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Sanctuary Cities

A “sanctuary city” is no more than a haven for criminals and illegals.
I don’t think we need to flaunt the definition of “criminal.” An illegal,
however, is a person living in the U.S. who entered it illegally, and collects government
benefits, may or may not hold a job, and may even “vote” because of chiefly
democratic election rigging. If he’s found out, he can retreat to a “sanctuary
city” where, presumably, the authorities cannot arrest him or detain him for
deportation back to the pest hole he came from. He can be a murderer, but the
authorities’ hands would be tied. He can commit the most horrendous crime, yet
still be “untouchable.”

MS-13 members and their comical
“signs”: coming to aid Antifa?

Coming across the border are countless illegals, many of them
dangerous, many of them jihadists posing as Mexicans or South Americans.
Aaron Bandler of the Daily
, in an undated report, outlines the essentials of a “sanctuary city”:
1. Sanctuary cities are a blatant
violation of federal law. 
Some on the left have tried to
claim that they’re perfectly legal, but this is clearly false.
2. Sanctuary cities undermine law
Not only do they refuse to cooperate with
federal agents in deporting illegals, sanctuary cities make it more difficult
for police officers to do their job.
3. Sanctuary cities are “akin
to roulette.”
For example, “Two-thirds
of all outstanding felony warrants in the city of Los Angeles involved illegal
aliens — as well as 95% of outstanding murder warrants.”
4. Crime has surged in sanctuary
The Daily
‘s Hank
 reported on the following from Louisiana attorney general Jeff
Landry told the
House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security,
that sanctuary city policies “allow illegals to commit crimes, then roam
free in our communities.” Landry’s appearance was prompted by the changed
status of New Orleans, where city police are now banned from asking an
 individual’s immigration status.
Using recent
statistics from Los Angeles, another sanctuary city, Landry asserted, “Los
Angeles saw all crime rise in 2015: violent crime up 19.9 percent, homicides up
10.2 percent, shooting victims up 12.6 percent, rapes up 8.6 percent, robberies
up 12.3 percent, and aggravated assault up 27.5 percent … (sanctuary cities)
encourage further illegal immigration and promote an underground economy that
sabotages the tax base.”
5. There are an estimated 300
sanctuary cities, counties, and states…. 

No individuals in MS-13; just
symbols of tribal unity, just as in Islam
Sanctuary cities can be terminated as havens for illegals, especially those
with criminal records. The Center
for Immigration Studies
  [CIS] has
several important recommendations:
Trump administration has a number of tools available at its disposal and within
the confines of executive authority to address the problem of sanctuaries and
the public safety problems they create.
how to do so:
  • Rescind the
    Obama administration actions and policies that encourage and enable
    sanctuaries, including clarifying that local agencies are expected to
    comply with detainers;
  • Cut federal
    funding to sanctuaries;
  • Initiate civil litigation to enjoin state or local
    laws and policies that egregiously obstruct enforcement of federal
    immigration laws and regulations;
  • Selectively initiate prosecution under the alien
    harboring-and-shielding statute, which is a federal felony; and
  • When requested, issue administrative warrants to
    accompany detainers as a reasonable accommodation to state or local
    concerns. Negotiating over which aliens will be subject to detainers, as
    is current policy, is not a reasonable accommodation.
  • Direct ICE to begin publishing a weekly report
    providing the public with information on all criminal aliens released by
    the sanctuaries.
the past several years, a “sanctuary” movement has arisen in various states and
political subdivisions around the country. This movement intends to, and does
in fact, obstruct the efforts of federal officers to enforce immigration laws,
substituting instead the views of the state or local jurisdiction over how or
whether immigration laws will be enforced within its boundaries.
Center for Immigration Studies has tracked the movement, repeatedly spoken out
against it,1
and watched as it has grown under the policies of the Obama White House, whose
aims have more closely mirrored those of open borders advocates than those of
an administration constitutionally charged with faithfully executing the laws
of the United States.2
There are now more than 300 state
and local governments
with laws, rules, or policies that impede federal
efforts to enforce immigration laws. [CIS, by the way, has been listed as a “hate
group) by the SPLC – the discredited
but still active Southern Poverty Law

