
way compatible with it, not only in space, but on the ground in industry and
agriculture and economic regulation. He would be “programmed” to make Communism
be his only motivation, to help to make it work, and be instilled to labor ceaselessly
to advance the triumph of Communism in Russia and everywhere else.
reported in August 2015 on the mass immigration into Germany:
The number of immigrants living
in Germany rose by 3.7 percent last year to a record high of 11 million and a
fifth of the population is of migrant background, the Federal statistics Office
said on Monday.
The figures highlight Germany’s
growing reliance on foreign-born workers to drive its powerhouse economy,
Europe’s largest, as well as its acceptance of hundreds of thousands of
refugees. Many of the immigrants came from other European Union countries, such
as Poland, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, and Hungary.
Last year, the number of people
living in Germany of a migrant background had risen by around 1.5 million, or
10 percent, from 2011. The native population – excluding people of a migrant
background – fell by 1.4 percent.
Romanians, and Hungarians might assimilate into Germany enough to be taken for
Germans, and perhaps even “feel” German. But Muslims have proven relentlessly
over time to resist becoming “German,” that is, to not surrender their Islamic
identities, but who, not so ironically, expect their host countries to adapt
and defer to Islam. Second generation Muslim immigrants, particularly
, are not the “new German men.” They are in the vanguard of Muslim
activism and even terrorism. The only thing Muslims are busy doing is preying
on European women, harassing European men, hanging around in refugee and asylum
centers, trashing private property seized by the government to house “refugees,”
and perhaps doing a little dope business on the side to supplement their
welfare state handouts.
Refugees and asylum seekers coming to your town

those rape statistics in Germany
and Scandinavia,
one must ask oneself: Are Muslim women so unattractive that they are not the
usual victims of Muslim rapes?  Well, it
might have something to do with their Islamic dress, which is to make them as
unalluring as possible.

Merkel, to Obama’s applause and pats on the back, sees the barbarians as the
“new Germans.” They will become the new “workforce” of Germany.  Walid
and others disagree vehemately and pointedly.
German Municipalities
estimates that just two percent of Muslim
in the rehabilitation program are ready to take a job. “You
are not ready to work.” The stamp is the vast majority of refugees by the
municipalities. Daniel Greenfield, in his article The Death of Europe, said: “The
Muslim migrants are meant to be the retirement plan for an aging Europe. But
the Mohammed retirement plan won’t save European Socialism. It will bury it.”
Politiken: The
figures cover refugees who have been granted asylum in Denmark and 31 in
December were doing an integration program in a municipality. The refugees
receive either cash or integration performance.
also wants more propaganda spread through Africa inviting the
diseased beggars there to come to Germany and learn a trade. Good luck with
that. What Europe and America needs, in addition to “resettled” ISIS fighters,
are the killers of Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab planted in our midst.
retirement plan that Islam has in store for Europe is to end Europe by
invitation from Merkel and her political ilk elsewhere on the Continent. Islam is
in Europe
. And Europe is now a satrap of Islam.


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  1. Edward Cline

    It's the right side of history if you're contributing to the decline of Western civilization.

  2. Unknown

    I'm 48 and this is the most incredible thing I've seen in my life. Half a continent committing cultural suicide.

    Now Communism was bad, but perhaps someone not to bright could argue that it might make life better. But here we have the evidence of what Muslims have been doing in Europe so what excuse does Merkel have? She and the left (and pro-business "right" which wants cheap labor) have no excuse for what they are doing.

  3. Edward Cline

    Steve Jackson: Have you ever known a committed Communism to give a fig about human life? All the rapes, murders, beatings and so on done by Muslims to Germans (and Swedes, et al.) roll off her psyche like water off a duck. Lenin, Stalin, their Russian successors, Mao, Ho Che Minh, just took human life for granted and as something to be disposed of in the pursuit or perpetuation of power. If Muslims can help her in that pursuit, it doesn't bother her in the least. And her clamp down on the Internet in Germany, and the scarcity of information available to Germans about what is going on in their country is a perverted manifestation of that pursuit. She (and the Swedish government) don't want Germans to know just how bad it is and how bad it will become.

  4. Unknown

    There was an interesting article a couple days ago in the Washington Post. Islamists have infiltrated the Green Party in Sweden (which is part of the ruling coalition).

    Interesting that the Muslims like the left. Of course we will be told by "open immigration" Objectivsts that these migrants are natural voters for free market types if only the right wingers weren't so "vicous" toward immigrants (that's Brook's argument as to why Hispanics vote left).

  5. Edward Cline

    Steve Jackson:

    Too many Hispanics, as with most Muslims, are raised in an America-hating family and social environment. So they shoot their mouths off and proclaim allegiance to the Mexican eagle and spit on the American one. But, as I remarked elsewhere, Mexico's is a third-rate culture and anything good in it is derived from European values (symphony orchestras, ballet, etc.). It has otherwise turned out mediocre Communist writers and even worse artists. As to what those other Objectivists are thinking, I shudder to think. I stay away from them.

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