Allah in disguise, dancing a jig to celebrate
the deaths of infidel children.

joy to Allah is to cause him to perform a Hitlerian jig in ecstasy, when over a
dozen British girls are reduced, as Bruce Bawer
described it, “to random splatters of blood and to charred, unidentifiable bits
and pieces of flesh and bone” in Manchester, England. Bringing death to the
children of infidels is an especial “high” for Allah. In the background one may
also espy “Mad Dog” Mohammad doing a shimmy and a Moon
, as well.
Muslim who has brought joy to Allah has “gone
.” Homicidal insanity, after all, is just another way of looking at
life – and death. Don’t be so judgmental!
have never accepted the insanity plea as a legitimate means to escape justice.
If a defendant could cook his own meals and drive a car, brush his teeth, and
perform other normal, everyday actions without killing himself, then he was
sane enough to commit the crime, to engage in premeditation, thinking,
plotting, and acting. “Insane” or “unstable” individuals who commit crimes
ALWAYS know what they’re doing. No one is ever going to convince me otherwise.
Such a person lives in a compartmentalized universe composed 90% obsessing
fantasy (Islam’s “ideal” world, belief in an all-knowing, all-powerful deity,
and an afterlife in a so-called Paradise) and 10% reality, when he walks and talks
and can open and close doors and doesn’t blow himself up while assembling the
components of a suicide bomb.
Islam can only go “mental” because it creates a causo-connective loop, which
begins in the Koran with Mohammad and
Allah and ends in the Koran with
Mohammad and Allah. Muslims must hula-hoop on that loop and act on their
“faith” to prove themselves unswervingly devout, and prove it especially to
those who would otherwise punish them. Sooner or later even their humble brood
mares or baby ovens must take up the knife or the steering wheel and kill
unbelievers, as they have done in Israel and now in
. Islam is a homicidal rut from which there is no escape. You either
buy it completely or you leave big chunks of it behind in the Fantasy House and
try to live in the real world.
many fellow “Islamophobes” have taken the absolutely right position on Islam, I
do not believe with them in “hate crime.” Muslims are notorious for hating
everything not Islamic and are more or less free to spout “hate speech” without
consequence. Muslims regularly commit “hate crimes.” If a Muslim commits murder,
or rape, or robbery, he should be arraigned, convicted, and sentenced for his
crime, not for what was going through his mind when he committed the crime. You
can deduce why the person committed the crime, and form an estimate of his
character and overall world view or philosophy, and that deduction may be used
as indicative of a person’s motive. But the person’s thoughts should not be
treated with the same moral or legal gravity as the actual crime. And even if
you had some sort of magic X-Ray machine that could see inside a person’s mind,
that, too, would be irrelevant. Such a deduction should be based on the
character of the crime. “Hate crime” is an idea that can easily lead to
Orwellian “thoughtcrime.
a practice of condemning a hateful and despicable criminal’s thoughts can
redound on the wholly correct and rational person’s freedom in a legal sense.
That is why condoning “hate speech” is dangerous. “Hate speech,” is a
wholly invalid concept, as invalid as is “hate crime.” Because speech is an
actual action, its character is irrelevant as an action taken by a speaker or
writer against a person, idea, or organization, regardless of its content. It’s
the action in reality that is provable and demonstrable, not the contents of a
person’s mind. 
Throwing mental darts or daggers at something does not fall in
the realm of cause-and-effect. By mental darts or daggers, I mean, for example,
throwing “dirty looks” at Muslims. Everyone should throw dirty looks
at Muslims or make faces at them or stick out one’s tongue. Such an action does
not result in lightning bolts that can scorch anyone or cartoonish
sucker-punches that can double a Muslim over in agony. “Hate speech” so easily
leads to censorship.

Allah, Osama, and Mohammad all
get high on the deaths of infidels
on to the primary subject of this column. Bruce Bawer had some interesting
observations on the Ramadan slaughter on London Bridge in his June 3rd column
on FrontPage, “Ramadan
London: The holy month returns with its sacred traditions

Yet again
it has returned, the sublime and hallowed month of Ramadan – a beautiful and
particularly sacred period that was an original part of the magnificent
revelation handed down by Allah to the Prophet himself (peace be upon him) in
the Holy Quran. Indeed, it has been widely postulated by many of our holiest of
men that the precious text of that sacred volume was revealed to the Prophet
himself (even more peace be upon him) during the very first Ramadan.