MS-13 with its Hamas body guards?
Do we really want members of the brutal, tribal MS-13
inhabiting our cities? A Mexican drug cartel overlord? Alien pedophiles?
Rapists? Murderers? No. Do we want
itinerate criminals
entering and reentering the U.S.  at will under the aegis of an “open borders” policy
or sympathy for the “illegals” by activists
and brainwashed students
? Do we want the Antifa thugs
masked in brown (or black) shirts/hoodies attacking anyone who disagrees with
their (global)
agenda (partly funded
by Soros
, who else by?)
” posted the following guidelines on how to protect NYU as a “sanctuary
is declaring NYU a Sanctuary Campus important?
Hamilton has stated that NYU will not be a Sanctuary Campus.
does Sanctuary at NYU mean?
declaring NYU a Sanctuary Campus, the University pledges:

Not to voluntarily share any information with Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), or other federal agencies to the
fullest extent possible under the law;
This is akin to CAIR (the Council
on American-Islamic Relations
) advising Muslims
not to cooperate
with or talk to FBI agents investigating possible
terrorists or terror-preaching mosques. It’s the same “resist” mentality. CAIR
removed the poster from its website for public relations reasons. But it was
successful in promoting its shrinking
Newspeak lexicon/dictionary
by having the FBI
remove references
to Islam in its video game. This of course follows years
after the FBI removed all references to Islam from its
training materials

Not to allow ICE physical access to any buildings or land owned or controlled
by the university to the fullest extent possible under the law;

To train campus security staff to respond to federal agents seeking access; and
instruct security staff to refuse to participate in the actions of any agency
that deals with immigration regulation;

To prohibit campus security from inquiring about or recording any information
regarding an individual’s immigration status;

To prohibit all housing discrimination based on immigration status or religious
affiliation, and provide emergency housing for noncitizen students who cannot
go home during academic breaks;

To provide access to competent and expanded legal support for noncitizen,
Muslim, and LGBTQ students and staff, those with undocumented family members,
and others rendered vulnerable by federal, state, or city orders that
contravene the University’s commitment to diversity, freedom, and equality;

To expand access to financial aid for noncitizen students, especially those who
might be affected by a repeal or change in DACA;

To commit ongoing resources to create and sustain on-campus working groups to
assess and address the evolving needs of undocumented students and staff,
students and staff of color, students and staff with disabilities, LGBTQ
students and staff, and otherwise marginalized students and staff.

To distance the University’s investments from anti-immigrant measures by
divesting from companies or funds that stand to profit from these measures,
such as private prisons.
What are the
possible costs?
It is impossible to
know what the costs could be. The University will likely need to commit
financial resources.
The impossible never occurs to these people. Possible costs of becoming
a sanctuary campus might well be an increase in tuition. Or the lives of the
students.  Or a surge in campus crime,
such as rape, other kinds of assault, and property theft.

Antifa seems to have adopted Hamas’s “look” –

except for the guns, not yet.
Charleston is not a “sanctuary
” but that did not stop an
illegal alien from beheading his mother
and parading around with his mother’s
head before he was detained.
An 18-year-old man
who beheaded his mother in a small North Carolina town on Monday is an illegal
alien, The Daily Caller has learned.
Oliver Mauricio
Funes Machado was taken into custody after police say he decapitated his
35-year-old mother, Yesenia Funes Beatriz Machado, in their home in Franklin
Machado, a Honduran
national, was found holding a large butcher knife in one hand and his mother’s
head in the other.
“When they arrived,
he was with the decapitation in his hand and it was a gruesome scene,” Franklin
Co. Sheriff Kent Winstead told WRAL, a local news station….
“ICE Enforcement and
Removal Operations (ERO) has issued a detainer for Oliver Funes-Machado, an
unlawfully present Honduran national, following his arrest March 6 on local
charges in Franklin County, North Carolina,” ICE spokesman Bryan Cox told TheDC
in a statement.

The similarity between Hamas gear and
Antifa’s cannot be coincidental.
 Only the guns are missing.
ICE has placed a
detainer against Machado, Cox said. It is unclear when Machado came to the U.S.
[Other reports say that Machado was a Mexican national.]
Berkeley can be deemed a “sanctuary city” because it appears to be a
safe place for Antifa black shirts (whose uniform was possibly modeled on Hamas’s)
to attack pro-Trump citizens or the freedom of speech.
America is now a crèche for two fascist groups whose slogans seem to be
Violence anytime, anywhere, to beat down
Americans who disagree with us.
” This is Obama’s true legacy, to grant Americans
no sanctuary from the barbarism.


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