A Democrat, or the MSM?

The liberals and leftists whose malice for Trump and his supporters knows no bounds, haven’t yet reached the rock bottom essence of their souls, and confine themselves to harassing and yelling at their victims in their homes, at restaurants and movie theaters, and screaming at them and menacing them, but the time is coming when they will take physical action. They will not adopt the Antifa route, and wear masks and hoods – not yet.

But I think the most relevant thing here is a quotation from p. 1145 of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, when the statists are torturing the hero, John Galt, to compel him to become the country’s economic dictator and save their power.
                 “Jim, hasn’t he had enough? Don’t forget, we have to be careful.”
                “No! He hasn’t had enough! He hasn’t even screamed yet!”
                “Jim!” cried Mouch suddenly, terrified by something in Taggart’s face.  “We can’t afford to  kill him! You know it!”
                “I don’t care! I want to break him!  I want to hear him scream! I want – “
                And then it was Taggart who screamed….he was seeing his face as the face of a killer whom all men  should rightfully loathe, who destroyed values for being values, who killed in order not to discover his own irredeemable evil….
James Taggart was seeing something about himself he had never wanted to see, and had spent a lifetime closing his mind to, but which he could not now evade seeing. His hatred for Galt had forced it to the top of his consciousness.  It was all he could know now.
At the moment, the Trump protesters want their victims to bow, grovel, or to run, or to express “shame,” to apologize, in this case, for an immigrant policy established by George Bush and Barack Obama, and for the success of President Trump’s successes since his election. The perfect symbol of their irredeemable hate, for the time being, is the burnt, decapitated carcass of an animal left on the doorstep of the Virginia home of Home Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.
We can see and hear on TV the carcass of the MSM virtually every day – Maxine Waters, Peter Fonda, Robert de Niro, Stephen Colbert, and many politicians and Hollywood “stars,” and have had to smell its rot and see its swarms of flies since before and after Trump’s victory in 2016. It is not often that leprous, drooling beasts bare their unsightly souls, willingly and without hesitation, so insistently, boastfully, repeatedly and consistently. It is “virtue signaling” en masse, uniting the elites with the anonymous, resentful men –on- the-street in a single chorus of unbridled  malevolence. Or it is certifiable dementia? Or a virulent neurosis?
What is their aim? To cause Trump to fail, to back down, to grovel before the decibel power of their  shouts and chants, regardless of the issue. They are geckos spitting at the ankles of a giant. Anything he does drives them to mindless hysterics – what he puts on his Oval Office desk, to what he wears, what his wife wears – and now the prospect of his having to choose another Supreme Court justice, now that Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement, which is pressing their buttons and igniting their to-be-expected anti-Trump hysteria.
The MSM and their allies are so easily “triggered,” one must wonder why they rise in the morning.  It must be because they’ll find something else to hate and rub under their boots and heels. Without something to hate – without something to destroy, without something to prostitute or compromise, without something to spray with their bile – there would be no reason for living. Something with which to push their socialist agenda? That’s just an excuse. They are the “Walking Dead” nihilists, with no appetite except to gorge themselves on the living. They want power and want to retain what little of it they have. They want to destroy Trump – and you. They want you to live for their purposes, to serve “higher” purposes without complaint, but never your own.
George Orwell perhaps said it best in Nineteen Eighty-Four, and it explains the Democrats’ motivation perfectly:
But always – do not forget this, Winston – always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”
You will not be able to scream with an Antifa boot in your face.