That is, it was “revealed” to Mohammad when he was starving in a cave above
Mecca, and then an angel visited him during his hallucinations, and performed a
kind of Vulcan “mind meld” on him and stuffed his little brain with the Koran. This was the first
Ramadana-Ding-Dong. He is alleged to have shouted to witnesses down the
mountain, “Iftar! Iftar! Rah, rah, rah! Sizz, Boom, Bah!” while doing a wholly
inappropriate and suggestive swivel-hipped movement and snacking on a sausage
that story, as satirical as it is, is
about as credible and believable as the entire “religion” of Islam and, indeed,
of Mohammad’s
. Big Mo and the Koran,
it seems, appear to have been the creation of a multi-generation of Islamic scribes
and “scholars” over 1,400 years. He has the historic existence of Fred Flintstone
or the Frankenstein creature.
emphasizes that Ramadan obliges Muslims to fast and pray a lot from sun-up to
sun-down, and to ignore those hunger pangs, but does not demand that they fast from
business as usual, that is, raising holy hell at home and outside of it:
….by strictly
avoiding the intake of food and beverages, the use of tobacco, and any kind of
carnal activity, although the standard acts of incestuous intercourse with
minors and, naturally, the brutal sexual violation of the wives and offspring
of infidels can be safely pursued per usual. Furthermore, it is to be hoped
that the faithful will manifest the great extent of their self-restraint during
this period by scheduling such activities as female genital mutilation,
wife-beating, and the theologically obligatory honor killing of wives, sisters,
and daughters for the hours following sundown…..
It is
particularly vital that the people of God make a special effort during the holy
month of Ramadan not to engage in any act of unkindness, injustice, or
insensitivity directed at their fellow believers – although, of course, the
tossing of homosexuals from the roofs of buildings, the remorseless stoning to
death of rape victims, and the violent execution of apostates may proceed as
usual, preferably during the hours of darkness.
be a really, really devout Muslim requires that one become a Muslim activist,
and exert effort to be proactive in expressing the faith in exemplary
demonstrations of piety and in forceful and dramatic examples of da’wah:
All of this
contemplative and devout activity, to be sure, should not be permitted to
distract the children of Allah from such equally urgent and virtuous tasks as
mowing down infidels with cars, trucks, and other vehicles, shooting deadly
rockets into the heart of urban areas where civilian non-believers are wont to
gather, and committing sundry acts of mass annihilation and bloodshed involving
such handy implements as machetes and Kalashnikovs.

Kathy Griffin culturally appropriated ISIS’s
favorite pastime. “Kathy is Great!”
Has that earned her a death fatwah?

Bawer does not mention it, but the Muslim aspiring to Allah-blessed purity
should familiarize himself with the local hardware store in which to secure (but
not necessarily purchase, shoplifting from infidels is a perfect Muslim virtue)
boxes of screws, bolts, nails, and ball-bearings to assemble into bombs to
explode in the midst of the children of kaffirs and infidels and sports enthusiasts

Most important of all, the consummate lessons of self-control that the people
of the Holy Quran are expected to take to heart during Ramadan should not be
misconstrued in such a way as to prevent them from setting off bombs at major
sporting events, high-profile musical performances, and other large public
events at which there is a good chance of reducing large numbers of infidels,
especially the small and helpless children of the infidels, to random splatters
of blood and to charred, unidentifiable bits and pieces of flesh and bone. On
the contrary, the followers of Allah and disciples of the Prophet (peace, yet
again, be upon him) should never lose sight of the fact that it is during
Ramadan, above all times, that acts of righteous slaughter and virtuous extirpation
– those blessed sanguinary proofs of Islamic piety and allegiance – bring even
more joy to Allah in His Heaven than
they do during the remainder of the year.
joy to Allah is worth multitudinous Holy Brownie Points and certain to reward an
enterprising and energetic Muslim with a zillion renewable virgins, his own
grape vine farm, an exclusive Raisinet
concession in infidel movie houses, and the privilege of cleaning the dirt from
between Allah’s toes (blessing and peace be between his digits).
enquiring Muslim, however, might, in due time, ask: If Allah is so powerful,
why doesn’t he wage Jihad himself? Why does he leave it to fallible and often
thick-brained humans to do his work? He could wipe out all the Jews and
infidels in one fell swoop with a wave of his holy hand, and then there would
be genuine peace and his children could live without having to risk their lives
performing unique da’wah.

no Muslim would be so curious. That’s what I mean when I say that Islam creates
a causo-connective loop that would prohibit a Muslim from reaching that level
of thought. It’s a comfortable loop few Muslims would ever want to abandon. Unlike
the theology and practice of other systems, Islam thoroughly sabotages one’s
cognitive powers and the faculty of thought.
is why Islam is evil. To borrow a famous
adverting slogan
: You can check into the Islamic Motel, but you won’t check
out. Not unless you accept reality and face it, as many apostates have done, at
the risk of their lives from the “Religion of Peace.”